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  1. Quirky Quinn

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

  2. Quirky Quinn

    INVADERS MUST DIE! Deffy #55

    I love this! Such great self awareness and also then the drive to actively do something about it. Often when I'm in a bad mood I acknowledge I am in a bad mood and secrete myself away until I lift the funk. Or sulk around without being able to converse. Yours is a much better approach!
  3. Quirky Quinn

    Quinn tries to focus

    A ok day yesterday. Work was better than the previous day, got some important tasks done. Managed to stay fairly productive throughout the day. I ate well and ran, I did take it easier, not quite pushing myself as hard as the last few runs because I was conscious of the exertion of the last few nights and not wanting to burn out. As a consequence I was tracking at about 31mins after the first 3k. I pushed myself in the last 2k a little bit more as I wanted to prove to myself that even a "recovery run" could be under 30m. I came in at 29m52s which I was quite pleased with in the end. We're now coming into the weekend and I'm looking forward to it! Football looks like it will be on tomorrow so we'll look to build on last weeks result. Then in the evening a friend of mine is fighting in a charity boxing match! I'm quite looking forward to heading down and cheering him on! Sunday will be a rest day, I might try and take LQ for a walk to blow off the inevitable cobwebs from Saturday! Have a good one everyone!
  4. Quirky Quinn

    Quinn tries to focus

    What happened to all that productivity? Yesterday was a good morning, I got up, ate porridge, worked hard, ate lunch, squatted, went for my walk and then BAM. All motivation disapeered! I have no idea why but I just couldn't face my afternoon planned focused task. I am wondering if it is something to do with yesterdays planned task being a pain in the arse one! Anyway, I kind of muddled through the afternoon and did the odd bit but made no progress whatsoever on the planned task. Which means I am now backed up for the week and I'll have to think about how I can get back ontop. Football training was good, I got frustrated with myself during the first half of the training, I think the particular drill we were doing tested me in ways I am not used to, it probably pushed my stretch dial too far, but that is how we get better I guess. I needto work on not getting flustered in those situations and staying calm and on top of my emotions. The second half of training was much more settled, doing something which was more in my comfort zone, skill wise and I enjoyed feeling fit and strong throughout. Today I am going to focus and smash that task that I missed from yesterday. I will be leaving the office at lunch time because MrsQ has an appointment and I will be picking up LQ. That means that I will have no dstractions and no excuses to not get the task done. I will be mindful of my motivation levels and I will be disciplined enough to focus when it is needed. Tonight I will get out for a run, I am expecting this to be a bit of a recovery run after three pretty intense sessions this week so far. Have a good one!
  5. Quirky Quinn

    Quinn tries to focus

    Progress, I didn't go to the committee meeting last night, LQ was back at school yesterday after her few days off due to the sewage leak in the school. She did not have a good day! She was given a red card by hjer teacher for not listening and kicking a boy! She is the youngest in her class and onl;y made the cut for her school year by 8 days so she feels really young to be at school so I'm sure her attention span is not as good as some of the other kids and her social skills need some work (alos probably not helped by her being an only child!). So we need to give her some slack and not come down too hard on this type of thing but she also needs to learn social normalities and that it is never ok to kick someone! So I made some nice dinner and we sat as a family around the dinner table and talked about her day and what she could've done differently etc. I think it went well and hopefully she understood what we were trying to teach her. I guess we'll find out today based on how she gets on! Anyway, all that stuff meant I missed the committee meenting, which did allow me the opportunity to head out for a run once LQ had gone to bed. The weather was much better than yesterday and I enjoyed not fighting the wind and rain, although Idid miss that tailwind on my way back in! I got round in another PB time, what a week so far. Bang on 29m0s. I honestly feel like I am making so much progress by focusing on this one area, it makes me excited for when I move onto the next areas in future challenges (which seems like a bit of an oxymoron but is typical of my shiny new things brain!) I am going to continue running for the rest of this challenge and see where I get to. Theres 19 days left and I think I can push to get this under 30m 5k as consistant as possible in that time, then in future challenges once a week should be enough to maintain that speed whilst allowing me to focus on the next target. Today is football training and a busy day at work, so the task is to remain productive & consistant. Enjoy your days!
  6. I wouldn't get too worked up about not finishing! And I like the fact that you've realised that that is your priority, you can adjust your other tasks accordingly. These are all things you're chosing to do, if you decide you want to do one more than another then I think thats ok.
  7. Quirky Quinn

