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  1. So it's been 3 months into Lockdown.. and I'm sure my waist is 3 times wider!!! Driven to work and not cycling,, and the canteen food is free,, free I say!! That's including all fry ups, pastry's and cakes.. no wonder I'm looking like I do. So I'm keeping to my original plan.. just now a few tweaks. First exercise bodyweight for beginners .. ignore all temptation from the free food pile.. Monday ..? Well I exercised .. 20 mins but man I sweated.. and healthy meals . Tuesday . Today no exercise... That will be tomorrow ( Mon - Weds - Fri )and I'm looking
  2. Great goals, my I suggest with the weather as it is,, rucksack full of adventure equipment.. colouring book. Water and sun screen.. snacks to keep cost low for getting out of debet.. and jogging to the next nearest green space.. or choose a map local neighborhood and do a colour in park crawl Happy adventure
  3. RESPAWN, this happened on 1st of January... Why so long to announce it well here my story.. So I looked at the date I first signed up its been 6 years and I'm no physically fitter or healthy. Oh I've done a few mini quests updated my profile but never kept it up. ive gained a few healthy habits from the years of Nerds Fitness, FOOD , I no longear go near the vending machine, or sweet pudding at work.. and at home I've got healthy cook book and ignore pasta, rice and potatoes .. Now juicing Exercise , I will cycle to work in better weather ,, it's icy and c
  4. To respawn is sensible to give up is to slowly die,,, Respawn and become stronger , smarter... PS dance to thefitnessmarshal.org I find it makes me laugh but I dance and warm up to it more fun than standard warm up
  5. Thanks Sloth the enduring,, It's not the age i am its, it's that for a the past year nothinns better.. well this bloke has looked at his No kids Dad Bod and said to H***s with i put more care into my garden it getting better each year whty not me. Well ive Respawned,, changed my aim....shouted out my battle log.. im not feeling or looking like this for 40 im going to look better in my 40's than my 30's
  6. so today is my birthday and as I look in the mirror I'm happy with my self then I look down! What happened, shakinb my head I proceed to brush my teeth and wash. Then I realise nothings happened not a thing,, well that's not completely true, my mother in-law is full time resident now and my Husband has retired. But as I go down stairs I look at my body states and I'm the same size and I'm sure a worse state. Read my last Nerds Update and I look and shudder at how long I've been here and suddenly, that's it I've binned that sweet jammy toast. As walk from room to room I see
  7. So my profile hasn't changed and I've failed my own quest I mean epic fail.. Here's why It happened, intention good, planning well it's there but not in stone.. My weight was 14.4 and My jeans are tight I've got 36 year old muffin top.. So why have i not got anywhere... I'm lazy I've got my Gearfit2 ( anyone know how to add buddy please help and add lol). I eat well and BAD in less that exual measure more on the bad. So here goes I'm going to do three exercise a week nothing more unless I want to. I'm looking to use a kettle bell for my sheild, weight body weight o
  8. So for the flailing ranger I've notched up 10 miles for the last two days.. Sunny weather and days off really give me time to walk Wild ANGELL Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Ever been the one to say where that? And everyone goes how long have you lived here? Well that's me.. I've never ventured out from my where I've now lived for over 15 years locally. Where I grew up I can say I walked far and wide and could stand where I am at any point and know hat direction just by thinking its place from me... Well I've decided this is the year I say I can and have been there or know what it looks like passing through.. So I decided instead of driving to from Where I live to it I'll walk and add places to my visual map to. I might make this a quest to the Rangers tea
  10. I got done miles in to help our ship flailing ranger ? Can't sign up on sheet can anyone help as it micro tiny on my mini iPad.. Walked to and from work 3 miles,, walked to shop for lunch and steps 1 mile then and did 3 during the day running around.. Oh yeh that's 7 in total whoop whoop Wild ANGELL Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. missed the staff canteen so no food so i am not hitting the sweet vending machine.. power to me as my tummy rumbles ill power up when i get home tonight.

  12. Can I join the Flailing Ranger crew.. My up says I've done 14,385 getting me 7.5 miles today Wild ANGELL Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. And I've brought the bard from the game I'm playing to rouse our spirits Wild ANGELL Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. It's seems I was meant to be a crewmate! I've rucked well this week by doing two Fitstar workouts and one yoga.. So I've rucked and pulled my self all over the riggin to get the ship secure and ready And toady the rain just stopped the sun shone and I did a 4 mile walk.. With pea protein and green powder in hand to build put in my ruck sack. Wild ANGELL Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Ah the smell of questionable Ale nothing finer to be found coming in from the lashing rain.. I'll take my tankard keeping low and sink soundless into a chair as I admire smell of wood shaving and well oiled gear my fellow ranger carry.. I've done my Fitstar work out, twice and a yoga one for flex ability so I'm going to sip my ale and smile inward knowing I'm ready to fight with this Rag tag of the best guild Wild ANGELL Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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