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  1. Thanks @Harriet and @Elastigirl Ill try to make a morning routine of pushups and squats in the evening. Should be easy to start with and after momentum ill increase the workout schedule
  2. Hi everyone! I started to workout again after a long lay off. I really want to set up a great workout schedule and keep it for the rest of my life. So ill make a 14 day challenge for myself Day 1 / 14 Any tips on how to keep a workout schedule and how to not relapse into not working out is most appreaciated.
  3. Hi everyone! Im 31 years old living in Estonia. I recently discovered how valuable these forums are and how important our support for each other is. So any tips on how to keep a workout schedule and what kind of mindset to use is most helpful. My goals are to build a workout lifestyle and to keep it. I hope to also be of help to you guys on your journeys on better self.
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