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  1. Ignimbrite

    Bonaventa's Lost & Found

    love it, these are some good goals! since you asked me for feedback here is some: meal prepping - do you want to try prepare e.g. 5/7 lunches? dinner as well? strength training - I'm guessing you have a programme you're following so it's just about following that plan? 4. adulting - no feedback just I need to do this too. ignimbrite + cat + dog ... bad times! re the handstands and rings, is there a specific milestone you want to hit in three months? accountabilibuddies for the win!
  2. Ignimbrite

    Ignimbrite smash

    Here's a progress stocktake Goal 1. Progress has been horrible! I've had a glass or two way too often, definitely not less than normal and possibly the odd glass more. On the other hand it's a reminder that I'm not good at doing things in bits, so I think I'm going to not drink at all next year. It won't be easy but in some ways easier. goal 2. This is going kind of ok. I've had a lesson recently and he thinks I'm ready for my teat. I've had a couple big drives and some practice in the city as well as round here. Still a few things to practice but hopefully ready in the next few weeks. goal 3 training. I've missed a few calls but none through choosing not to go. I've had some great training sessions. I haven't filled in anything on my log but that's the next step. Then hopefully start the next stage. I just need to plan for training on the bits in my book then good to go. goal 4. I've hardly been on my bike but less bus trips lately. I have ridden up a few times, and walked as well. Downside is now it's hotter I have to bring more changes of clothes and find time to shower. goal 5. This weekend is a really bad example. Some days I've been ok, other days not so much. I have a really sore back today from overdoing it at yoga on thursday night. I haven't done my own yoga routine or anything like that. But i think that's my goal for next year as well- daily ashtanga. not wasting time- i mean in some ways this is better too (except this weekend) but still a work in progress.
  3. Ignimbrite

    Ignimbrite smash

    I'm back again after a couple years just lurking. this year has been the hardest ever, too many challenges but also a lot of achievements (good) and excuses (bad). so, some structure. i've been really off the wagon with my food- not eating enough, eating junk/buying out, drinking way too much. likewise with my fitness. Last year I had a major goal to work towards, this year has been a mess So I'm a rebel against the forces that led me here. The biggest battle is with myself goal 1: no alcohol during the week, and none on weekends unless i'm actually out for an occasion. goal 2: life goal- I've been learning to drive and I'm nearly ready to book my test. I need to practice, and I'm going to book. Going to pass before the end of the year goal 3: another life goal- I passed my firefighter training last year but I haven't completed my consolidation. Fear and laziness. So i need to review that, complete what i've done and make a plan for the rest. related- sometimes I freeze when the siren goes and I don't respond. Now I'm driving there is no reason. I need to be prepared with my gear and in my mind goal 4: move every day 1: I've been a couch burrito a lot lately, and getting the bus instead of walking or biking. So I should be biking 3-4 times a week and walking 1-2 times. Only bus if it's a hurricane. Goal 5: Move every day 2: also at home- sun salutations, run with my dog, hose rolling, burpees ... anything to not just atrophy on the couch i changed up my light box recently to read 'the present moment is life itself' and I'm trying to be more real, more focused on who i want to be and what I want to do. Not wasting time