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  1. That's a fairly normal winter night temperature around here. We had it a few times during the spring, too. We'd expect the numbers to be negative in January or February. "Terribly" cold would be below -10C. Of course, our houses are designed to keep the heat in and the breeze out, whereas I expect yours to do the opposite. I hope the fibre becomes available for you soon. It really does make a difference. Will there be an unlimited-data fibre plan available?
  2. We did happen to see a hedgehog going through our garden on Saturday evening (at quite a pace--they move faster than you'd expect). It seemed familiar with our garden but the food still hasn't been eaten. I'm still hopeful.
  3. Whole week summary I didn't create the list of targets for story-writing. I'm hoping to do that today. I did re-draught last year's competition story, ready to be sent off. I did get the bot to be able to simulate a few rounds of arbitrage, but I've since broken it again. docker: there were no targets I only did two of the three strength-training sessions. The heat was just too much for the third. I feel pretty good about the week even though I wasn't able to tick off all of the targets. The writing is the priority and I did that.
  4. Week, day 5 summary - Jun 26th Friday's list [4/4] • ☑ challenge update • ☑ enhance invoicing script • ☑ work on bot • ☑ send bluetooth speaker back to Amazon I ticked everything off. I would have liked to spend longer on the invoicing script than I did. I didn't send back the bluetooth speaker until Saturday but I'm still counting that one. The bot code is becoming a little untidy and the control flow a little too complex--I'll have to do something about that. Today's list [1/6] • ☑ challenge update • ☐ enhance invoicing script • ☐ bot: bugfix problem with order-in-progress notification • ☐ writing: work on second story • ☐ story-writing list • ☐ strength-training
  5. The Hero of Time sacrifices sleep for the hope of treasure. Spoilers for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: