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  1. Nice goals! They seem very attainable. Thanks for the mention of the Fed and Fit website. I hadn't heard of it and I'm checking it out now!
  2. It's nice when someone who isn't overweight and doesn't exactly have a problem with it still recognized that eating healthy is important either way! I've been doing Nerd Fitness for two weeks now. Training I'm excelling at, healthy eating is...a progress. Not because I'm eating a ton of unhealthy food, but because I don't eat a lot in general. I'm not big on breakfast, but I'm trying to work on having something small and healthy to eat for breakfast anyways. Because I don't eat lunch on my work days because I don't get a lunch break (or any break for that matter) so I currently skip breakfast
  3. Hey, David. I'm Brandi. I just started Nerd Fitness two weeks ago and I just found this forum today, lol.
  4. Well, welcome back to Nerd Fitness then! I can tell you don't like humor.
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