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  1. For building a better stamina, keep doing what you are doing. For fat loss, low intensity (aerobic) cardio like quick walks. Combine with weight training and it is a very effective way. Either do the low intensity cardio first thing in the morning or after a gym session. also, make sure to be active everyday. What a lot of people do, maybe not you, is that they workout several days a week but don´t do anything the rest of the week. So when you have a restday from the gym, go for a walk!
  2. Make nIce Cream! Just dice some fruits and freeze them. Then mix them with coconut milk or coconut cream, maybe add a little bit of bourboun vanilla. If you have ripe bananas or mangos in the mix it will be sweet enough, otherwise just add a little bit of agave syrup or honey. You can even add some home made granola and it will be a filling and delicious snack!
  3. Yes, stretching out the hip flexors will help. Also include som glute activation excersises in your warm up.Maybe some deficit deadlifts, kneeling hamstring curls (can be done in a GHD) or even some light hamstring curls in a machine. Then when you workout, make sure to place the preassure straight down and posture up. If you out the preassure on the front of the foot or lean forwards this will activate the front of the thigh more. Hope this helped, good luck!
  4. I eat Over night oats. Super simple to do and can be prepared the night before. The are many recipes and I must admit that I go by feel =D I mix oats with a little bit of milk and som e vanilla flavoured quark, quark is a thing that i quite Swedish and is almost like yoghurt but more firm. I also mix in some bluberrys and let it set over night. You can use other types of liquid, for example coconut mild or almond milk. If you use protein powder you can also mix that in the over night oats. When I eat I add som fresh fruits and a little bit of agave syrup. Delicious!
  5. My name is Daniel and I live on the swedish west coast. I am a highly educated nutrtionist (bachelors degree from the University of Gothenburg) and also work as a personal trainer. For the last five years I have been working with diets, coaching, lifestyle changes and weight loss. The health status of the world is, unfurtunately, in a decline and have been for years. It is my, and my collegues, goal to stop this! I have for the last five years focused on helping people in Sweden but now that my experience is getting bigger I want to reach out towards the world! my aim is to take s
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