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  1. In other news, the upstairs neighbour's kid has discovered that she can see in my living room window from their balcony, and I have now had to close the blind to get some semblance of privacy. I need a net curtain.
  2. Morning morning morning. So this morning started off with almost an hour on hold with unemployment because they didn't process my medical certificate, which resulted in my payment getting suspended. It's all fixed now, but it's irritating that I needed to spend an hour fixing their mistake. So now the to-do list for today. - Break down empty boxes for recycling. - Get bins out for collection tomorrow morning - Depending on spoons remaining, move spare mattress to spare room
  3. Thanks! I did take a look at the druids, but I'll take another look too. I know I can wander in and out of guilds as much as I please, I just feel like having a home base sort of space is important for me to stay grounded. Which could be complete and utter hokey and I'm just misinterpreting my brain!
  4. It is worth noting that I've progressed to a situation where it takes ten minutes to walk 300m to my doctors on a good day, and stepping up a curb wrong throws my back out. So I've gotten myself in pretty rough shape all around. I can see why she's fussing about overexertion.
  5. By bodyweight my doctor really means light yoga/pilates, and incorporate swimming for cardio. I'm doing the diagnosis jumping through hoops currently, but my doc has suspicions on what's going on already, we're just waiting for the specialist to book an appointment so we can get moving with it. If it's a joint issue such as arthritis, then weights aren't recommended because of grip issues. Resistance bands are less likely to slip out of my fingers and crush something they shouldn't. If it's a connective tissue disorder, such as EDS, then that's deteriorating tendons and ligament
  6. I seem to be spending tonight really pondering on the guilds, and where I feel like I'm going to go after this challenge is up. Less than two weeks until the challenge is up, so seems about right for me to be flip flopping around on it. Cause see, the thing is, lifting weights isn't something I'm likely to be able to do. Pretty much ever. They don't recommend it for most joint issues at all, and after a discussion with my doctor today who let slip that she's worried I may actually have a connective tissue disorder (it's been 14 years of pain but my joints show no signs of stress
  7. Got about five hours chilling on the couch, which is pretty good going. Then I made the terrible mistake of lying down and pretty much immediately fell asleep. It's not really a terrible mistake, one of the big side effects of chronic pain is fatigue, but it does make actually having a decent schedule a real struggle. Now it's 9pm and I'm wide awake. Hopefully I manage to find some more tired tonight, because I would like more sleeps.
  8. Oh the crow, every time. He's just too good!
  9. What's Forrest Gump's password? 1forrest1
  10. I've just discovered a big ol' crow has taken up residence in the tree by my back gate, so now when I go sit in my little back courtyard for some fresh air and sunshine he pokes his beak through the branches and we have little staring contests.
  11. Made it back from my appointments in one piece, nothing much eventful. I'd like to see some progress with my doctor but we're still just waiting on the specialist referral to bear fruit. It's tedious and frustrating to be stuck in limbo, for sure. But trying to stick it out with a little good grace. Trying to spend the afternoon on the couch. They're pretty cheap couches and as such they're very much not comfortable. After a while it starts getting painful if I'm in the wrong position. Not sure if I'll make it more than a couple of hours, but it's still a couple more hours th
  12. I'm really learning that I'm very much a grazer. I'm not a big fan of huge meals, or even medium sized meals, but I'll nibble all day quite happily. And I definitely boredom eat. It's worth considering this moving forward, it may be a worthwhile exercise to invest more of my shopping budget in things like carrots and rice cakes, things relatively low in calorie and good for nibbling on.
  13. Good morning! I've got a couple of appointments today that usually really take the wind out of my sails, so I'm not setting a to-do list for the day except to get through those. After that I can see what energy I have and decide what I can do.
  14. Thanks! I've got a habit of biting off more than I can chew, so I'm making a conscious effort to keep things manageable. On restless nights where I just can't sleep I used to get really frustrated and annoyed at myself. I found the best thing that really helped me was to settle down with my eyes closed and just think "It's okay to let myself sleep." Really seems to help! Because usually if I'm restless, the underlying cause is that I'm stressing about or overthinking something, and I subconsciously won't let myself stop going over it until I've solved whatever is on my mind.
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