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  1. Oh, forgot to mention I'm going to attempt to cut my chocolate down to only 4 squares. There are 10 per bar, I would say I probably eat about 6-8 per evening. Part of me thinks this will not really be that difficult because I tend to eat it mindlessly. I'll break one square into 3-4 pieces, enjoy the first piece and the next thing I know there's no more broken pieces of chocolate near me. Repeat. So, I'm not sure that I even eat 4 squares mindfully, so if I can figure out how to make sure I eat it mindfully (I eat while watching TV or doing homework or working on a writing project or scrollin
  2. Ugh. After 10 days, it is quite obvious that I am not losing. I guess it's good that I'm maintaining, but it looks like I will have to go on a real weight loss diet, rather than just cutting some extra carbs and hoping the weight falls off due to lifting. O well. I know everyone says it comes down more to food than exercise but I was really hoping I was the exception to the rule, hahaha. So, I started today. I've now....horror of horrors!....cut out cheese. Sniff. Sniff. I love cheese. I eat several servings a day. I eat cheese with veggies. I eat cheese with fruit. I eat cheese wi
  3. That's precisely while I'm cycling there . . . if I even do. There is no way I could stay motivated for a challenge that went over a year. I have a stationary bike I got for free so I'm going to attempt to put it to use.
  4. The scale went up again. Which means I basically maintained. So apparently my body is going to resist all attempts to drop fat, defy science since I but out bread and potatoes and rice cakes and did extra workouts, and I worked out for nothing and I should binge eat everything in sight because this diet obviously sucks and I worked out and deprived myself for nothing, and I may as well enjoy myself and drink tonight too. That was actually my thought first this morning and I had to remind myself that I am no longer thinking that way. 1) I no longer workout to lose weigh
  5. So, I discovered the Mordor challenge here at NFR and have signed up, but I'm cycling to Mordor not walking. Since I do absolutely no cardio (which is why I didn't even put it down as a goal for 2021), I was actually considering getting rid of my stationary bike. But I'm going to give this a go. Perhaps the necessity of destroying the one ring will motivate me! I forgot to mention an awesome thing that happened the first week of January (starting New Years day), minion #1 used the potty for a number two. He didn't exactly want to but was doing a very erratic hopping dance and so I
  6. Nice. I've been thinking of getting rid of my exercise bike because I never use it so I'll sign up and see if I can convince myself to get on it nearly every day. I'm going to shoot for Mordor by December, but if I make it by July, I'll shoot for getting back to the Shire by December.
  7. I wasn't sure the into really meant that when it came to cycling, lol. Dividing by 3 would make cycling just as difficult as walking, so will probably just count all cycling miles. Already that will take me 2 years. I don't do ANY cardio at all, but I *think* if I was trying to destroy the one ring I could convince myself to go to Mordor in 2021 on my bike. Hahaha. Which means I would be doing at least some cardio, ya know.
  8. I cut my carb grams down to about 50-70 and up my protein grams to around 80-90 and try to stay around 1200 calories. I fail a lot on that last part due to my chocolate addiction, lol.
  9. Okay, that makes much more sense. Thanks! Not sure my ADHD brain can be motivated to do something that would take that long. I assume cycling doesn't count, lol?
  10. So, I was all excited to do this, having never noticed it before now, until I calculated how much per day one has to walk Mon-Fri, 52 weeks a year to make it "there and back again" . . . unless my math is wrong it's 13 miles a day!?!?!? Is my math right? If so, has anyone ever successfully made it to Mordor and back in one year (other than Sam and Frodo)???
  11. Yes, this helps a ton and I highly recommend it. My son was here visiting last week and on Wednesday he warned me not to go on Facebook. I bet him that I could and sure enough my newsfeed was full of friends posting pics of their kids, baking projects, and pets . . . just like any other day. And all that is because I don't "follow" people who are constantly posting political stuff. The irony is that the only political posts showing up on my newsfeeds were from Mr. Ravenclaw, who like Mr. Harriet (as @Harrietmentioned a few days ago), gets quite stressed over these things. Of course, I realize
  12. Trying not to get discouraged but the scale is going the wrong direction. Yesterday it was only up .2 so I figured it was a fluke. But now it's up an entire pound from Monday morning. Would love to convince myself it's water retention from sore muscles, but feel as though that is just wishful thinking.
  13. Goal #1: Musculation -- On target, though not always as planned. For instance, because I've been trying different things in an attempt to work in some new stuff to my routine, I've ended up doing a lower body workout 3 days in a row now. Sunday I did abs and step ups. Yesterday I did squat and donkey kicks. And today I tried a ballet-inspired exercise DVD from the library that focused on bridge, and inner and outer thigh. Today was suppossed to be upper body day, so either I will take a rest day tomorrow so I can reset or do an upper body workout tomorrow and reset later in the week.
  14. Because I usually drink on weekends, my weight shoots up 2-4 pounds by Monday morning; it takes till about Wednesday or Thursday to drop that and then I cross my fingers and hope that Friday mornings weight went down from the previous Friday. Usually it will go down about .5-1 pound if I worked out. So the bulk of what I lose each week on my regular diet is water. Because I have somewhere to go next Friday, and because I'll be briefly speaking in public, it would be really nice if one of my nice outfits fit me again (159-162 lbs.), I am being more serious on my diet by attempting not to dri
  15. Ugh. I hate anything involving phone calls or emailing or customer service. It stresses me out and I put it off indefinitely. Good for you for getting it out of the way!
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