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  1. Awesome job on the work outs! Friday sounds great! Let's do Friday. I too would like to get to 159. I'm currently about 10 pounds heavier than that.
  2. Day 2: Sigh! I could not stay away from snacks. I was stressed, we had a small fire at home due to power line snapping, and now we have huge repair work, even though very thankful no one was hurt. And some other things in life could be slightly better, but still - these will keep happening and I'm annoyed I could not control myself. I skipped dinner to make up. I did go to the gym, do heavy weights (I am a newbie and have a trainer) - I did squats with weights, chest press and bench press, plus a lot of core. I want to go to a meditation session today, because keeping my mind in th
  3. I thought I posted here yesterday, but looks like it didn't go through. Looks like you're off to a great start. I like the 15 minute workouts - much sustainable. Do you use dumb bells and do it at home? As for snacking, I have exactly the same problem. I ate well during the day, worked out as per plan, but dang, I snacked in between. I had 2 slices of garlic bread, and some chips. And perhaps some nuts. I skipped dinner to make up for it, but that's not the way it should be. How about we do one clean day at a time @Magdalena Ravenclaw since we seem to be ha
  4. Hi - in California, so internet/power was out yesterday and could not update. First day went okay, though I stumbled a bit. 1. I was able to stop snacking and stick to only meal times (though I did have a sugary dessert during dinner. I'm Indian origin, so Diwali sweets). I'm trying to not have processes sweets but I realize even having greek yogurt is a problem since they are flavored. 2. Vegetable w/ lunch and dinner - done 3. Gym - not yesterday, but will be going today. Today, Day 2 is going well so far with lots of water and good breakfast of 2 eggs.
  5. I would love to have a buddy as well. I did my "avatar" so to speak, but not sure what happened to it. Add your quests, let's keep each other accountable.
  6. I hear you. I have a lot of the same problems. I will do whatever is the easiest and convenient. I have hired someone to cook for me and my family twice a week - its not really diet food, but it's healthy in the sense its home made, organic and I provide the menu. Have you tried the food deliveries? There are a lot of them, and many offer healthy organic food, even specifically meant for weight loss. Freshly is one of them, I believe. I am vegetarian, and I need to cook for a family, so it gets expensive really fast for me - hence the cook.
  7. How are you going to get in cardio? Walking or running? Gym?
  8. Wow, great, very specific goals. Love it. My goals are so high level, comparatively.
  9. I found this site, loved a lot of things about it, want to start challenge, but also confused. Is this where I do intros? And set my quests? Why don't I see many people here? Is it one thread per intro? I would love to interact with many people on a daily basis to keep myself accountable, and enjoy the journey. In any case: I'm female, mid 40s, 2 teenage girls, doing well at work (really well), but fitness is not great (really, not great). I'm overweight, and can see age catching up, which scares me. I'm great in knowledge, bad at execution; need accountability. Love ch
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