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  1. Hi everyone, I described my situation here After all comments, I thought about starting a "couch to 5k program", but still need a treadmill for that. There was an opinion, however, that a rowing machine would be the better option. So, I'm choosing from Shwinn treadmill like here or rowing machine like this. And if I go for the last, could you help me with a training program with a weekly increase in workload.
  2. Well, I liked climbing, actually, but that's no option for now. And I can try and take my son for a run, but not sure that is a great idea. I will not concentrate on the run and will not enjoy it because I will look after my small adventurist and focus on not letting him falling off the park bench or something else . That's why I'm looking for a treadmill and a home training program That's not the first time I'm thinking it
  3. Hello everyone, my goal is to lose 20 pounds but I have a 3 y.o. son, and a job, so I really have no time for gym, but I can afford to spend up to $800-900, I guess, to buy something for my home training. What would you recommend and what program that would be in this case? Treadmill or elliptical + hoop and dumbbells?
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