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  1. Hello Fellow Rebels, I want to introduce myself within the forums. I had initially been in with Rebellion for about four years, however I had chosen on several to stop making myself a priority in my own life on several occasions. I decided after realizing the food choices, the lack of clothing that fit, and the choices with physical activity (or lack of) I needed/wanted to put emphasis back on me. I am currently working on building a pull-up bar in my backyard and I'm resetting what progress I had made in the Academy to square 1 to rebuild the foundation for change in my life. My character name that I went with is my nod to my favorite novel, Dune, by Frank Herbert. Part of the reason for this specific choice is because of the adaptability of Paul and his mother Lady Jessica in the face strong adversity to survive in a harsh and dangerous environment. I want to be able to adapt to my surroundings much like they did on Arrakis. I thank you for taking the time in reading my intro and hope to meet you on the boards. Remember, that with the struggle of growth, it never gets easier, you get better. Peace. Matthew
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