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  1. Thanks for the congrats. I don't think the cable machine is too expensive compared to a gym membership. It would easily pay for itself in two years. Especially compared to Lifetime Fitness. I presently have a pullup bar, bench, and dumbbells. The pullup bar is wobbly, so another bonus of the cable machine would be a stable pull-up bar. I agree, dumbells are great for squats and pressing. Dumbells are not so great for rows, chest flies, tri workouts. I'm just curious what routines others are using. My current routine is a modded version of BodyBeast with NO C
  2. Hello NF'ers, I'm new here! I would like to share some recent success in realm of fitness. I set a goal two months ago to go from 220 lbs to 195 lbs. I watched enough Youtube videos to know that 80% of the work is done in the kitchen, but needed some guidance to know what good nutrition is. I googled "how many calories should I eat in a day?" and found one of those calorie calculators. I entered into the calculator the following items; 1) Male 2) 220 lbs 3) 6' 4) 33 years old 5) Not very active 6) Weight loss goal of 195 lbs The calc
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