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  1. I am really going to get a proper update on here this weekend. I have been so swamped at work this week that I just haven't had time to breathe and typing more right now is just hard (redid a 210 page manual and did a lot of corrections on other docs...meetings...so many meetings). But for the challenge - doing well!!
  2. This is my second challenge (first after the intro), so here is a fun little blurb about me and my interest! I love a lot of stuff, spread between a lot of fandoms, I know we all are! YAY nerds!! Star Trek, Destiny 1&2 (my husband and I had a destiny/space themed wedding...lol), Pokemon (games and go), Disney movies, Castelvania, Octopi, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Tanileer Tivan (love me some elders), Critical Role, Sherlock, Borderlands 1-3, Dr. Horrible, board games (will play terraforming mars or court of the dead for days).....so yeah, tons of interest. There are a lot more, but these are what came to mind when thinking about me. Always down to talk about any of those topics and a lot more. I am dorky and try to be upbeat. Now to the serious stuff. Don't have to read this part, it is where the narrator gets all dark and menacing and says but things don't always go according to plan... Going to open up here because I need to do this. What is the harm, right? Soooo it was dark and stormy night...(Not really, I looked it up, it was sunny, about 90 and humid, but it sounds better to start that way ) The bad stuff: I had a difficult childhood, probably like a lot of people. My mom wasn't ready for a kid, so she gave me to my great grandmother to raise. She had my sister 2 years later and kept her. I guess she was ready at that point. I wish I could say I didn't have hard feelings about this, but I do. My great grandmother raised me well, she was loving, and I was happy, so it isn't like I had a bad childhood. Looking back hurts more than it did when it was happening. I think this caused a lot of issues for me now, shaped how I react to things and how I think about myself. I need to work past this. I have been yo-yo dieting my entire life, always going with what my group of friends were doing and never actually focusing on me and what I really needed. My eating habits got really bad, and yeah, it was my fault. I would stay out late and game with friends, then settle for something easy to grab or go with them to get takeout - Taco Bell or Denny's was the answer. It got to be where I was eating out not as a treat, but normal. I was spending money, and I put on weight, and well, ended up here. The good stuff: I seriously started my weight loss journey last year. I found nerdfitness (nf), read a lot of their free articles, and then when I got an email about a holiday bundle, I brought it up to my husband. He helped me pay for it as a Christmas gift, and I have been using the yoga and workouts since. I am really thinking about my health and focusing on me. For this challenge I want to work on being able to focus on my food intake, make sure that I stay active, and be kinder to myself. Nutrition: Say no. I need to get better at putting my nutrition first and not agreeing because it is easier or to make it less difficult. I am worth the effort of planning, or avoiding something that I know I will cave to. I need to say no to going out, to suggestions of fast food, to the question of dessert. Be aware. I don't always have to say no, but I need to be aware of the calories I am consuming. I need to be better about tracking everything that I eat. I want to be able to keep myself accountable and not just "forget" to log those cheese sticks. Be prepared. I need to have fallback snacks and go to foods at the ready. When a hunger craving strikes I need to be able to get something easily and munch it. It is too easy for me to just cram food into my face. I need to have healthy options easily available. I am also going to keep protein bars in my purse, that way, when someone wants to grab lunch somewhere I know I shouldn't, I can just eat my bar. Fitness: Work out 5x a week. I have been rolling out of bed and doing a regiment of exercises as follows: 1 week: 2x nf yoga, 3x nf body weight 1 week: 3x nf yoga, 2x nf body weight I want to keep this going. Walk 6x a week. I want to make sure that I get my walking in. It is so easy to do and I enjoy it. It can be easy to find excuses after work or when I get down, so I just need to get right to it when I get home. Daily yoga. Either my morning routine or a short nf mini-session. Mental Health: Be nicer to myself. This was one of my goals before, I didn't do amazing at it, but I want to get better. I have a sticky note on the mirror. I want to be able to give myself one compliment a day. I have added a page in my bullet journal for a line a day compliment. I am always a cheerleader for my friends and try to be as positive as I can for them, I just need to channel a little of that to myself! Identify triggers. I tend to go down paths of self loathing and hopelessness, and when I do, I binge and make other unhealthy decisions for myself - spending money, not sleeping, stuff like that...So I want to identify what is causing this, make notes of when I become aware of it happening, note the instances and full repercussions of what I am doing. So yeah, this is me. Where I am, where I want to be, and how I am going to get there. I am attacking this challenge with all I have and nothing but positivity. Look out - I am unstoppable!!!