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  1. Logging back in after the first week and I'm quite happy how it is working out at the moment. I had some problems getting out of bed, but I habe struggled faaaar more with this in the last year. Overall, I had 2 things going on which saw me going to bed very late, but I have managed quite well. For morning routines, I've yet to find some consistancy, but I have definitely tried out a bunch. For the spreadsheet, I have no solution yet, but updating it daily helps to be aware of going to bed early.
  2. Since I believe we start today (5.1.2020) I have set my goals for the next few days. I've got a lot of time to work on my Bachelors thesis and I will better use it! Sun 5.1. 3 Bachelor Thesis 1 Workout -done! Mon 6.1. 12 BT Tue 7.1. 10 BT 1 Workout Wed 8.1. 11 BT 2 Workout
  3. In addition, I have created this SPREADSHEET to track my sleep. I am not very good with spreadsheets, but I think it looks alright for now. If you have any suggestions, on what to track or how to layout, please let me know, I want to learn how to get better with this. If there are any experts (or intermediates^^) on spreadsheets here, one question: I want to make the columns D and E private, so only I can see the entered values. Is there any way for me to do that, when I share a spreadsheet?
  4. First check In - 4.1.2020 I have started this challenge on January 2nd and I can already give some feedback here: First of all, I can proudly say that I have been waking up at 6:00 every day so far! I have not snoozed a single time and this is already a big accomplishment for myself. I have been going to bed at 22:00, 22:30 and 00:00. The last one annoys me the most, as I could have easily managed 23:00. My biggest problem is that my body seems to not be used to this behavior. I got very tired after my lunch (at around 13:00) for the last two da
  5. This is such a great idea and it has been years since I've read the books, so I will be reading in the the morning where to walk in the evening, how awesome!
  6. It's great to hear how thought through your plan is already, I really hope you can stick to it!
  7. Well done on your first two days, I really hope you keep tracking your progress here! You've got this!
  8. Welcome and good luck! Also congratulations on already being done with your budget, I bet it will be worth the entire day you spend doing it!
  9. This is awesome!! She's a great character and definitely someone to look up to. All the best in your challenge! Try to make small steps and plan for small setbacks, and you will eventually be the last Skywalker!!
  10. I think it's a great time to jump in here with my reading goals! As many of you guys I have set 12 books to read this year. I'm currently reading The Miracle Morning, and I really hope this opens up even more time to read on those mornings. Good luck to everybody else!
  11. From the little evidence I have, your German sounds ausgezeichnet! :) This is actually a good point. And it is kind of hard for me to tell, honestly. I play football, so I naturally run a lot. And I can, in contrast to some other people, really see the calming and mid-clearing aspect of running for me. On the other side, I often am very happy AFTER I went for a run. I feel energized and happy, just like with many sports where your reward is mostly being done with it. I cannot say that I look forward to every run or enjoy putting on my running shoes, but I think that would be asking fo
  12. Yeah I know, I read your challenge first and was really happy finding out I will not be the only one waking up in the middle of the night (or at least feeling like it's the middle of the night when I wake up). Hell yes, I would love a postcard, how cool is that! I can offer you a postcard from Germany in return as a motivation to sticking to your goals!
  13. This sounds great and I'm in!! I want to go for: 1) Finishing my Bachelors Thesis: On days were I have a 4 hour window in the morning I want to go for at least 3 hours (i.e. 6 bricks). This is normally Wednesday-Saturday, sometimes Monday. I want to set the days at the beginning of the week so there are no excuses 2) 30 min of exercise twice a week Last question of mine: On what day are we starting then?
  14. Did this restart or is this restarting at the moment? When i click on the link to the spreadsheet in the original post it just has some names filled it, nothing else though... I am interested in taking pat in this!
  15. Hello everybody, I'm back here. After my first and last challenge here in October, I stopped using this forum. I kinda lost track of my challenge in the middle of it, it didn't work out for me as planned and I eventually failed to hit my set goal. It took some time for me to really dig deep into why this all failed, and by the time I had figured things out, I thought it would be far to late to re-appear here and share how poorly things went in the Challenge-Thread. I thought I might start new, some day. And this beginning of a new year has finally tipped things over the edge for me
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