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  1. I'm not sure why I gained that week, but I am losing 1-2 pounds now that I am doing 3:4, so that's much more motivating to stick to it. I was 159.8 this past Friday and tomorrow we leave for vacation, so I am sure there will be a bit of a gain. But I do think that I will be able to maintain on 5:2 but I much prefer 800 calories on fast day rather than 500. So yes, I think I can maintain my weight loss o 5:2 since I am losing so well on 3:4. I'm pretty happy overall as I think I will reach goal by Christmas.
  2. So, I just checked a 2020 challenge to see what I weighed for vacation last year this time and I had made it out of the 160's. I got to 157, went on vacation, came back in the 160's and I don't think I've seen it since that point. This is so utterly frustrating. It makes me feel as though I am wasting my life and not enjoying food for nothing since I'm stuck in the 160's anyway. I'm glad I found the 5:2 diet, but I am not convinced that I will stick to it for life to maintain. I gained last week fasting 2x and eating maintenance 5x -- that doesn't really bode well. I've upped my fasting days and am losing better . . . I should be in the 150's just in time to go on vacation. I will meal plan but not going to fast. Ugh. Here is my weight from 2015 right before 2 back to back pregnancies through now. The red circle is when I joined NFR.
  3. So far so good. It's def nice to not have off limit foods. I'm still holding my breath that it actually works. I feel I won't actually know until I get out of the 160's, since I've been stuck here for 2.5 years. If I in month on this diet, I'm in the 150's, yea, I will sing the praises of this diet for life, lol.
  4. Only .4 this week, but considering I ate at maintenance calories levels (1900) and I didn't work out, I can't really complain, lol. Going to stick to 1400 this week and have already meal planned for the week including for a church cookout Sunday. Am hoping to see at least 1 if not 2 pound loss next week. If I do, then this diet works better than even Keto for me. Which would be absolutely amazing, because I can eat real food and all food groups. What a concept,
  5. So it's only been a week and half on 5:2 and tonight's supper was my first meal without bread. In fact, I ate 2 rolls for breakfast and 2 more lunch. At one point, I was afraid that all 1400 of todays calories would be consumed by my bread addiction. But then, after saying no to free ice cream (but both boys enjoyed some), I came home and ate chicken, fruit and veggies for supper (along with some chips). In addition, I bought tons of Asian stir fry veggies because I bought some teriyaki chicken, orange chicken, and General Tso's chicken -- all things that would only have been for "off diet" days and would have been take away size portions. I'm hoping this 1) means less money spent on take away, 2) healthier portion sizes, 3) lots of veggies as the main dish with chicken as the side. My weight Friday morning was 164.2. Not bad, considering how much I hate eaten over the 10-day period. This was going to be the week that would determine if the diet worked for me to lose weight but now TOM so that might skew the results. *sigh* I am not a patient person, lol.
  6. Hmm, I wasn't really looking at it as a success that at least I wasn't still there, but you are right. Thanks for that perspective!
  7. Because you're cheating on your diet by eating a sweet, chocolatey nut butter loaf? Hahaha, that's what I initially thought but kept reading and saw you were being serious about eating pate. I suppose if you like chocolatey nut butter loaf and pate is super healthy and low carb that would be an amazing discovery! You could probably become rich off that recipe!
  8. "We are not compatible." -- Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ROFL. I am the exact opposite. I LOVE to sleep and hate to exercise. I find no pleasure in the activity of exercise. However, if I remember a dream (which fortunately is not often), it is almost always bad. So I do get that part. Can you sleep with a movie or something going softly in the background? I can't do it often because it keeps Mr. Ravenclaw awake, but I like to "watch" something I've seen a bazillion times because I can lay there with my eyes closed and drift off more quickly. I would think that one couldn't dream on top of tv dialogue because that would be too much dialogue.
  9. Oh my gosh, so I was on a weight loss forum I joined years and years ago and a really FAT picture of me under RANDOM MEDIA popped up from years ago from an account/log in I had forgotten all about. I mean, I knew I had an account before but couldn't remember it and so created a new one. (Am going to have to remember the log in and delete that album, lol). But anyway, I thought I would share. This was me from 2017 at my heaviest non-pregnant weight of 192 lbs. 2016-2018 = 192 average weight 2019-2020 = 172-183 average weight 2021 = 166-170 average weight
  10. Fasting Day 2: 500 calories. It's 8:45 and only just now am I really starting to feel hungry. I cut one of my creamered coffee's in half as well as ate only half a block of 90% chocolate so that I could add a serving of beans to my soup. Not sure if that's what did it or not, but it did make my soup take much longer to eat. I did not do yoga, but that's mostly because 1) Husband called out of work and was home all day which through off trying to get into a new routine and 2) because he was home and couldn't run two errands for me on his way home from work, I ran them myself (which worked out well as it delayed my second cup of coffee lunch. But the best news of all was that this morning's weight was 165.0, which is what I was hoping to see tomorrow if I was really lucky and realistically was just hoping for 166.6, which is the low average I see most often when I've jumped on the scale for the past two years (my high average is 172). My weight the Friday before my 8-day binge was 163.6. I'm trying not to get my hopes up that I could actually see 163-something tomorrow, but it doesn't seem unrealistic after a day of fasting either. Anyway, just super excited that I'm learning not to be afraid of food. Super excited to eat bread again tomorrow. Super excited that I can eat bread tomorrow with no desire to binge on it since I can eat it again the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and only then skip a day, and then again the next day, and the next. Eat read food and lose weight??? Eat bread and lose weight??? This concept should not be so foreign to me. As soon as I can "prove" this diet works (by not only hitting 159 which I 've not seen since 5/2019 but also not binging) I'm going to tell my mom. She's struggled her whole life with weight and is a chronic yo-yo dieter herself. She binges even worse than me when she's "off" her diet. Anyway, I'll be thrilled if I've found something that can bring her peace around food as well!