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    Hey, I really like this stuff. Very dark and nervy. It reminds me of Nigel Godrich a little but far more introspective I think. If you're ever doing something in Yorkshire (Leeds/Bradford) then I'd love to come along!
  8. Quirky Quinn

    Enough: The Protector Rises

    Yeah I agree, that must be the worst. I hate even walking behind someone who has started smoking, getting a gobful of someone else's second hand smoke is the worst. Have you tried talking to the neighbour about it? I know it's their room and I guess they can do what they like in it but they might at least open the window if you let them know it's bothering you - most people don't want to piss off their neighbours!
  9. Quirky Quinn

    Quinn tries to focus

    Running over gremlins! Last night was horrible, the weather was cold, wet, windy. The roads all had surface water running all down them meaning great big puddles for cars to drive through. Safe to say running was not first on my list pf priorities! But after we'd had some tea (Spagetti & Meatballs) and put LQ to bed I knew that after my rousing speach to myself about motivation and running over gremlins I had to get out. So I pulled on my running shoes, got my torch and my high vis jacket and got out of the door. The first part of the run felt good, I was going along at a decent pace and despite the rain lashing down the route was fairly well sheltered so I was saved from the elements a little. Then I got out into the more exposed areas and the headwind hit my like those youtube guys who pretended to box each other at the weekend! It has hard, the wind was lashing at me and the wind was blowing right in my face. I kept going, telling myself that because this route is a loop a headwind now meant a tail wind on the way back and that if I could keep my pace reasonable on the way out I'd be on for a good time. Luckily I managed to avoid getting soaked by any cars driving through any puddles and pressed on. Making steady progress to the halfway point of my run. When I turned that corner and headed back it was like a different run! The wind behind me, the rain felt like it eased off and I was really concentrating on my breathing and my running stride, because it did feel like a running stride not a jogging stumble. I made good progress over the second of 3k and 4k felt like the best I had run yet. Then I got back into the town and more sheltered conditions. I lost my tail wind and the last 1000 mtrs is all uphill. I kept telling myself that I was on target for a good time and if I could maintain any sort of pace for the last section I'd be in with a PB chance. I might have scared a few people who were also braving the cold night as I let out the odd shout of encouragement for myself but I pushed on, finishing the run in 29m21s. Which after a week of not getting under the 30mins after initially reaching it feels like a massive accomplishment. Really pleased with myself for getting out and doing it despite the conditions. Food was on point and I'm happy that I seem to have had a bit more motivation today, not fighting myself quite as much as I have over the last week or so, Another day like that today would be ideal. Today is another full work day, which will involve 4 productive sections of productivity! And this evening I have our football teams committe meeting which means no 5k. I do run down to the clubhouse where the meeting is held and back again afterwards. Its about 1k each way. It will be interesting to see if I can manage that quicker than last month when I did the same. We shall see! Have a great day everyone!
  10. Quirky Quinn

    Quinn tries to focus

    Ha! The thing I always wondered about Gremlins is when's there morning cutoff - is it no water between 12am and 8am? 6am? 12pm? Very confusing creatures!
  11. Quirky Quinn

    Rebel OR Ranger - here for a friend

    That is such a noble reason to look for a heallthier life style! I hope you are able to give. It also reminds me I should be giving blood regularly, I haven't in years because of life. But being able to save someone elses when they're in need surely means it should be a priority.
  12. Quirky Quinn

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    Hey, sorry I missed this somehow, that sounds great! I'd love to see your art!
  13. Quirky Quinn

