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  1. nocoolnamejim

    Swole House Fantasy Football League

    Trade offer sent. I'd like to request that if the offer is accepted, I be able to play the player I'm asking for in the Thursday Night game this week. If need be, I can post what I want my lineup to be prior to Thursday's game in case we need to do a manual scoring adjustment.
  2. nocoolnamejim

    Swole House Fantasy Football League

    Updated information.
  3. nocoolnamejim

    Swole House Fantasy Football League

    Watkins could have been speculating there, admittedly, but it is coming directly from a teammate of Hill's.
  4. nocoolnamejim

    Swole House Fantasy Football League

    Source. Like I said, unconfirmed at this point. "Watkins wasn’t done producing (or scoring—he had a three-yard touchdown later), and it’s going to be incumbent on him to keep that going. Tyreek Hill hurt his collarbone late in the game and is expected to miss considerable time. What’s interesting here is that the old Sammy probably would have forced things if thrust into this situation, having to replace his team’s biggest threat. The new Sammy, in his mind, is far more prepared for the challenge. “I think we got the same roles,” he said. “The same particular roles. Same for me. I think we got the other guys to step up. We got Mecole Hardman in the second round. We got Demarcus Robinson. We got so many guys that can step up and play that position. I’m not really worried. Do we need 10? Do we need Tyreek? Yes, we do. I don’t think I would’ve scored a couple touchdowns without him affecting the defense. “I think he has an intricate part. We’re gonna have to find a way to win in the next six, seven weeks with him being out. I think we have the coaches to do that.”"
  5. nocoolnamejim

    Swole House Fantasy Football League

    Seeing rumors that Tyreek Hill might be out until November. Unconfirmed at this point. Inviting trade offers for Sammy Watkins, a.k.a. Mahomes' new top wide receiver.