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  1. Weighted by cost and time.... Between trello, gqueues, evernote, mind42, google calendar, a habit tracker, and my own random daily whims, the wants are all definitely recorded thoroughly.....organized and scheduled even. But not deleting and moving things to the black hole of "I'll definitely do it next time" 10 minutes before they start is a struggle. 🙂 Are you comparing yourself to real people doing more than you, or the story you tell yourself of people doing more than you? (Especially when those people are the mythical "everybody")?
  2. How are you doing now? Aside from self-medicating with alcohol, what ways do you try to work through the anxious feelings? Is the anxiety a general thing that's always there, or is it triggered by specific things and people in your life?
  3. Hi Morbuks! My super-specific goals are a bit like a lump of sillyputty left on a table. Tomorrow, they'll be a little different. I realize that at 45 years old, "I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it" is, what's the word? Immature? But today, I want to spin POI. Or learn rope-dart skills. No, wait! Let's work toward my handstand! Um, wait. Let's go bouldering tonight. I didn't SCUBA at all in the last three years. This summer for sure! Lather, rinse, repeat. That said, I eventually do almost everything I intend to do. Today, I finally did the first Couch-to-5k workout, AFTER walking almost 5km in the snow...... But that was instead of doing the Krav Maga class. If respawning is a skill, I can teach a university-level course in it. What is your kryptonite?
  4. Hi Hazard - Yes, I definitely, mostly, kinda-sorta have a clearish idea of what I want to accomplish.... Executing that vision.... Working on it.
  5. I'm not sure if "replying" is "quoting", but here goes.... Sooooooo... I want to reply and say hi, but I don't want to reply with anything resembling authority on the subject 🙂 - Fair warning A few months ago, the gym I workout at hosted a self-defense class by a local Krav Maga instructor. I invited my wife and my niece to go. Everyone had fun, and it was sound advice, with the key ideas being: 1) Situational awareness, to not find yourself in a dangerous situation if possible in the first place. 2) If in a bad situation, deescalate it if possible so the threat is eliminated without violence. 3) If attacked, respond aggressively to eliminate the immediate threat and escape. 4) Use your natural human instinctual responses, rather than learning the sometimes stylized and foreign movements that many martial arts teach. I really enjoyed it and signed up for a monthly membership. Went to the first class. Really enjoyed it and want to continue. That was over two months ago, and frankly I just haven't had the energy to pull myself out of the house on Sunday to go to the Sunday classes, and the Tuesday and Thursday options conflict with other things. (It's partially an introvert thing.....Yesterday, I DID go back to both of my dance classes and tapped and swinged for three hours. Today, I DID go for a solitary 4.7km walk, followed by a half-hour Couch-to-5k run-walk workout...but that was instead of the Krav Maga group class. It's something I'm working on. What sticking points are you working on?
  6. 🙂 It just popped through my head that I might be addicted to respawning, but no...that doesn't ring true either. I saw this challenge pop up a week or two ago and started reading everything again. Then 3-day weekend, and it's 11pm. I shall read through the other three noob's intros and interact, but for now, this noob is at the very least putting something down in writing to build upon. Major goals: 1) Generic: Lose some weight and keep it off.... SMART Goal version: Weigh less than 295lbs for 3 days in a row. It's only 10lbs, and if I can float stable above 300, then I can also float stable below 300 with minor changes and a little discipline. Intermittent fasting is my chosen method, and it works for me as long as I stay away from the convenience store near my office, and don't visit the beer store on my way home... Both of those plan-killers are triggered by me not slicing off a little me-time during the day to destress, watch a show, meditate, or mess around with personal projects around lunch. 2) Do a Garmin Coach 5k Run program workout at least 2x per week. They aren't hard. They're staring me in the face daily. I just have to slice off 30 minutes to go walk / run instead of playing games on my phone. Again, a little discipline and focus. 3) Go to at least one Krav Maga class each week. The easiest to decide to do is noon on Sunday. Tuesday (tomorrow) is also an option, but being 8pm, there's a lot of resistance to getting dressed and going out again after I've gotten home, fed, warm, and distracted. 4) One gymnastic strength training session per week, minimum. Again, it's not hard to do it. It doesn't even take much time. I can do it almost anywhere, including at work. Discipline, and peeling myself away from distractions with a calendar entry with an alarm.... Intent for Tuesday: -GB Daily Limber in the morning -Eat mindfully -Go for a lunch time walk -Krav Maga for the first time in over two months in the evening -Shower, report, and go to bed before midnight