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  1. A bit busy, will post updates when I have a bit more time to type it all out ^^ Either way, I just saw an advertisement I have to share, cause it was cool. It was an ad poster for the gym and it read. "130kg too heavy? I'll be the judge of that!" And then a picture of girl deadlifting a very heavy looking barbell. I liked it. Anyway. Habits are going good. Thanks to the Witcher I'm all into reading now lol. Yesterday I started a new death march (hardest) difficulty Witcher 3 game. I still wanna get that achievement. I know I can do it, first playthrough I went from story mode or whatever the easiest setting is called to death march halfway through. That also let me to picking up and finishing Dark Souls lol.
  2. Jan 15 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) ✔️ 3. Be in bed by 10 pm ✔️ 4. Fast till 12:30 pm ✖️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication Finished watching End Game while cycling yesterday 😁 Forgot to do my push-up this morning, need to remember it later! Also yesterday got the Witcher books!! They were delivered to my parents as my dad is always home. Super excited to start reading. And the coloring book is super neat! Now to get some more different colors and get started with that.
  3. I'm sorry, it's a fun game though very frustrating as well. The camera is not helping you. And it is set up as a ranged stealth game, but the game is happily dropping you into melee combat all the time. Which your character is not good at and the game isn't good at presenting/managing. So it's very hectic. So love/hate relationship there. I love the characters, setting and story, but I'm also very much done with it. Ah haha. Well no. I don't have that time a month. I switched it off, lol. Because it was always so nasty for me. I haven't had any sort of problems with that for over a year now. No bleeding, no emo tripping, no nothing. I have to find a way to manage it better. Let's stay strong together! Ehm... Just do it more?! Lol. Watch player tips videos on YouTube? I watch more DM related topics, regardless I can highly recommend Matt Colville. I love his tips. (I'll edit this with a video link when I'm not on my phone) Otherwise I'm kinda new myself 😋 Don't sweat it too much. Make sure you play with people who want to help you learn. Try to get used to how to play and then work on making more interesting characters. Or have your character slowly evolve when you get to know them better. Right now I'm playing my second character and she's basically Elsa before Let it go. Though not so much personality wise lol, more what she can do and not having it all in control. She actually has a backstory and such. My first character was basically a cardboard cutout and without much of a backstory. She was just doing the plot, because plot. Which was fine. I learned how everything worked and I had examples to learn how to roleplay. At first I would just sit and watch for the most part and do my thing in combat. Later I slowly started to get more involved. Just figure it out slow and steady not sure what else to say 😋
  4. Jan 14 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) ✔️ 3. Be in bed by 10 pm ✔️ 4. Fast till 12:30 pm ✖️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication Fasting managed. While going home eating myself up trying not to buy food. Unsure if it was boredom or stress, but it was definitely not hunger that was driving my desire to eat. I was pretty cranky the rest of the evening too. Finished watching Captain Marvel. Now watching End Game. (Having to watch a movie in 1 sitting is a lie!)
  5. Thanks a bunch. Ring Fit Adventure is super fun and gives you quite a workout. I like it tons better than Wii Fit tbh. Jan 13 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) ✔️ 3. Be in bed by 10 pm ✖️ 4. Fast till 12:30 pm ✖️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication Done Ring Fit Adventure! It didn't go very well. My body was somehow not up for it. Also I have rising stress levels and getting a problem with overeating again 🤔
  6. Jan 10 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) 3. Be in bed by 10 pm ✔️ 4. Fast till 12:30 pm ✖️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication D&D was a lot of fun, session many in a row without combat XD we're finally keeping loot though. We're a very philanthropist party. Saved king's daughter can ask for whatever. Well ehm we would like to offer our services actually. Oh and maybe a bag of holding. Jan 11 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) 3. Be in bed by 10 pm 4. Fast till 12:30 pm ✖️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication Boyfriend started home renovations. I started my stress. And laundry. Jan 12 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) ✔️ 3. Be in bed by 10 pm 4. Fast till 12:30 pm ✖️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication Playing Horizon Zero Dawn DLC ^^
  7. Thanks! I did! It was a lot of fun again. I'll type up my updates later. I'm tired and on my way home. We will exercise at home tonight. It was a busy/stressful weekend.
