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  1. 01/07/20 - Day 15 Another busy day at work and I had to jump straight into it so I missed my morning update. No worries I thought, I'll get it done later in the day which of course I didn't. Sorry guys! I worked solidly until about 4 and then stopped to take LQ out for a bike ride which will count as my OTHERING DONE. When we got back I did some READING and then we had tea which was pesto chicken pasta salad and was very nice! MrsQ is back from furlough and at work from today so she spent last night ensuring her home working situation was wo
  2. 30/06/20 - Day 14 I've had a busy couple of days at work handing over month end tasks. Tuesday I managed to get my READING, FORUMING and CHESSING done at various points during the day and then collapsed in front of the football in the evening. I didn't do any exercise but I'm kind of glad because I did enjoy the football and it was a good reset. I did eat well though so I guess that is something! 4/6
  3. I have no idea what has happened with the formatting of that post!
  4. So the age old debate in England which harks back to the class system is; I use a mixture of the two depending on how fancy I'm feeling but if my dad heard me call dinner lunch he'd set his whippets on me!
  5. 29/06/20 - Day 13 I got all the things done yesterday. I woke up in the morning and got straight into it, I came here and made up for missing the weekend FORUMING DONE. I had a whole bunch of stuff I had to get done work wise and started well. By 10.30 I was way ahead of were i wanted to be so I opened up Chess.com and played a game. That was a mistake! I think I am truly addicted to chess! CHESSING DONE. I stopped for lunch at 12.30 and had cheese and pickle sandwiches, then I managed to drag myself back into work and had a fairly productive afternoon. Finishing
  6. Isn't the weather odd! I don't know how it's going from what it was last week to this! It's like being in two different climates at the same time! I do like the rain though, its fun to walk in!
  7. 28/06/20 - Day 12 Sunday was a funny day, I woke up rested and well after Saturdays take it easy day and I was full of productivity and drive. I had breakfast, and read for an hour or so READING DONE, then played some chess for an hour or so CHESSING DONE. We had lunch about 12 and then I started some research work for my new job. I was planning on heading for my run about 3 when MrsQ came into the office and declared that she was ready to head out of the house and see some family for the first time. That was a big deal because she has not left the house since lockdown began an
  8. 27/06/20 - Day 11 Saturday was nursing a hangover in the morning. I decided that the best thing for it was a cooked breakfast so I nipped down to the shop and picked up all the requisite ingredients. Breakfast was amazing and I did feel better after it. I chilled out and played a little chess CHESSING DONE after that and then watched Preston get battered by Cardiff, which means our playoff hopes are dashed on the rocks for another year! It's a good job we don't play in the premiership because EVERTIME we are on tv we play terribly! After that LQ and I headed for a w
  9. 26/06/20 - Day 10 Friday was a pretty good day. I got up early and got straight into some work before updating here and then doing a bit of reading. FORUMING DONE, READING DONE. After a bit more work I had lunch around 12 and then played some chess. Looking back at the results I played way too much! 9 games! Winning 6. CHESSING DONE That is way too much for a work day - I must've got carried away! Anyway, about 3 I packed up and set off to my parents for dinner with LQ as is custom, dinner was nice but we had it early, about 4.30. This caused a problem later as
  10. 25/06/20 - Day 9 I was up at a reasonable time and had a few tasks to do at home before I was heading over to my new place of work for an introduction day. I therefore bashed out my targets in the morning, quickly getting on here and updating FORUMING DONE and then playing a game of chess, which I won, CHESSING DONE and then half an hour of reading READING DONE. Then I got dressed into a shirt and trousers (one thing I don't miss in Lockdown) and headed in to meet people. On the way I grabbed a Mexican Chicken Sandwich from Greggs which was amazing. I definitely have
  11. It was so hot again yesterday! Thunder storms today though apparently! It was quite dry heat I think, but it was just beyond what is normal for any type of movement for a lizard like me! And I agree that after an initial period of adjustment I've really started to take advantage of the whole work from home thing! There are somethings I will really miss and I've really enjoyed spending more time with MrsQ and LQ but in terms of effectively doing my job I need to interact with others face to face!
  12. 24/06/20 - Day 8 Yesterday I was back in the office for some meetings and a few other bits that I had to do. That meant an early morning, up showered, breakfasted and in the car by 7.15 and at work by 8.00. Once I got there I updated here and then cracked on with work FORUMING DONE. yesterday was the hottest day of the year in the UK and the temp hit 33*C which is practically the sun. I was glad I was in the office as I turned the aircon up and relaxed in the cool air! I was busy though, I had lots to do and made sure it got done, I didn't stop from between 8.30 and
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