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  1. At least I got in a workout. Shoulder Press 3x15 @ 8lbs Lateral Raise 3x10 @ 8lbs Bicep Curls 3x12 @ 16lbs Chest Press 2x12 @ 30lbs Tricep Dips 2x10 (body weight)
  2. I only just saw this, sorry!!! Want to do this Friday? My mom leaves first thing Friday morning and I'm hitting the diet hard core. But today was baking with the littles for tomorrow's trick or treat party. Fortunately, we don't go trick or treating, we stay at home and hand out candy (in costume, I'm Ravenclaw, hubby is Gryffindor, 3 year old is hufflepuff, and 17 month old Mr. Trouble is Slytherin!) Point is, after tomorrow, there won't be any more junk or snacks in the house. Yay! Normally, I wouldn't have even started my diet until next Monday, but 1) the challenge started this week and I already didn't sign up last challenge because of something, and 2) I'm hoping that by at least attempting to diet I won't gain more weight. However, just starting a diet "for real" on Friday shows that I really am committed, because I would never have done that. I always would have delayed until Monday...but I REALLY, REALLY want to get back to 159 before 2020, and with Christmas coming, I know that I don't have a minute to spare.
  3. Ugh. Eating today was even worse. And tomorrow and the next day will be even worse. BUT.....then it's hard core. AND...at least I worked out. Calves 2x15 (Bodyweight) Step Ups 3x15 (Bodywieght) Leg Extension 3x12 @ 50lbs Outer Thigh Lift 3x25 @ 3lbs Inner Thigh Lift 3x50 @ 3lbs So, meal-wise, eating was pretty good. Low-sugar Protein Shake for Lunch. And Barbecue Chicken with sandwich on 100% whole wheat roll and sugar-free barbecue sauce, plus 50% less sugar Busch's Baked Beans* for dinner. It was the snacking...in-between...far too much. (*1 can of Baked Beans and 1 can of regular red or pinto beans; rinse the beans and put them in a container, dump the Busch's on top and stir. Stick in fridge overnight to allow the sauce to permeate the new beans. Tastes EXACTLY the same and you get 1/2 half the sugar per serving, because now when you have a 1/2 cup you are really only eating 1/4 of the Busch's and 1/4 of the regular.)
  4. I did that back in 2012. For the exact same reason. I didn't throw it away, but I only got on 1x a month. And it was the only time in 20 years of dieting that I ever made goal. It's why I actually didn't get on the scale this morning. I know approximately how bad the damage is, I don't need to see it in red neon letters. And I'm only going to get on it at the end of NFR challenges.
  5. Good Job. My eating wasn't that great either, but you reminded me to do my workout!
  6. Almost forgot to workout. Shoulder Press 3x15 @ 8lbs Lateral Raise 3x10 @ 8lbs Bicep Curls 3x12 @ 16lbs Chest Press 2x12 @ 30lbs Tricep Dips 2x10 (body weight)
  7. Hello, fellow Ravenclaw! Eat less I did. Much less compared to how much since my mom got here. For tonight's snack, I had low calorie hot cocoa and veggie cream cheese on rice cakes and a couple squares of 90% chocolate. That was a big improvement.
  8. It's not as intense as it sounds. My lifting routine is probably 10-15 minutes, 3 sets of 15 reps per muscle, so upper body is 2 shoulder exercises, bicep curls, tricep dips, and push ups. Lower body is lunge, squats, inner/outer thigh with ankle weights. Hamstrings and calves if I remember. The fast isn't really intense either. It just means that if I eat last at 5 pm, I can't have first meal till 9 AM. But I can have coffee as long as it's sugar-free and no more than 100 calories for the creamer. If I last eat at 9 mp, I can't eat till 1. So it's more just trying to cut down eating/snacking in the evening, which is hard for me. And so far, it's been epic fail, lol. But there's a lot of snack food in the house right now (my mom and grandmom are visiting from out of state so it's "vacation" which has always been license for indulging.) So really, it's just being slightly active and eating healthy, lol.
  9. Added my quests (and changed my name). My thread is called Starting 2020 Strong. I'm now ready to go. Except my house is full of junk food and Halloween is this Thursday. But other than that, I'm ready to go. Ha!
  10. Why am here? Because I am an emotional eater. And because I am ADHD (which I only found out about a month ago). In fact, I'm pretty sure that's how I found out about this site (from an adult ADHD site on emotional eating). Anyway...last year I lost about 40 pounds with one of those weight loss bet challenges. I went from just over the obese line to just under the healthy weight line and won $1500 right before Christmas. So there was the immediate 5 pound Christmas weight gain. Then another 10 because of something rather emotionally devastating/disappointing. And then more recently, 5 more (when I found out I was ADHD). So that's a full 20. And now Christmas is coming again. I do NOT want to put this weight back on. I was obese for over 3 years. I can't go back there. So...for this challenge, my main quest is to simply get back to 159. That's about what I was with just the 5 pound Christmas gain. (For my next challenge, I simply want to maintain that over Christmas.) My ultimate goal is at least 149, and my preference would be 134, a weight I did reach in 2012 and maintained for 1.5 years. I have Thin Clothes (134ish) and Regular Clothes (155ish) and Fat clothes (162+). I want to start out 2020 in my Regular Clothes. If I live the rest of my life fitting into my Regular Clothes, I will be content. I am 41, female, with two littles (3 yrs and 17 mo). My Steampunk/Hogwarts name is Magdalena Ravenclaw. I am currently going to school (just started, so I'm a freshman, only 3 classes in), and trying to launch my own business this coming May. Between homework assignments and trying to keep up on the house, I'm reading ADHD books in an attempt to learn strategies to better adult. My 2-3 supporting quests: Intermediate Fasting (16 hours most days; 12 hours weekend) Low Carb/Glycemic (meaning, I will eat a potato if I want, but no white bread, pasta, or sugar) Strength Train 6x a week No drinking I know that makes 4, but I'm a rebel, right? UPDATE for Side Quests: Finish Book Blog First Draft of 12-week Bible Study Finish Living Area House Improvements
  11. Hey Zenabby, I just signed up too. Also female in mid-40's. And I'm looking for a buddy to check in / interact with every day too. I haven't posted my quests yet. Did you create a character? It's optional, but fun. I'm not sure how or if it links to here. I'm still trying to figure that all out. -- CrimsonMoon
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