  11. I would completely agree with you except that it's not been calorie restriction that has triggered my binges, it's been the nearly 10 years (since 2012) of restricting carbs to 20-50 grams a day depending on the diet at the time. Granted, I restricted those as well, never going over 1200 on a "good day," and often trying to shoot for 800 to make up for my 2000+ calories Fridays-Sundays, but it is def the restricting breads that cause me to binge. Here is a great example of a recent success: there are Oreos and Chips Ahoy in my house right now. I NEVER buy cookies for the kids because I will eat the entire package. I'll admit, there are 100 cal packs and not an open package, but I have never, ever, ever been able to do that in my life. I bought them Tuesday night, could eat them on Wednesday and didn't even bother to open them. Today (my second fast day), I can't afford to eat them, but opened a pack for the boys at both lunch and supper. This is serious unheard of. Also, I am mostly tracking my calories to ensure I eat at least 1400 but not over 1900. I haven't eaten real food in so long, I don't know that I even know what a serving size is. (I've eaten proteins shakes and proteins bars for lunch and dinners for better part of 20 years unless I'm being "bad.") So I'm measuring and tracking everything, but mostly to see what portion sizes look like that fill/satisfy me. While I am aiming for closer to 1400 than 1900, I don't track any veggies, sometimes I count my 75 cal Omega 3's, but not always, and tomorrow, I'm going to start adding Collagen to my diet and don't really plan on counting that. So in general, I'm eating 1400 + veggies + fruit + Omega's and plus collagen. If I hit a plateau or start crawling, I might starting including them in my 1400 goal, but for now, I'm just thrilled to be eating real food.
  12. I don't particularly like it and now have a very expensive skin care routine. First time in my life I've ever ever bothered. No idea if all the peptides, retinol A, etc will even undo anything, lol.
  13. I totally get this. I dropped out of college last month. I have no idea if I will ever go back and finish my degree. Though I do miss it, and somethings slightly doubt my decision, I am mostly so much happier and less stressed. Do you miss writing, or does it feel good to take a break?
  14. Oh my gosh, brioche is delicious. It's tastes like a croissant just less flaky and much less calories. On holidays, I make sandwiches with croissants (such as everything on Thanksgiving dinner thrown onto a croissant). Not only is the brioche less calories, but it would be much easier to make a sandwich with. I did not cycle off my calories. I ended going grocery shopping for 3 hours. (Does walking around Walmart for 3 hours burn 300 calories?) And my legs are so sore now (probably because today was lower body day). But I bought fruit -- grapes, and strawberries, and black berries! And Greek yogurt. Thin Crust pizza for Friday night. Carrots for homemade Sloppy Joe. 100 calorie packs of Oreos. I can't believe I can eat again tomorrow. I will eat less for sure (no pork rinds and dip or potato salad and sandwich or honey butter bread), so it will be a def weight loss day. The goal I think is sloppy joe on brioche for supper, fruit and Greek vanilla yogurt for lunch and maybe a few pecan crackers with pecan cream cheese, plus my two coffees and my blocks of 90% chocolate. That will be right around 1400 calories. I'm dumbfounded that I can eat so many "forbidden" foods and still be 500 calories under maintenance. I'm actually looking forward to Thursday (Fast Day) just because I'm a bit freaked out by all the carbs (I haven't even looked, though, in theory, I know it's below 150 grams so still considered healthy). But when you've lived at 20-50 grams for so long . . . Anyway, I am looking forward to Thursday simply so that I know I'm "making up for it." I have no idea what my weight will be Friday morning. I suspect 168 tomorrow and the next day and then maybe 165 Friday morning (1 pound less than this morning). Obviously, I am hoping for 1 pound a week after that, but as I said in a different post, if I even make .5, it's the same as deprivation/binge so at least I know I'll get to the 150's and beyond eventually.
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