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  1. The Law of Consistency Motivation gets you going. Discipline keeps you going. I've been looking back over my first few challenges and remembering how motivated I was to change my lifestyle a for the better. I had a wide ranging set of principles and some real focused targets under each principle. I was super motivated, I was out running at least 4/5 times per week, I was eating well and I was putting in effort in other areas to improve my work and home life considerably. It was all going so well. Then, as is the case with people, the motivation started to wain. I hit an all time personal best on my 5k and weirdly that seemed to be the beginning of the end of my running. I started snacking choosing not so optimal foods and plateaued weight loss wise. Then last challenge I dropped off the training cliff almost completely! My shoes broke (excuse) and I couldn't get any more because the shops were closed. I started eating like a dustbin, I stopped standing and stretching during the work day, I stopped doing any work somedays! I said at the end of my last challenge that I wasn't going to give myself a hard time about that because we are living very much in uncertain times but at some point that excuse can't cut it anymore. So this challenge is about finding the discipline that replaces the motivation. I'm going to be consistent during this challenge I've set myself 6 disciplines to do daily to ensure I am moving towards reaching the principles which I identified as guiding my approach to life and I am going to do them consistently. 1. Run at least 5k or walk at least 10k every day Every day, not every other day. I'm sat at a desk every day and don't move particularly much, especially now I'm essentially a home worker! No rest days, and no excuses. Time is unimportant and will come with activity and time, getting out is the important part. 2. Eat well Eating well for me means having three square meals a day and not snacking. What those meals are isn't very important as long as I'm getting the veggies and nutrients required in at least one of those meals. It also means being able to have some desert after dinner for my sanity! 3. Read I love to read, but I often lose my reading time first when things get busy or I'm tired. I will prioritise reading ad do at least 1/2 an hour every day 4. Play Chess I am loving playing chess at the moment, it's the one thing that has kept my competitive streak contained during lockdown! I've improved so much over the last 2 months or so and I want to keep going. It's helping me to escape and concentrate on something that is not news related as well so wellbeing wise I think it helps! Not too much though, because it can be a time vacuum if I'm not careful! 5. Foruming Last challenge I made a conscious effort to be a little bit more active around the forum and enjoyed seeing you all progressing through your challenges, same again please! 6. Something else One little thing everyday that pushes me towards my principles. It could be a stretching session, it could be writing an article for a work related thing or it could be something totally different, but it needs to be something. I'll be tracking my progress everyday through a spreadsheet I've put together and I will need 80% completion rate to see the challenge as a success. That's 187 disciplines out of 234 in 39 days (including today). Let's get to it!