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  1. So yesterday's lower body workout seems to be catching up to me. I can barely walk. Gonna take some ibuprofen when I go to bed. Hopefully, I won't be too sore to climb Ahch-To tomorrow.  

  2. My mom left this morning. Feeling really down. Did I mention that I am an emotional eater? 




    I'm reading a book called Never Binge Again. And another one called Thinner in 30. Hopefully, they get me back in a good head space.

  3. Did not work out. However, I totally forgot to make the dessert, so on a good note, i didn't eat it. On a bad note, it's still in the house. 


    So...diet starts hard core tomorrow. Not as motivated as I was. Hopefully, it's just because I'm tired. And rather down that my mom is leaving cuz I will miss her. I'm hoping, since I've joined this challenge/forum, that I will wake up and be where I need to be in my head. Because, for me, that's where the battle the is won.

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