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  1. Like I mentioned previous, the more precise word is probably intuitively. And in the event that word is also incorrect, what I meant was internally. Either way my comment was meant to be a compliment not an insult. No, I'm simply saying a book is an external source of learning. This is what I mean by an internal source of learning. You had the light bulb moment. You decided to take the "as if" approach. No external factor -- book, professor, psychologist, etc -- suggested you dress/act "as if" you were body confident. Again, I meant it as a compliment. I never intended to imply it was easy or didn't have to be learned or that it wasn't a struggle to do so regularly. I am sorry I used the wrong word. My intent to compliment you was not an insult/put down on myself that what I learned externally (from a book) you learned internally (from experience, observation, trial or error, or what you want to call it). I was merely impressed that on your own (internally) both of you figured out body confident exercises usually learned in therapy (externally) by a licensed psychologist who was likely taught it in school (externally). That does not mean I am unimpressed with myself or feel inferior to you.
  2. Hahaha, where did you see me use the word "easy"? I said "instinctively." Meaning, I am reading it in a book. You came up with the idea on your own. Perhaps I should have said "intuitively"? 😉
  3. If you came up with the idea to go without makeup and bra for the express reason of getting more comfortable and/or saying screw you to the world I don't have to live up to your expectations (or apologize for not doing so), then you did it instinctively. ☺️ But no, it's not easy.
  4. You understood me right.😁 And very glad someone understands phases! It's nice to not feel crazy. Or at least not alone in your craziness! Oh my gosh, that was in the book too! She calls it the "as if" something or other. Meaning, she recommends you dress as if you were body confident. Wow, you guys are amazing -- you do this stuff instinctively.
  5. Nice! We suspect Mr. Ravenclaw has pre-diabetes (or at least had). He agreed to cut out soda (he calls it pop) and I tweaked our diet to include less carbs and he's lost 25 since quarantine started. Guys lose so much faster than us women!
  6. So I actually did all my priority and all my bonus goals today. Did a lower body workout. First one in 2 weeks and first one since my barbell is on the hooks for squatting. If felt very nice (i.e. I felt very strong) doing squats with my biggest plates. Sadly though, 2 weeks of not training means that I can no longer deadlift 100 pounds. I'm down to 80. But I assume I'll get back the strength rather quickly if I keep at it. Cardio (Bonus): 3 sets of 5 flight sprints. Weights (Priority): Squat 3 x 8 @ 60 lbs Romanian Deadlift 3 x 8 @ 80lbs Bulgarian Split Squat 2 x 12 (no weights yet) Hamstring Curls 3 x 12 @ 25lbs (that's up from 3x8). I tried a heavier weight instead but my form was off so just added more reps. Donkey Kicks 2 x 12 @ 10lbs
  7. Yes, I believe what your doing would be exactly that. So kudos to you! I'm not brave enough to do that yet (not hiding in the dark); hopefully I don't have to hand in my warrior card, lol. I don't know if you would call it psychoanalysed or not, she just walks into a client's closet and can tell from their wardrobe what their deep rooted issues are -- whether they are hiding themselves in clothes (me), or dress overtly provocative because they don't know how to find balance between classy feminine and sexy, or if they have tons of top label clothing with the tags still on (I forget what that one meant, probably because I shop at Goodwill). So far nothing like if your short-waisted wear this or if you're top heavy wear that. It's more about ensuring your wardrobe is giving the right impression of who you are -- probably similar to what Scalyfreak would call armor -- so that you are confident in what you are wearing because it's you. I hope that makes sense. By the way, I wasn't (and am not) pushing the book on you. I was just offering to share tips if I came across something that sounded like you'd be interested in based on previous comments. Don't mind me, I go through this phase every so many years in which i spend weeks reading a whole bunch of organizing house books or finding your clothing style books etc. Sometimes it's recipe books (that phase was a few months ago when I revamped my cooking and Mr. Ravenclaw lost 25 pounds while I lost 6, lol). And then my interest in will go away for a couple years (as my house and clothing choices will attest, lol). I think the reason this phase is actually lasting as long as it this time around is because of the nutrition class I'm in.
  8. Now I just gotta decide if I should just dye my hair or still wait to reward myself for getting out of the 160's. I don't think rewards are inherently bad. But I do already have the dye . . . sizzling copper . . . waiting for me in the bathroom. Exactly. And thank you both!
  9. Lol, did I start something by drawing attention to your "We are wondering about asking for her medical history so we know what to expect" comment? I only played D&D once, also with a church group. 😁
  10. I totally feel you. I too almost like running. I almost like sprinting even more. Actually, i do enjoy running IF it's on a trail in the woods. I find that very relaxing. But I now live in a desert and even the few times I've found a trail with trees, they are only on one side of the trail and the other is an open field. Not the same.