    Quinn tries to focus

    Motivation is strange. So after a good nights sleep on Thursday night I woke up feeling fresh and ready to go on Friday, jumped on the train to get to my course and endured a communte through Leeds to York, two of the busiest stations in the North of England I'd guess. It was not fun and reminded me why I stopped commuting by train a few years ago. Anyway when I got there the course was really interesting, if a little too short to fit any deep & meaningful learning in. It served as a good networking and introducing session though. I had skipped breakfast at home in order to be on time for my train and grabbed some porridge and a coffee on my way into York. I was pleased with myself for not giving into the sausage butty cravings and then at lunch picked a mainly healthy plate of food despite not really wanting to. When I got home motivation had deserted me but I knew I had to get out for a run after missing Thursday so I did but it was slow! 32m29s for 5k which is way down on where I'd been recently. I was happy with myself for getting out and doing it though, when I got in we got a take out curry and chilled out. I think Friday was a good day but I spent the entire day fighting the urge to binge on shitty food and slob on the couch. I'm proud of myself for doing so but I'm not sure where this change in brain waves has come from. This week has probably been the first time since the end of August when I started this journey where I have been fighting myself rather than pushing towards a goal. Saturday was an early start as LQ had a swimming lesson at 9. So we were up breakfasted (Porridge with Bannana & Raisins) and out the door by 8.30. Football was on so once we got back from swimming and a little play on the park about 10.30 I took myself off to prepare. I have a routine that I follow on game day from about 11 onwards. I listen to a podcast by a guy called Dam Abrahams who is a sports psychologist which helpos me sort my mindset whilst I go through getting my kit ready. I grab a small lunch which was a cheese sandwhich and three oatcakes with peanut butter & I then do a streching routine that I follow which takes about 15mins. I head out of the door about 12.30 and get to the ground at 1pm whilst eating and travelling I listen to some chilled out classical music to allow me to reduce heart rate, focus and think about the game running through various scenarios and how I will react to them. Then I get changed into my kit and head out and warm up before the game starts at 2pm. We played well on Saturday and I noticed some real improvements in my own performance which I am putting down to endurance and flexibility training. We went 2-0 down in the first 30 mins but then came back really well in the second half and won 3-2 scoring the last goal with only 5 mins left! There is nothing quite like the feeling of winning a game of football, it changes the rest of the weekend! After the game I spent a couple of hours with the guys and then home for tea, we had homemade Steak and mushroom pie that MrsQ had made and it was deliecious. I gave into the cravings of the previous night afterwards and had some ice cream for dessert, but what the hell! We won! Yesterday I was a bit achy and didn't do too much, I helped put up a trampoline that we got for LQ (but which I think I'll be trying to utilise in future challenges) and helped with dinner that MrsQ made for us and her parents. I ate pretty well yesterday and didn't have to fight the motivation monster too hard. Overall a good weekend but I definately need to get the gremlins in check, I'll run them down tonight when I get out on the road! Further update to come on this weeks plan but I have to go now as work becons! Have a great week everyone
  14. Quirky Quinn

    Quinn tries to focus

    Thanks, no. Beyond football being cancelled a few times we've gotten away very lightly over my way. When you hear about people losing their lives or homes it puts things into perspective a little bit!
  15. Quirky Quinn

    Quinn tries to focus

    Hey everyone. My first "real" NF challenge after spending some time learning and developing an ethos in the nursery. During my time in the tutorial I realised that just writing things down here has a cathartic and focusing effect which allows me to get underneath the surface and try to understand why and how I am going to achieve the long term goals I have set myself, not just regarding becoming physically fit but in almost every aspect of my life. I have started to think hard about what I want to acheive but, more importantly how I will acheive those goals. Intensive self relection has definately allowed me to pass out of the tutorial with a stronger understanding of the controls which I can use to continue through this journey. So why the Rangers? Well, as I said, I've been thinking hard about where I want to end up and I have realised that the first destination should be to achieve a level of functional fitness that cannot be achieved through specialisation. The Rangers, offer me the opportunity to explore all these different areas without getting too hung up on any specific specialism. I want to have a body which will function as I get older and which will allow me to enter pretty much any situation without fear of failure. Once I can accomplish a number of targets (which I will lay out in another post, actually about this challenge period!) I will be in a posistion to think about some specialism, if indeed I do want to specialise. I hope I can be an asset to my new guild and bring a fresh perspective, some positive attidue and kick ass workouts!