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  1. Yeah its all about prioritizing, just knowing what is the important stuff and what to let go. And thanks for telling me this and sharing! I wasn't aware of the tag system I'll look into it. This is the first forum I'm actually appart of so I'm learning how to participate, Cheers!
  2. This is neat! Haha, ok ok roleplay time: As I remove my coat, clean my boots and walk up to the chair beckoning my attention across the lounge, a few gaze comes my way. Onlookers wondering not so internally what the hell happened to this guy. Goblin ambush? Werewolf? A swollen ankle, crooked wrist and a blue neck are some of the visible wounds available to entertain the question, along with a limp. If they ask, I'll say highwayman ambush. My first time here, but it feels like I have been here before. The effect of a log fire lit room I suppose. As soon as my lumpy beh
  3. Hi All, For the last two challenges, they all highlighted my need to structure and organise my life through a calendar/notebook. Helps with looking to the future with objectives, hopes and dream. Not fall into the drudgery of day to day life so much, but to get closer the hero we all know we can be. That being said, I'm struggling as I'm putting too much stuff on my plate, life is brutal and I'm injured. Just want to feel more on top of things and that I'm attacking problems and not reacting to them. So a little 3 week of resetting to the last saved checkpoint (October ish) is pe
  4. Final Update: talk about a rollercoaster month of November! Plenty of ups and downs, and just general life being a pain. Funny how my challenge was majorly about taking control of my life, only to be made more acutely aware that we don't control much, if anything at all. Specially true during covid, as any plan I make, from sport tournament to fundraisers to vacations just got fucked. Not that I'm unique in this situation, just a bit depressed by it all. This challenge was tough, not because putting stuff in a calendar or waking up is hard, but because it brought to the forefront
  5. So far so good! Took your tip, and I take 5-10 minutes in the evening to both revisit the day and adjust the next using calendars. Darn efficient. I switched to booking 1 hour periods instead of 30 minutes, just more realistic. Focusing now on keeping the habit, but I like how it pushes you to always look to the future. However, it can also highlight the slight drudgery of day to day stuff. If anything I want a vacation to put different things in the planner. Thanks for checking in!
  6. Hi All, love it when it is new challenge time. My last challenge was about waking up, and while there was great improvement in that area, it also highlighted my lack of preparation/organization. I want to wake up on time to challenge the day, but if I don't really know what I'm going that day, what exactly am I challenging? I'm just stressing myself. I end up letting the day make the decisions on what I should do at work and in life. It is a big factor into my mental health, so lets challenge it! For this challenge: 1) Calendar usage. I have a two calendars (personal/
  7. Thanks Everyone, and sorry for the late update. Can't seem to find the 20 minutes needed for it this last weekend, but I have a great excuse. For the good news, I passed my mini challenge! The only caveat was last Wednesday. Might be oversharing here but I get Night Terrors/Sleep Paralysis (hypnopompic) at times. Its rare but usually an episode every other month. The one I had on Wednesday was pretty bad, but still out of bed at 7h40, so I'm very happy about that. Decided to get some new court shoes for sports as our COVID situation goes back to yellow and stuff opens up. Attached a pic,
  8. End of Challenge update time. Had quite the tumultuous 5 weeks. From a sprained wrist (still can't put pressure on an open hand) to our gym closing as we are getting hit by a covid second waive... Lost of random things adding up. And as much as I hate to admit it, I still haven't done a solid on my challenge. It was a lot better than my last attempt, but still short. I forget the post-it notes, or simply pretend I'm awake while listening to the radio in bed. Mornings really are my boss fights. I was able to do my morning jog challenge. It was painful and slow, but I d
  9. Thanks! Got my X-Ray, and turns out I have an extra bone in my wrist that does nothing. It got dislodged and jammed in a ligament. Long story short, nothing is broken, just an intense wrist sprain getting things back in place. Starting to get better already! Finally got a good night of sleep last night, and back on track for my challenge. I won't be able to push a barbell for a week or two that's for sure. but probably going to just do 3 leg workout a week and keep jogging. Focus on sleep and nutrition.
  10. Update time, last week was a huge improvement. I actually woke up last Wednesday morning and ran 10k. Maybe ran is a strong word, more like stumbled for 10k. But it got done! Need to switch my deadlift routine and tweak volume. Little changes... Or so I thought. Had a bad fall playing ball hockey yesterday and severely strained my wrist during ball hockey match. Got tripped and fell on my wrist. It wasn't too bad at the time and finished my game, but during the night the pain really picked up. Did'nt sleep a lot and had to take the morning off. Waiting from feedback from my doctor
  11. Hi Guys, a day late but here for my second challenge of 2020. My last challenge wen't well in every aspect of my life except for the main point, waking up in the morning. I really struggle with mornings, and I don't like it. I hate waking up already rushed to the days responsibilities. Its a mental health thing, of tackling the day instead of reacting to it. Like Thor said, hero's tackle their problems head on, so I'm doing that for the next 5 week. The is the main objective of my challenge. I'm also switching from my 6 day PLPPLP training to a 4 day Push/pull with a de
  12. End of Challenge update: It was overall a tougher challenge than expected. Long story short, I failed. Had to work from home for 2 weeks due to reno's at the office, and I slipped on the waking up part. Really highlighted the need for me to work on my sleep schedule. It really affects my day when I start on the wrong foot. Positive: Finished my 5 week programm, squat went from 245 to 295, Bodyweight still at 190. The team I play for in the dek hockey league I play won the league finals, and I got rookie of the year. Negative: tough mornings, slight hamstring tea
  13. So far so good, still struggling on the sleep side but have not missed a workout and stretching regularly. Thanks for checking in!
  14. Thanks! And I Live in Atlantic Canada Good luck! Doing the benchmark tomorrow.
  15. Haven't done a challenge since last year. I teared my groin playing soccer and was injured the whole quarantine. Managed to maintain fitness somewhat and now that I'm back to normal (whatever that is), back to challenges! Gyms have re-opened where I live, so I have the following objective for the next five weeks. 1. Made a great workout plan. First time in a while that I have one. 6 days a week but not hardcore. Nothing I haven't done before. Simple 45 min workouts ish. Enjoy the gym while it's still open. 2. Wake up before 7h30 during the weekdays, stat! Will keep track with
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