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  1. Adding a little late, but it seems that this diet is a lot more successful for men than it is for women. I tried it and no joke gained 15 lbs, most of it fat. I stuck with it faithfully, everything in moderation, even got to the point where I started counting calories, doing a deficit/surplus, no nuts/fruit/etc, followed staunchly to the T, everything. I still gained weight AND fat like crazy. Afterwards I just decided to go paleo/primal, and the weight has come off since. Might have been all the beans? Idk.
  2. Switching to Paleo/Primal in terms of my eating habits was not necessarily a "cure," but it did teach me about how my hunger/cravings functioned in different situations. The good and the bad of it is that everyone's body is different. What might work for your binge eating may not work for me and vice versa. However, giving different things a try is generally worth the trouble. For me personally, I've found cutting out ALL sugar and starches gives me a huge advantage over my cravings, but it doesn't completely quell them. I'm experimenting with BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), which are anecdo
  3. - Walk/Jog 2 miles a day - 100$ Deposits towards CD biweekly/every paycheck - Go up 10 lbs on deadlifts and squats - Go down 10 lbs on assisted pullups Tinkering with targeted nutrition and Paleo/Primal dietary changes, so not setting any dietary goals for this 6WC. Making steady progress with everything else. Raising bars YEEAAAAA Also pretty preoccupied with DOMINATING MONDAY, will post stats later when work/workouts/etc calms down.
  4. Here's how things are looking at the end of this challenge: - I currently have 1,300$ towards my CD. It's been a struggle between budgets, but so far I'm ahead of my original goal. - I've been faithfully under 50 carbs every day except for cheat days. However, I'm considering giving up my cheat days and doing workout-targeted meal regimens instead. Still playing around with this. - I deadlifted the bar for 5x5 on my first try, and I'm ready to up my weight soon. I currently do 9x5 on most strength training days. - Staying off the internet during class became a subconscious habit after a f
  5. For me, I can't afford to have terrible form and injure myself. It would cost me my job! I can understand the tendency to be hasty with adding weight, or with wanting to challenge or push yourself farther in a workout, but I always err on the side of caution. Thanks for the encouragement PT test Thursday but I'm too fit to worry about failing it anymore
  6. Started Deadlifts on Friday, and lifted the bar! That's one goal down and done. Going to start adding weight by next week. Getting a little more lenient on working out in the morning, in order to make sure I'm getting enough sleep. Going to try switching up my workout schedule this week to see if it makes things easier. I haven't done the mini-challenge pushup goal since the first week. Oh well. I'll try something else next time. Working with a new budget, much more successful this time around. Something I found that works - treating my debit card like an ATM card, and purchasing everything in
  7. Last week was an off week, we had Wed/Thurs and Sat/Sun off for the 4th of July. Since Tuesday night things have been slowing down significantly in my progress. I didn't work out from Tuesday morning until this morning. I think the only goal I've really adhered to faithfully is the whole keto thing, except maybe too much. I'm sure most of my decreased motivation is coming from the sugar/sweet cravings that were starting to become a little unbearable. Sometimes I just straight binged on Keto foods, and my mind was on food ALL THE TIME. Because of this my energy plummeted, I gained weight, and I
  8. Went rock climbing on carb up day Saturday! I had a ton of energy and strength to expend, and I'm not even sore today. I'm terrified of heights, but the rush it gave me got me addicted regardless. By the end I was almost mad that I didn't have any more strength to keep climbing. I could really get used to this Keto thing. I'm getting stronger every day, and my face is clearing up for the first time in years. The difference is so noticeable that I've been getting compliments left and right from friends. Feels good man. The downside of this weekend is that I spent a lot of money. As in, almost m
  9. Thanks man, I need all the motivation I can get!
  10. I read this the other day, something similar popped up in "Why We Get Fat" and other literature. Tim Ferris in his 4 Hour Body book cited an identical study, where they gave 1,000 calories a day in the form of sugary snacks (carbs), nuts (fats), and meat (protein) to 3 female subjects with nearly the same body composition. The subjects eating protein and nuts lost 1-2 lbs per week, while the subject who ate the sugary snacks gained 1.5 lbs per week. Same exact calories per subject, completely different results. Regardless of the results of all these studies, the science seems perfectly logica
  11. I also do two breakfasts, one pre-workout and one post-workout. Personally I'm keto, so right now I'll do two eggs before a workout and afterwords I'll usually do some sort of soup (electrolytes!) or salad, but I focus on getting enough fiber in for breakfast so that I can last until a pre-lunch snack, as well as getting enough protein in to help foster muscle growth and repair. I recommend prepping your breakfast the night before so you don't have to spend time thinking about it in the morning.
  12. I know you posted this a week ago, but I recently read quite a few studies off of Google that attributed high protein diets with increased symptoms of anxiety or exacerbation thereof. The tl;dr of it was that high protein diets often harbor a variety of negative side effects in keto diets, so it's very important if you're on low carb paleo or keto to keep your fat intake high, preferably a higher amount of calories from fat than from protein. Personally, I definitely felt a little more anxious/irritable when I was adjusting to my new Keto diet this week. I was prepared for this, though, so it
  13. Super tough workout this morning. Still can't do inverted rows and haven't tried Deadlifts, but went to failure on all my upper body workouts and I could barely drag my ass out of the gym. Feels good man. Followed by 2g carb breakfast (turkey, peppers, olive oil) and a Zero Carb Rockstar. LET'S DO THIS. Also, I got a bigger paycheck than usual this week; as long as I don't overexceed my budget, I should be on track to complete the $1,000 CD deposit! About to knock out 20 pushups...I don't know how but I'll get them done, hooah @Mac Dude, you are going to SMOKE ME. I'm counting on you to keep m
  14. Let me start off by saying, the carb cravings are MADDENING. Almond butter is like crack, but the self control is coming along.
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