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  1. In good news, the hedgehog has started eating its food again. 🙂 I reckon it was just away looking for a mate. I no longer think it had young earlier in the year. It's a shame about the other one, but I do feel much better knowing it wasn't ours. I'm sure you find the cheeky monkeys very frustrating, but there's something kinda cool about being able to say that you have monkeys sneaking into the house. I have to confess that I had to look up the Crowned Eagle. I hadn't heard of it. I saw a few Golden Eagles in Scotland as a teenager on family holidays:
  2. Update Last week, I concentrated on the arbitrage bot. I was using a websocket to get updates for holding quantities after trades (I use the updated quantity for the next trade in the arbitrage). However, those updates were taking six minutes to come through. In the world of arbitrage, that may as well be the age of the universe. I switched to using polling to get the updates and they now come in less than a second. I was also using a websocket to get updates on the latest trades (to spot opportunities), but I discovered that was only giving me an update of one trade per second. Th
  3. That's a fairly normal winter night temperature around here. We had it a few times during the spring, too. We'd expect the numbers to be negative in January or February. "Terribly" cold would be below -10C. Of course, our houses are designed to keep the heat in and the breeze out, whereas I expect yours to do the opposite. I hope the fibre becomes available for you soon. It really does make a difference. Will there be an unlimited-data fibre plan available?
  4. We did happen to see a hedgehog going through our garden on Saturday evening (at quite a pace--they move faster than you'd expect). It seemed familiar with our garden but the food still hasn't been eaten. I'm still hopeful.
  5. Whole week summary I didn't create the list of targets for story-writing. I'm hoping to do that today. I did re-draught last year's competition story, ready to be sent off. I did get the bot to be able to simulate a few rounds of arbitrage, but I've since broken it again. docker: there were no targets I only did two of the three strength-training sessions. The heat was just too much for the third. I feel pretty good about the week even though I wasn't able to tick off all of the targets. The writing is the priority and I did that.
  6. Week, day 5 summary - Jun 26th Friday's list [4/4] • ☑ challenge update • ☑ enhance invoicing script • ☑ work on bot • ☑ send bluetooth speaker back to Amazon I ticked everything off. I would have liked to spend longer on the invoicing script than I did. I didn't send back the bluetooth speaker until Saturday but I'm still counting that one. The bot code is becoming a little untidy and the control flow a little too complex--I'll have to do something about that. Today's list [1/6] • ☑ challenge update • ☐ enhance invoicing script • ☐ bot:
  7. We're having a heatwave here in the UK. A heatwave in these parts means it's 25C in my office and I think I'm going to melt. I half expect you to tell me that's your normal winter temperature.
  8. Week 1, day 4 summary - Jun 25th Task list [5/6] • ☑ challenge update • ☑ enhance invoicing script • ☑ work on bot • ☑ produce PDFs of reviewed first-challenge story • ☐ send bluetooth speaker back to Amazon • ☑ do interval training I forgot to post the bluetooth speaker, but I did everything else. I did some fairly major restructuring of the bot. It can now simulate a few arbitrage rounds but I'd like to refine the calculations. I produced the PDFs for the story. I'm not going to send it for publication this week. Hopefully I can
  9. Week 1, day 3 summary - Jun 24th Task list [6/7] • ☑ challenge update • ☐ enhance invoicing script • ☑ work on bot • ☑ final review of story from first challenge • ☑ measure porch wall so that I know what size of damp-proof membrane to buy (53cm) • ☑ ask Amazon support question about bluetooth speaker • ☑ do strength-training I didn't manage to work on the invoicing script. With the bot, I reworked some of the data types so that the necessary data can make it through to the order process. This meant changing quite a lot of code and I should
  10. Week 1, day 2 summary - Jun 23rd Task list [5/5] • ☑ challenge update • ☑ enhance invoicing script • ☑ work on bot • ☑ review story from first challenge • ☑ do interval training I did everything on the list. It really does make a difference to have one. With the bot, I upgraded rxpy from 1.something to the latest version (3.something). I discovered that a lot had changed. A good chunk of time was spent updating my code so that it would run again. I did manage to make a little extra progress towards simulating a round of arbitrage, I fixed an err
  11. Week 1, day 1 summary - Jun 22nd I didn't have a list. I did, however, do strength-training and work on the bot. Quest 3: bot I experimented with a different way of calculating arbitrage opportunities, but discovered it was no simpler than the method I was already using. My motivation was to use fewer mathematical operations, and save a few milliseconds, but there were just as many when I laid it all out. My old method more explicitly lays out the steps of the arbitrage so I'm going to stick with that. I wrote functions that create simplified ver
  12. Weekly targets Some of these are targets I didn't meet in the previous challenge. Week 1 lists: create a list of targets for writing (for a more methodical approach) stories: prepare and submit the story I wrote in Kokiri Forest for publication bot: the bot should be able to simulate a few rounds of arbitrage docker: no targets for the first week strength-training: do three strength-training workouts while maintaining form Week 2 create a list of targets for game-development finish the second story the bot should
  13. The previous challenge started well but got derailed half way through. I want to do a better job of dealing with obstacles in this challenge, but I haven't worked out how to do that yet. Anyway, let's make some quests. _________________ Quest 1: make lists I'm going to keep making lists. They help to keep me on track and help me to keep track of what I've done and should be doing. Quest 2: finish two stories Yes, these are the two stories I was trying to finish during the previous two challenges. I was determined to do so during the l
  14. The Hero of Time sacrifices sleep for the hope of treasure. Spoilers for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:
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