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  1. Not feeling very confident about tomorrow's weigh in as my weight shot up 4 pounds over the weekend and only just came back down to last weigh in's weight yesterday. And I didn't overeat at all over the weekend. And it's not that time of the month. And I worked out every day. So I'll be dumbfounded by pleasantly surprised if I actually drop two pounds by tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  2. You guys are too funny. I didn't realize I was missing out on so much on my thread; I would have logged on more this week, lol. I have stuck to plan perfectly. I've cycled off any extra calories I ate (up to 450 calories of cycling one day). I worked out every planned day other than the day I was too sore. And I even did yoga several times this week (completely unheard of). My weight on Friday morning (weigh-in day) was 167.6. My weight bounces very quickly between 167and 172 so next week, if I see 165 or less, my motivation should increase even more. I've seen 167 a million times
  3. Stayed up way too late last night and forgot to wash face. But did the morning wash. I hate washing my face so much that I am surprised I have done it for this many times in a row. I hate the whole splash water at your self thing. And it takes like 3 or 4 times to actually get all the soap off. I miss my facial wipes that Dr. Google said weren't good enough (though it did admit better than nothing). I am trying hard not to go back to them, but am sorely tempted. Yoga again. Go me. Did not lift weights but only because I am very sore today. I messed up yesterday. My upper body rout
  4. Been trying to get out of the 160's for all of 2020 and yet all I keep seeing is the 170's. Wrong direction. Hopefully this challenge I can see the elusive 159.9.
  5. Not sure whether to call this challenge #3 or #4 since I skipped the last one. O well. I've seriously lost the same bloody 5 pounds four times already. I'm 172 again. My lowest this year so far was 162 (Feb). Shot back up to 172. Got back to 165 (March). Shot back to 172+. Got back to 167. Shot back to 172. Then 165 (Apr). And now back to 172. So . . . I've wanted to lose weight and be a size that I felt good at since my early teen years. I basically dieted my whole life and only actually reached goal twice (once at 19 -- 138 lbs) and once in my early 30's (hit 129, b
  6. I also bought a balancing clay face wash. And I've actually washed every day, once in the morning and once at night. I'm trying to do it for the full week at least since it promises results in 1 week, lol. The creams I bought were Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair (day) and Rapid Wrinkle Repair (night). So far no drying or redness. I have very oily skin so maybe that's why I haven't found it drying. I want to get a hyaluronic acid something or other since that promises to bring moisture. Have not missed a workout and I've actually done yoga 3x since last week which is unheard of.
  7. This finally brings me to fitness. And appearance. And all that NFR-related stuff. I did dead lifts today. First time since January, I believe. (Haha, right before the writing binge). I always come out of a writing binge 10-20 pounds heavier and find myself in a hoarder house. Anyway . . . I have worked out 5x since Friday. Considering that included being on vacation (get this: the only dessert I brought was s'mores and 90% dark chocolate. I brought fruit to snack on and rice cakes as compared to the typical stock up on TONS of junk food because it's vaca
  8. So the business class was the hardest class I've taken thus far but it also brought me a ton of focus and clarity. I had already incorporated by business name back in 2019 and bought the domain (it's an independent media company), but have since then been working on a product mix and have never officially launched. I was suppossed to launch in 2020 but Covid put a halt to that, and then I ended up changing my product mix, so it worked out in the end. Anyway, I should be ready to launch sometime this year. But the point is, the class indirectly helped me realize what my brand is -- and that's
  9. So, I found out something about myself. I am a workaholic. I had no idea because I am what is called an engaged workaholic. Meaning, I love my work so much and it brings me so much joy that I focus on it all the time. Over the years, I've read tons of time management books and how to find balance books all of which have pretty much said cut out what isn't important. Well, that pretty much justified 3 days' worth of dishes piled up on the counter, or unshaven legs, or living out of a laundry basket whenever I went on a writing binge. But of course the shame of never being able to adult well an
  10. Basically been AWOL and didn't even start a new challenge. These past few weeks have been really rough emotionally. Mr. Ravenclaw and I got into the worst fight of our marriage . . . lots of shame . . . at first I thought everything would be different for the worse, then we talked abit and I thought everything would be better than it had, but in reality it mostly seems like it just went back to where it was. Which was just neutral. Not exactly where I want to be. Anyway . . . The class I was in during my mom's visit (online college is 1 class every 5 weeks) was a busi
  11. The road trip was fun. I gained, but then lost some of it the first week back. But then this whole past month my mom has been visiting and we've been going out to eat several times a week and always have desert. I have no idea how much I gained but even my fat clothes don't fit. I refuse to get on the scale. If I had worked out, it may have helped, but of course I haven't worked out even once. My mom leaves Monday just as the new challenge starts, so my goal this challenge will just be to get back to where I was. We go away for a mini vacation the end of April so I'm not going to
  12. So first off for this challenge is to resume weight lifting. I did not lift almost all of last challenge. I had been doing well and then everything just went to pot. The most discouraging part is I don't know what triggered it unless it was simply getting too overwhelmed by writing projects and school. My non-fiction project was suppossed to be completed before I created this challenge, but alas, it still isn't quite done. I actually didn't drink last weekend at all (the first time I was successful at this goal!) but my weight still jumped up 5 pounds I guess because I made low-carb sugar cook
  13. 2021 GOALS Goal #1: Musculation (weight lifting) — Continue my current routine of 40 reps 4-6x a week with a focus only on increasing weight rather than reps or sets Goal #2: Le régimé (diet) — During my weight loss phase (goal to lose 20-35 pounds), breakfast and lunch is a protein shake and dinner is vegetables w/ lean meat; dessert is 5 squares max of 90% cocoa chocolate. I would like to reach goal by my birthday (July 1). Goal #3: Je fais du yoga (doing yoga) — I want to incorporate some sort of stretching routine. My posture is horrid, and I am extr
  14. Not very well. I am not sure what really happened. Everything just fell apart. I needed to get ahead in school because in 10 days I'm flying out to the east coast to join my mom on a road trip back here and I really fell behind on my non-fiction project. That has just made me so overwhelmed that nothing else is getting done. I haven't been cleaning up the kitchen after dinner every night, not keeping up with my hair, not getting dressed on days I don't leave the house, not working out, etc. I even stopped making my bed, which I had been doing quite regularly. And I've eaten an ent
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