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  1. As im just starting on my new adventure, I would love some help from the locals! If its possible, can anyone give me any tips on dieting (i know of the paleo diet and am trying to get into it, meal suggestions would be great!) Workouts for rookies? (Ive been reading things like the Angry Bird workout, but I'd like to know many workout varations so i can workout every day, not just 3 a week!) Any other advice is greatly appreciated! Please, Help Me Level Up!
  2. Hello everyone, Well my story is as simple as it gets really. Im borderline obese due to sheer laziness and not eating well, and I have been committed to changing that lately. I've been doing my research on many workout and diet sites, but none have been as welcoming as this site here! Well, lets get started shall we? I weigh 250, and am going to college next year at one of the UMass branches (get to know me, ill tell you which one!) I'd seriously like to lose some weight, but not only that. I NEED to get back in shape. I was a star football player for my high school the past couple years, a lineman due to my weight, but a good one to say the least. We won two superbowls (the first two in school history), and i was thinner and in shape those years. My senior year, not only did i get severely injured, but i was moved between positions like a hot sack of potatoes. This depressed me, because i lost the only position i loved, and i ended up having a bad year. I put on 30 lbs right after the season ended and "vegged" out until lately, where I'm trying to change my mistakes. Well, i could explain my whole life story, but lets get to Leveling up, shall we? GOALS- Lose 30 lbs. Be able to run an easy mile. Become HAPPY. LEVEL UP! DING!
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