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  1. Oh, I've googled that training programm as well. It's kinda good but it also requires me to have a bench which I don't have at home. I have some uncomfortable chairs and a very big and soft bed so neither of them would fit to do bench exercises.
  2. Hello there. I'm a 26yo skinny fat male, 182cm/68kg For the last many years I've been sitting in front of my PC playing games and learning programming. Since I didn't have money I couldn't afford eating burgers and stuff like that so I only ate what my mom cooked me, thanks to this I'm not overweight, but I do not have muscles while percentage of fat is pretty high I'd say (around 25%). For the last few monthes I've been doing some push ups and squats so I can do 24 push ups in a row. 5 weeks ago I was 71kg but decided to cut my calories intake (to 1500) and in 4 weeks I became ~67kg. A week ago I bought a pair of dumbbells that have some different weights and I can vary them (max is 18kg per dumbbell so it would last forever). I started eating 2100 calories a day and my aim is to get as much muscles as possible untill my body weight becomes 71kg again. I've googled for a workout plan with dumbbells at home and found this https://coachmag.co.uk/fitness/workouts/dumbbell-workouts but it sucks for me because some exercises in supersets such as Front raise + Shrug require different weights to be good for me, and since it's a superset I don't have time to change the weights. Unscrewing my dumbbells to change the weights takes about 2 minutes. So I'm looking for an alternative workout plan. I thought about mixing workouts of that workout plans so that I would have supersets comprised of exercises that requre kinda same weight, so I don't need to unscrew the dumbbells and change the weight, but I'm not actually sure if that workout plan any good for me or not, so I'll appreciate any tips and suggestions from you guys. p.s. my aim is to train for hyperthrophy, I'd like to get results as fast as possible and I'm not gonna skip legs days or anything like that, I wanna become super sayan or so, you know.. ka-me-ha-me-ha!!! gosh, I love DB, but having Saitama's physique is good too, he is kinda shredded I believe.
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