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  1. Doing pretty well so far; I've met all my daily goals since the challenge started, so that's one week down!
  2. Hello, fellow Rebels! So I joined the NFA several years ago, and have respawned several times since then, but something always seems to come up to knock me off track (sickness, injury, laziness, flying monkeys, random interdimensional portals...). I recently respawned again, though, and have been doing pretty well so far; I'm trying to take a slow and steady approach in order to keep from crashing and burning. I'm just now starting my fifth week, primarily doing bodyweight exercises and yoga, and thought that this challenge would be a great way to keep up my momentum. So I'm not trying anything exotic for my first challenge, just planning to keep on keeping on. Main Quest: Complete My First Five-Week Challenge! Um. And Keep Up Momentum! Yes! That's It! Momentum! I Am the Boulder Hurtling Down at Indiana Jones... Quest 1: Eat It - eat a vegetable every day (I've been doing this for over three weeks now and would like to keep up the streak) Quest 2: Drink It - drink at least 64 oz of water every day (I haven't been doing this, but need to) Quest 3: Move It - do something active for 20 minutes or more every day (this includes completing the NF Beginner Bodyweight Exercise Plan at least twice per week - I have been doing this three times a week for the past three weeks, and twice the week before that, so this should be doable) Quest 4: Stop It - meditate for at least 10 minutes every day (I've been doing this for three weeks now) Ok, then. That's it. Let's see how this goes. Merlin
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