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  1. Hi All, love it when it is new challenge time. My last challenge was about waking up, and while there was great improvement in that area, it also highlighted my lack of preparation/organization. I want to wake up on time to challenge the day, but if I don't really know what I'm going that day, what exactly am I challenging? I'm just stressing myself. I end up letting the day make the decisions on what I should do at work and in life. It is a big factor into my mental health, so lets challenge it! For this challenge: 1) Calendar usage. I have a two calendars (personal/work) that are set up, sync between each other, but that I barely use. I will have every event in my life on the calendar, and will split up my time at work using timeslots (30 minutes ish). The goal is simply to use the calendar and attribute a timeslot to my task/events. It's a habit that I want. Following-it to the letter like a robot is not the objective, just to mindfully organize my days. I will measure this a success as long the next day in the calendar is filled up. if I can look back on my calendar and see everyday filled up, success. 2) Organization/Preparation: General cleanliness. Every time I get overwhelmed, my stuff is mess. Files on my computer are disorganized. Kitchen is messy, office is messy, etc. I'm sure ya'll can relate. So I will plan time in my day to simply clean and organize my stuff. When you wake up and you have your water bottle right next to your alarm, and your bathroom is clean with stuff tidy, you save time. I just noticed that the time I don't spend organizing my space is wasted anyway when I need use said space. Taking the time to prep also reduces the ''resistance'' or ''friction'' of doing task. So I will have timeslot for cleaning/organizing in the calendar. Minimum 1 a day. The goal is not to have everything perfect, just allocate time to it. 3) Have to keep at it in the morning! wake up before 7h30 everyday except Sunday is the goal. To switch it up a bit, I will consider it a pass if I'm out of bed before 8am, but I will attach loot to post it notes for 7h30. 80% adhesion rate is the goalpost. That is it for this challenges. My nutrition and fitness is decent, but I really need to work on the mindset to get to the next level. Will keep up with you guys as well! Cheers, Vercingetorix
  2. Thanks Everyone, and sorry for the late update. Can't seem to find the 20 minutes needed for it this last weekend, but I have a great excuse. For the good news, I passed my mini challenge! The only caveat was last Wednesday. Might be oversharing here but I get Night Terrors/Sleep Paralysis (hypnopompic) at times. Its rare but usually an episode every other month. The one I had on Wednesday was pretty bad, but still out of bed at 7h40, so I'm very happy about that. Decided to get some new court shoes for sports as our COVID situation goes back to yellow and stuff opens up. Attached a pic, great shoes for ball hockey and squash, inexpensive too. Made a huge difference for my game last Sunday. Lastly, I also had my first organized 10km run last Saturday. It was a commitment me and some friends made, and I crushed it. Since the gym and everything was closed, had all the time needed to train for it as part of the runergizer charging. Ran the 10km in 46 minutes, super happy with that. Anyway, will make a post soon about the new challenge. Thanks for the support everyone!
  3. Hi Guys, a day late but here for my second challenge of 2020. My last challenge wen't well in every aspect of my life except for the main point, waking up in the morning. I really struggle with mornings, and I don't like it. I hate waking up already rushed to the days responsibilities. Its a mental health thing, of tackling the day instead of reacting to it. Like Thor said, hero's tackle their problems head on, so I'm doing that for the next 5 week. The is the main objective of my challenge. I'm also switching from my 6 day PLPPLP training to a 4 day Push/pull with a de-load week at the end of the challenge in 5 weeks. Already did the spreadsheet for it. I switched to a four day to give me Wednesday to run. Signed up for a 10k at the end of October to support 2 of my friends who want to get in better shape. I need to jog twice a week to get in my 10k form. Wednesday and Saturday are jog days. Just my training block for this challenge. The challenges: -#1, the big one. Waking up before 7h30. Not the end of the world if it's 7h33... When its 8h30 and you have a zoom call at 9, that sucks. No more of that. I'm going to track it the same way as before, with post it notes and a jar. Since I noticed it makes it feel like a punishment at times, I'm pre-writting the notes with small loot. For example: you're up before 7h30, enjoy a coffee and chill. Start the day winning. I'm also gonna put a few books I like in my bed to go to sleep earlier. -#2 Tracking, keep tracking food, sleep and training. Really helps a lot. Easy part of the challenge here. -#3 85% adhesion rate. Don't let one or two mistakes derail, just keep going forward. -Extra bonus challenge: do one morning run on a Wednesday during the challenge. 5 attempts possible. Loot at the end, I was going to go for the squash racket I missed out on last challenge, but I haven't been playing enough squash to justify the purchase. Still want it thought. Loot options this time - fresh pair of running shoes - new hockey visor - New headphones Good luck everyone, Fortify!