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  1. When taking pictures on my cell phone, if it's a particular important picture, I'll take two or three, to make sure it actually "took". Throwback to the days of 35mm film, and you had no idea if the picture would come out until you got it developed. Noticing records are coming back into circulation. Looking for the cassettes that were always near record and not finding any. Right before I retired from the military, noticing that I had been in the military longer than the incoming kids were on this earth. Not trusting any streaming service, because I grew up
  2. Has anybody visited all the counties in their state? I've got a personal challenge to visit all 50 states, with only Hawaii, Maryland and Delaware to go. Due to finances and other obstacles, Hawaii isn't going to be visited anytime soon. So I instead decided to try and visit every county in my current home of Oklahoma. While I was living in Minnesota I did the same thing and tried to visit all the counties up there.
  3. Greetings from Oklahoma! I’m a soon to be 50 year old male, with four kids, and four grandkids. Retired from the Air Force back in 2014. Been a geek even before I was married, so I don’t have to hide it from my wife. I’ve always hated going to the gym, and overall exercising. As it was required back in my military days, I grudging performed PT, but never enjoyed it. Once I retired I happily fled the gym and regimented exercises. Recently I’ve become aware that I’m not exactly getting younger, and if I don’t start taking care of myself, I’ll have a lot of health problems in my senio
  4. Retired - USAF 2014, Linux Enthusiast, DnD 5e, Trail Life USA, American Heritage Girls, Baptist.

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