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  1. A bit busy, will post updates when I have a bit more time to type it all out ^^ Either way, I just saw an advertisement I have to share, cause it was cool. It was an ad poster for the gym and it read. "130kg too heavy? I'll be the judge of that!" And then a picture of girl deadlifting a very heavy looking barbell. I liked it. Anyway. Habits are going good. Thanks to the Witcher I'm all into reading now lol. Yesterday I started a new death march (hardest) difficulty Witcher 3 game. I still wanna get that achievement. I know I can do it, first playthrough I went from story mode or whatever the easiest setting is called to death march halfway through. That also let me to picking up and finishing Dark Souls lol.
  2. Let's go back to January 2019. I weight 94.6 kilo and getting heavier. So it was time for a change. I ate less, mostly cutting out snacks and lost weight. 1st of July I weight 92.1 kilo. I had been lower, but the last two months was gaining again. Also I wasn't really happy with the progress anyway. I attempted IIFYM and pledge to do that for July. However as I had to eat more, I got more and more hungry. (How's that for a twist, eating more made me more hungry and miserable). Come August my BF and I did a lot of research and were ready to take on the next challenge. My weight was now 91.4 kilo. We decided to go low-carb. At first aiming for no more than 100 grams of carbs. Half way through August we easily could stay below 50 grams. We learned a lot. Managed a lot. And we're going strong to this day. I'm currently weighing 83 kilo give or take. At the start of December I was 85.1 kilo. Even the holiday season can't ruin my progress anymore. I feel the best I've felt in a long time. So in 2020 I'm going to continue and smash more goals! I want to lose another 10 kilo, but that's no longer really the focus. That'll happen on its own. Also the centimetres are more important to me now anyway. I'm losing those too! So for 2020 these will be my goals! Health 1. Cycle 100 km 2. Do 10 real push-ups Relationship 1. Spend more meaningful time with BF 2. Give my attention to BF every day Discipline 1. Disconnect from technology every day 2. Meditate every day Career / Education 1. Learn how to manage my time 2. Learn how to create better photos For January these are the habits I'll be working on. 1. Meditate every day 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) every day 3. Be in bed by 10 pm before every work day 4. Fast till 12:30 pm every work day 5. Read every day 6. Take my medication every day Let's go