  11. Very glad it's not Covid as well. But sorry the whole family is sick.
  12. Okay, new challenge quest goals. Since it's more realistic to focus on one thing at a time I have Priority Goals (that I want to achieve every day starting now) and Bonus Goals (that if I get to this challenge, great, but if not, I'll make them next challenge goals). DIET Priority: Drink 4 16oz bottles of water. That sounds so bloody easy, but I don't even drink 1. And if my nutritional class taught me anything it's that water does EVERYTHING in your body. It makes your body metabolize food properly, it gets the vitamins to where they need to go, it helps your body burn off stored fat, etc. Bonus: Achieve Negative Energy Balance on most days. According to my nutrition class, my maintenance calories are 1960 a day. Counting up all my chocolate I discovered I was actually eating around 1800, which would explain the super slow weight loss. So I want to eat closer to 1460 and definitely no more than 1960 even on weekends. FITNESS Priority: Get back into lifting routine. I was doing well when I was lifting every day upper/lower (unless too sore), so I'm going to go back to that. The only difference here is that I have not been successful at an ab day ever since the chiropractor told me I shouldn't do crunches or the flag anymore. Abs = Mountain Climbers (w/ discs) / Dumbbell Woodchopper / Dead Bug / Bird Dog Upper = OHP / Deadlift / Seated Back Row / Chest Press / Front and Lateral Delt Raise Lower = Squat / Romanian Deadlift / Bulgarian Split Squat / Hamstring Curls / Donkey Kicks Mon -- Abs Tues -- Upper Wed -- Lower Thurs -- Abs Fri -- Upper Sat -- Lower Sun -- Rest Bonus: Minimum of 1 set of 5 flight sprints. (Ahch-To is 10 sets of 5.) LEVEL UP LIFE Priority: Hair & Makeup every day even if I'm not going anywhere. This is not an obligatory apology for being imperfect (to quote @Harriet's magnificently crafted phrase), it's accepting myself as is enough to take the time to look nice so that hopefully that spills out to other areas of my life. Bonus: Establish Nightly Cleanup Routine. Load & Run Dishwasher Prepare Coffee Wipe Counters Walk through house gathering and putting away any accumulated clutter Empty various trashcans if it's night before trash day Pack bag/purse and diaper bag if going somewhere the next day
  13. So yesterday was the first time I actually had somewhere to go (toddler's autism therapy appt) and I almost didn't bother to put on makeup or do my hair. But I forced myself to. I even made myself wear a pair of capris and a silky-type sleeveless top (instead of yoga pants and a t-shirt). I then the spent the usual 10 minutes running around my house looking for my keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc. And then I had an aha moment. You know that definition of insanity thing, where insane is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Usually I match the state of my house -- dressing sloppy, unbrushed hair, the house is in upheaval, there's a path to the bed, and I can't find my keys. And my New Years resolutions since 17 when I left home was lose weight, get organized (have a clean house). And my reward for reaching those goals was always: nice clothes, dye hair, etc. Sort of like a transformation reward. But yesterday, when I did my makeup and the viking ponytail thing and dressed better and then searched under piles of clutter for my keys it occurred to me -- today, I don't look like someone who can't find their keys. I look like someone who has her life put together. And it made me want the house more organized so that the house gave me the same confidence doing my hair and makeup did. Meaning, the state of my house makes me feel like a failure at being a housewife and then that gets reflected in my appearance because I need to get the house in order before I try to look nice, and I can't really look nice if I'm not at my weight goal, etc. So then it just turns into a cycle of not feeling confident in any area of my life. (And that is probably why the last 5 years, being at a much higher weight than usual, I basically didn't even bother to brush my hair let alone wear makeup.) Now I'm wondering if I've always gone about this the wrong way. If the reward of looking nice mentality is the reverse of what I should be doing, especially since it hasn't worked for 20+ years. What if looking nice (wearing actual clothes) and doing my hair and makeup actually results in being able to stick to a house cleaning routine, motivates me to put down the chocolate, motivates me to workout? I almost wish it was about time for the next challenge, because I feel like I need to rewrite my whole approach to leveling up my life.
  14. With few exceptions, I've gone out without makeup for the last 5 years. But in my 20's, I wouldn't walk down to the mailbox without makeup for precisely what you just said (apology for being imperfect). I kinda pendulum swing. My whole life has been a pendulum swing. My house is either a total disaster or its spotless. I'm looking for balance but always find myself at one extreme or the other. I actually had an aha moment yesterday but I'll put that on my own thread instead of hijacking yours, lol. What's interesting/unique about this particular book is that it's written by a psychologist. I would say her aim is the second part of what you wrote. She seeks to make your outside reflect your inside so that you enjoy dressing, shopping for clothes, looking in the mirror. Update: Forgot to add the tips to stop hiding your body. She calls it exposure therapy. An example is if you hate your arms and always cover them up go somewhere crowded in take off your sweater/hoodie (what ever was covering your arms) and just be in a tank top. Get used to the feeling of being uncomfortable until it goes away and you don't feel like you have to hide anymore. In another example, she said go to the beach and look at all the woman with cellulite playing in the water and not covering up so that you can realize that conforming to a particular image is not a requirement for being comfortable in your own skin and enjoying yourself.