  8. Jan 9 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) ✔️ 3. Be in bed by 10 pm ✖️ 4. Fast till 12:30 pm ✔️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication Iirc this was what I did. I also wrote down some tasks I need to do in my BuJo. Finally offloading some stuff. I'm still figuring out a better morning and evening routine. After the last two days of sleeping in, this morning I was super energetic and easily getting out of bed! I also was a lot less stressed about getting to work on time. Having the experience of being later really helped. Tonight is D&D night! This always has me excited!! We play very infrequently unfortunately, because of everyone being busy and we all only wanna play on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Because work.
  9. Jan 8 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) ✖️ 3. Be in bed by 10 pm ✔️ 4. Fast till 12:30 pm ✖️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication Yesterday was carb day, but I'm fine. Went for a walk instead of spinning, because of low energy and motivation. Got to talk with mom, which is always nice. Because we were home late, I was in bed late. We also had to drag 130kg of cat litter into the basement. So I guess I had some strength training as well 🤭 It was a lot of individual packages which we could move 4 at a time. But still! So this morning I slept in again. I'm less worried about it after yesterday's experience. Just that 45 extra minutes to properly wake up really help. Though I shouldn't make it a habit.
  10. That grey looks awesome You're doing a lot for being low on energy. I'm impressed!
  11. The push-up and medication I try to do first thing in the morning, so that helps. I also update my BuJo with habits in the morning and if I hadn't remembered, my BuJo reminds me and I do them instantly. The other habits are less easy. The bedtime works because I go to bed together with my BF and we remind each other. Oh that's too bad. I can fortunately eat whatever I want, safe for some negative side effects that are temporary. My problems are most likely caused by my strict adherence to taking my medication 😅 So yeah I feel better now. True, though I was ultimately only 15 minutes later at work. Which surprised me. I ended up staying nearly an hour later than normal though. I have several books I'm reading - Stillness is the key, but to be honest I'm totally put off by this book. It gets praised everywhere, but it's really a disappointment to me. - A song of ice and fire: A dance of dragons. I really should continue with it. - The Supernaturalist (I don't know if that's actually the English title, I have this book in Dutch while I mostly read English these days) I also want to reread the bullet journal method. I got the physical copy for Christmas ♥️ I really want to physically be able to note things down in it. And tomorrow the first 2 books of the Witcher will arrive (at my parents), so stoked to start reading those!
  12. Jan 7 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) ✔️ 3. Be in bed by 10 pm ✔️ 4. Fast till 12:30 pm ✖️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication Habits are very consistent in the not meditating and not reading department 😂 Otherwise I feel I got this! So last night was a terrible night and now I'm late for work because I definitely did not manage to get out of bed at 6:30. At 7:12 I was sorta ready to get up. I had to run out of bed several times during the night. It kept being false alarm though -sigh-. It's ok. I can be in later at work, our work times are not fixed.
  13. I believe I posted a comment here yesterday, but it has been lost to the internet 😅 Probably because I had to get off the tram and it didn't actually send. Anyway. Sounds like the veggies are going great! Keep it going!
  14. Starting slow and steady sounds like a good thing. Hope that cold passes soon! Finished watching this yesterday. I loved seeing all the backstage things. I would much appreciate it ☺️
  15. Thank you! Not so much a derailing as I'm just not feeling well. Thanks!! I hope it passes soon. Physical therapy went good today. I got my new soles! And it was the last session too I was reading the NF pull-up guide. I'm thinking of what to do. I want to get to push-ups and pull-ups this year. For now I'm doing 1 wall push-up every day. Which is just the right amount to build a habit / momentum. So I feel maybe next month I could add a pull-up progression of 1 to that My internal distress has lessened, even though my belly is still not comfortable. Almost home though, gonna relax a bit tonight I think. Exercise has already been done.
  16. Leaving this here for my personal convenience. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/do-a-pull-up/
  17. Doing slightly better. Still not in the mood to type. So... for those wondering how to put a train back on the track... RE: (video doesn't have any text or dialog, so knowledge of Dutch is not required )
  18. Jan 6 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) ✖️ 3. Be in bed by 10 pm ✔️ 4. Fast till 12:30 pm ✖️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication I'm so miserable right now. I'm simple too tired to even talk about it right now. It also goes into TMI territory.
