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  1. Log for Jan. 6 No Pop: I didn't have any pop Monday. Good way to start the week. Be Active: I did a 45 minute walk with a 20 lb. ruck. Exhausting. Eat Better: I kept at my calorie goal for the day. Cleanup Time: I did dishes and picked up the kitchen after doing bedtime.
  2. Log for Jan. 5 No Pop: I kept up with that. Be Active: I got my lifting in for the day: squats, bench press, and rows. Eat Better: I got back to tracking and staying on point after my cheat day. Cleanup Time: I picked up the kitchen and front room after my daughter went to bed. Sadly, my Christmas break is over and it's time to return back to work.
  3. Log for Jan. 4 No Pop: My 1 success of the day! Be Active: It was a planned rest day, so no lifting or rucking. Eat Better: As I said in the previous Log, I planned on going out and having a good time with friends and not worry about calories. I am back at it today, though. Cleanup Time: I got home later than expected and was far too tired for late night pickups. Back at that today, too.
  4. Log for Jan. 3 No Pop: None for me. Be Active: I lifted following the Stronglift 5x5 workout B, which is squats, overhead press, and deadlifts. Eat Right: This was done, but a bit of a challenge. I felt tempted by all of the food, but plan on going out with friends tonight and I don't want to have 2 bad days in a row, so I powered through. Cleanup Time: I did a quick cleanup after my daughter was asleep and the house was somewhat clean when I went to bed.
  5. Log for Jan. 2 No Pop: None today. Be Active: I did a 1 mile ruck with 20 lbs of weight in the pack. Eat Better: I stayed within my calorie target for the day. Cleanup Time: This was a hard one today. The Little One decided not to nap and it was All Gas-No Brakes for her all day until she asked to go to bed (a first) around 8. After she went to bed, I kinda crashed for awhile and almost fell asleep on the couch. I rallied though and my wife and I picked up the house before going to bed ourselves.
  6. Log for Jan. 1 No Pop: I had no pop on Wednesday. I even took my daughter for a car ride to get her to nap (the holidays have ruined her sleep schedule) and I made sure to take some water with me in the car with me. Be Active: I did Workout A from Stronglifts 5x5, which is squats, bench press, and barbell rows. I went really light on the weights and I don't feel excessively sore this morning. Eat Better: I charted my calories for the day and stayed in the acceptable range. Cleanup Time: After we did bedtime, I spent 15 minutes cleaning the fron
  7. I have been looking for something to read, I will check this out.
  8. Yes, I plan on making sure that I have some water bottles in the car on my commute home (where I tend to drink pop most often). Since, I am also watching my calories, I plan to have more meals at home and we rarely have pop in our house, which should also help.
  9. Happy New Year! I am Mr. L and this is my first challenge. A bit about myself: I have a collection of board games that I do not play enough (current favs right now are Arkham Horror: LCG and Terraforming Mars), I teach high school math, and I am presently potty training a very feisty 2 year old. I am starting this challenge, because I have 3 big things to face this year and I need to be healthier to tackle them. "What are those three things you say?" Good question. I turn 40 in September I signed up for a Goruck Light Challenge in October Child #2
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