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  1. Woot! Rivendell in my rearview, and 450 miles to Lothlorien or bust!
  2. I'm also for real wearing his GAP windbreaker utility jacket today because I felt the macho mojo today. LOL
  3. I'm just going to have to quote everything with Dean in it. He's not a "crush", he's my spirit animal. 😂 Absolutely hell yea! I will take muscle gain all day long! As long as my pants are fitting better, I'm a happy girl lmao
  4. WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY Last weigh-in: 189 lbs Today's weigh-in: 192 lbs Not even mad because muscles poppin' yo'. 😂
  5. OMG same here LOL I was one of the brainwashed that thought I would look like a female body builder if I touched a KB! LMAO Now, I'm like walking through the house and through stores picking up random things wondering "Can I lift this? Can I do reps with this lamp and candlestick?" LMAO But fr, KB's have totally changed my focus and mentality on weight loss and lean muscle building. OH absolutely. I use it still, like when I'm on my recumbent bike, I work with it a lot when I'm not feeling dumbbells, and I love to use it for like you said, presses, snatches, windmills, cleans too. Thou
  6. Just under 80 miles to Rivendell! And good going everyone! Love seeing all those boxes filling up!!
  7. UPDATE: So, my 10lb kettlebell isn't cutting it anymore lol. I got it when I had just started working out, and it's great for using during a quick weighted flow, but way too light for me to do any real KB work. I tried out an 8kg and I turned out 10 swings easily. Much more easily than I'd expected. Tried a 10kg and it was perfect. Just enough struggle on the last few reps to know I have plenty of room to grow with it before getting a 12kg later on. It was a Rogue Competition Kettlebell, and loved the flats on the sides for your wrist. The handle was a much better width than what I
  8. Go big, right? LOL To be fair, I was totally going to put it off for another few months until I got a bit more settled into so many lifestyle changes. But, every time I workout, it's both taking up my smoking time, and taking up what little oxygen I have left LOL So I kind of "accidentally" cut back lol. As crazy as it sounds, I quit more out of convenience, time, and lung capacity lol. Though, I guess as long as I quit, that's what counts! So I will totally accept any kudos I can get LOL. Thank you for your encouragement!
  9. UPDATE Nutrition I've been doing great on hitting my macros, and nutrients goals for the last few days. At first, I was a little out of balance, hitting macros/nutrients, but being far too low on calorie goal. I was ending up with still 1200 cal left to be consumed, minus the deficit for fat loss. Now I'm hanging around at about an 800 caloric deficit daily, burning over 700 cal daily. Finally getting into a rhythm. It took me a couple of weeks to see what I need to eliminate or add to find my groove. I had too many trans fats happening at dinner, and too much sodium at lunch,
  10. Thank you! The smoking is definitely the next thing to be eliminated from my life, right into the trash bin with refined sugar and empty calories! The thing that has really helped, is when you are out of breath from a workout, the last thing it makes you want is a cigarette. Way more down for a cool shower instead of a smoke after! I think it's making me much more aware of respiratory functionality and health. I totally agree. Something is always better than nothing! Showing up is half the battle. Once I get my ass to the mat, I'm halfway there!
  11. Thank you so much! I will definitely put those to good use! Thank you for sharing, and for your tips and encouragement! 😍
  12. UPDATE So, this week has me feeling a bit sluggish. This past weekend was hell, and then this week at work has been busy AF and am feeling overwhelmed. BUT - that being said, workouts have become my sanctuary. I have also been trying to quit smoking, and my workouts have taken up majority of my free time I would normally have spent chain-smoking. It feels good to have a healthy addiction, and a healthy coping mechanism in fitness. My workout yesterday and today was slowed down by Aunt Flo coming for a visit (sorry fellas, TMI, just part of logging why miles were less, a
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