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  1. I'm pulling in the sails and docking for now. Hurricane Ian hit pretty hard. I am safe, my family is safe, but there is a lot of chaos. Ending this journey for now. From the deck of Cunning Cutlass, Captain Gilly
  2. Hi all! Just checking in. Last week I was able to do 2 of the 3 workouts, Friday I was in a rush and swamped at work - so I did 10 squats! Still did something!! I meditated 4 times, I shocked myself! I did really well and got into it. It really seems to calm me down, need to remember that and do it for me. I ate breakfast all week without distractions! That wasn't too bad. This week I am located in Florida and we are expecting a hurricane - Ian. So, I am not sure if I will be able to go outside much for the 5k training. I am going to make sure I get some exercise done inside. Meditated this morning, but I was super distracted.
  3. You have some solid goals! Small things and habit changes are always tricky, but you got this! One of the things I am working on that coincides with yours is just being consistent with things - we can do it! lol Also....do the birds really attack?
  4. Recharge is import - too easily burnt out in the world today.
  5. Yar! Mateys it be National Talk Like A Pirate Day!! I completed the third day of the 5k on Saturday!! So woot! One week complete there! This week's tasks to stay on track: 2 Meditations (1 complete!) 1 Meal no screens (complete!! breakfast might be the easiest way to ease into this...) 3 runs for 5k (planning first tonight!!) Things are looking good!! Some fun pirate/nautical words for you today: Avast - Stop Belay - Delay/Stop/Hold that Port /Larboard - Left Starboard - Right Bilge - Bottom of the ship's hold (insult - Bilge Rat) Fathom - 6 feet Heave-away - Pull up the anchor Shiver me timbers! - Goodness! From the deck of the Cunning Cutlass, Captain Gilly
  6. Captain Gilly's Piratical Plan - Update 1 So far the seas are smooth and the wind is in my favor. I have done 2 nights of 5k training this week and am planning for the third tomorrow. (Rain prevented Monday, so I got to it Tuesday and Thursday.) Also!! I meditated yesterday and today! First time I have done that in months - feels good man! Only thing I have not managed this week is distraction free eating. This is harder for me. I am fully remote now, so I really enjoyed having the tv on during lunch. So, my plan is to do this today. Just sit and enjoy my food, then when I am done maybe pop on a podcast. Pirate fact of the day: A red pirate flag suggest no quarter. Thank you!! From the deck of the Cunning Cutlass, Captain Gilly
  7. Avast ye mateys, I'm adventuring again! New name, new ship, new me! It is time for a fresh start. Me tale so far... I have been part of this community for a few years, but have never been able to stick with updates or commitments here. It has been the same with my health journey. When I first started with Nerd Fitness I was doing great! I was reading the articles and was really putting in the effort. Then Covid happened, I gained a little of the weight back, but was still on track. At this point my doctor recommended that I go on some pills (phentermine) to help with the weight loss. I thought ok, this will be a good thing. Turned out- not so much. While they helped at first, there were side effects (no sleep-like ever, mood changes, insane migraines). I kept on these for a long time and worked through my fitness goals. I was doing well, except mentally. I had lost about 60lbs and was well on my way to my goal. The effects of the pills got to be too much, so I stopped taking them. When I realized I'm not a pirate, i'm an idiot. This is when it all fell apart. I had been struggling with binge eating disorder, but with the pills I was able to get that in check. I thought. I just had no desire to eat. I relied on them too much and didn't learn/stick to what I learned through nerdfitness about nutrition. So, I fell into my old habits, renewed hunger, and binge eating. I gained it all back. I feel awful, sad, and depressed about my spiral - but it is time to say enough! Setting sail on a new adventure I am exhausted and burnt out, so my main goal is just simple consistency. Sounds so easy, right? Goal - Be consistent! I will work out 3 times a week (nerdfitness 5k) I will meditate twice a week for 5 minutes Eat without distractions once a week If for some reason the wind is gone from my sails or there be bad weather: 10 squats instead 1 minute of mindful breathing Acknowledge what I am eating From the deck of the Cunning Cutlass, Captain Gilly
  8. Check in - The last few days I have been doing really well with carving out some time for me, averaging about an 8. I have also been able to read some, I love reading but never seem to have time for it, so it has been very nice to get back to pages again!! Nutrition has been tough, but getting back into the binge program and yesterday was a great day, no binges! Now to keep that up! I have done really well, being home with all the food so accessible, but I am holding strong and enjoying lots of tea lol. I was able to look up some local parks, and there is a bird sanctuary/park about 4 minutes from us! I am excited and can't wait to check it out!!
  9. I live in Florida and it has been ridiculously hot out, like I don't want to walk outside hot out. This has given me some inspiration for getting my steps in! Marching in place!!! If I could smack myself and say duh lol. Sorry about your pupper that is hard. So this is huge. I have a lot of pressure with my mother related to weight loss, but the fact that you can start seeing where things went wrong and start to think through the idea of why and how each instance here made you feel, that is amazing. I am not sure what happened with your mother, but I think working through your own thing while staying away will be helpful - get yourself straight before you do anything else. It is important to work on you, and you should not sabotage yourself or stop your goals because you fear of what others will think or do. Something happened regarding your mother, but - and i have to remind myself all the time, you are not her. You are amazing you! ALSO - I hope you feel better!! Being sick sucks
  10. Getting started the first week was a little rough. It really is hard to carve out that "me time", but now I realize how nice it is to get that moment for you. I was pretty good about washing my face everyday, the lotion and journaling was off and on. Nutrition went a little better. I have been following the program with my next full review day Sunday. I did eat pizza last night, but not overly much! So that is a win!!!
  11. Knowing when to do this is amazing, this is your challenge, you need to do what is right for you Something I learned in Nerd Fitness, something didn't work - we learned something that didn't work for us. Go us! You got this!!
  12. I started back in the office and have a rotating schedule to work from home with my coworkers no, we are like your office. No one except me is wearing masks, we have moved spaces and are move condensed, and no one is even allowed to stay home until they show a positive test...its all upside down. Stay strong and protect yourself!!
  13. Monday - I met my mindset goals (10) and nutrition, felt pretty good. Tuesday - I woke up feeling good, then kind of bombed on both things. I started my lady time, but don't feel happy blaming it all on that. I was able to get my ideas and reached mindset level 3, but was so tired and chose to just zone out for a bit before doing my evening routine. Nutrition - I tracked everything and wrote it down, even made some notes here, but I did binge. Had stress at work and panicked over something I had no control over. I did journal about this today though, so that is progress! Today - Mindset, looking good so far, got my journaling done and have hopes for the evening , and so far nutrition is going well.
  14. You have a ton in your quest log! I am amazed at how well thought out and detailed your goals are simply amazing!! I am sorry that you got the plague, be kind to yourself and don't push too hard! You got this!! Also about the fever thing - the other day I actually looked up what a fever temp was and was surprised to see a range, some people run cooler and things like 98 can be considered a fever. Get lots of water and rest!
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