  19. Thanks Wolfie! Today I actually managed my fast. I've been having some tough times with it, but I powered through aversety today 💪🏼
  20. Jan 5 Habits ✖️ 1. Meditate ✔️ 2. Do 1 push-up (any progression) ✔️ 3. Be in bed by 10 pm 4. Fast till 12:30 pm weekend! ✖️ 5. Read ✔️ 6. Take my medication Had birthday of my nephew. I paid for that later in the evening. I had a piece of birthday cake. As well as a piece of bread with lunch. Ugh. In retrospect 2 things. 1. The cake is a lie, it doesn't taste as good as I wish it did. 2. Just because everyone is eating and just because all the non-carb food is spicy, doesn't mean I should eat the carb food. (I wasn't all that hungry, so much for listening to my body) So just before bed I felt sick, including a massive headache I took a painkiller for. My BF and I are still puzzled why I get it this bad (he had the same without problems) and also what the cause is, due to the huge delay (about 10 hours) between consumption and sickness. We are 100% sure it is the carbs though. I did get all laundry folded yesterday too! Hooray! In the evening I played Horizon Zero Dawn. Still on the fence about the game, I'm currently playing the DLC, already finished the main quest. I like the game, but I'm also very much done with it's nonsense. So I have done only a portion of content. I want to finish the DLC quests and be done with it. Games that are waiting for me: - Hollow Knight (it's awesome and frustrating and I suck at platforming lol) - Yoshi's crafted world (Christmas present, it's adorable and fun!) - Unravel TWO (it was super on sale in the Nintendo shop and I loved the first game) - Divinity Original Sin 2 (I play this with BF and we recently picked it up again. We should finish this before we get the board game I guess lol) - The Witcher 3 (again! But now on Death March from the start and trying to do everything) But first... Another workweek. With a couple of late nights too. Because today I have a work meeting and tomorrow physical therapy.
  21. ✋🏼 Only took 2 evenings lol ✋🏼 Only the Witcher 3 though, my BF has played all of them. I have the first 3 novels, but waiting anxiously for The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny to arrive. Should be soon. Then I'm off to read them lol. So totally here for your challenge. Doubly so because Witcher. As always your crazy nonsense inspires me. Now I wanna make a sorceress challenge XD
  22. Oooh I love how this looks!! Especially how you combined that last three! Might have to steal something similar if I have something like that going on XD Right now my habits are daily stuffs. Had to look up what SLS is. But oh. I'm gonna support you on this! As I have a very bad relationship with brushing my teeth as well. (but for different reasons). Currently I'm at brushing my teeth every evening when my BF is home. When he's not than sometimes I still skip out on it. Just picked up my own toothpaste, which is basically the only one I can handle. It's Elmex (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elmex) and it doesn't appear to have SLS in the ingredients list? It's very mild in terms off taste anyway, which is why I use it. If all else fails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcVwcvWePhU go back to medieval times. Also following for D&D mayhem! I totally agree with this!
  23. We call kilocalories calories too, so that's not just an American thing 🤣 but our labels do say kCal though. They also have kilojoule listed, but I haven't ever heard anyone use that lol. Thanks for the information. We tried planning outside of hurricanes and tornadoes. And also my parents' wedding anniversary is the reason we're going in the first place and that's in May. (actually it's for the anniversary of 2018 (I believe), but delayed for Star Wars lol) All previous visits to the US we drank bottled water as far as I can remember. In the Netherlands we're basically spoiled when it comes to tap water especially where I live now, as it's dune filtered water. Plus that our water gets filtered a lot anyway. Guess I'll be scouting out those Publix stores lol. Knowing my parents we'd end up at Wall-Mart or whatever otherwise lol. It'll probably be a fight between my BF and I and my parents and aunt. As the latter group will be fine eating wherever and my BF and I do want to be at least a little mindful of it. Fortunately we have an actual home we're staying in, so BF will probably be cooking on those days we're not in parks for dinner For food labels only thing I'm worried about is understanding portion sizes
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