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  1. Was it really possible? She wondered as she distanced herself from the conversation she had been having with the druid who held the spear. On this evening, there fell a kind of darkness she had not expected. Had she been found? Was it another threat? Was it outside of even that? She searched the woods again, finding it lively, but that it almost felt.... empty again. Was it the fear? She wasn't sure what to believe. She took her steps and walked, taking one barefoot step in front of the next, down the dirt path. The path led deeper into the woods, where the thickness of the branches overh
  2. Thank you very much for the support. And as for the opportunity..... I do think I'll take up this opportunity. :] Thank you very much!
  3. That's a lot of encouraging thoughts. I look forward to that array of victories at the bright end of the tunnel. Thank you very much, Jean. ☺️
  4. Unfortunately, I'm not doing so well with my goals this time around. My sense of well-being took a hit this week, and I'm contesting head-to-head with my arch-rival Depression again. So.... It's going, but I've been shy of admitting my defeats, and so haven't been saying anything here. I have gotten better getting to sleep on time, which has felt great. About every other day, I've been going on a walk, which always feels great. I've been able to set aside time to meditate about three times in the past week. Unfortunately, I have botched breakfast, having only eaten one breakfast proper in t
  5. Hello! Pleasure to meet you! :] Glad you like the picture. The creator of it drew these while inspired by conversations they had with themselves. And they're cute! I love story mode. Few things motivate me more than an interesting story. I want to make mine one too. :] And this'll be my first step into Tai-Chi. I hope for the best with it and hope it will supplement my walks and Iaido. (And now, to the story!) -- -- -- -- -- A voice in the forest. She stopped and focused on the stranger. That he was armed with a javelin was quickly noted. He was prepa
  6. Ringing metal, striking blows, and battle cries filled her senses as she followed the movement of feet striking the tiled floor. She forced herself into motion. One step. Another. Then the next. Fleeing encouraged her heartbeat to accelerate. She could feel it in her ears. She felt her vision clear with each new step. Her bare feet told her of the change from stone to road. Then from road a field. Her eyes translated images from the colors. Forests. Tents in the afar distance. Structures of stone. Many different paths diverged from the one they followed. A glance behind showed a kind of chapel
  7. That's a hard feeling. It's worth fighting through. I've been trying to fight through the first of ten pounds in my effort to get back to the weight I had in 2011. It has been.... quite a while since I've been that size.... I don't know if it helps, but in a lot of the reading I've done, I'm encouraged a little by the fact that muscle weighs more than fat. It suggests that you might be earning progress, but aren't able to see it on the scale. Lately, I've been considering changing to a system of measuring my waist and using that as a basis of progress instead of weight
  8. Having been away from writing my report here, I'll write the summary of the past few days instead. Log Number Eight Fitness: ✓✓ 10-15 minute walks. (Was out of the house for one day, and was able to get out and walk, whether out to a store, or just to go around a block in my neighborhood. I'm finding more paths I enjoy taking, and might use if I go back into 5k training.) Diet: X✓ Avoid Sugary Drinks (Across the two days, I had a few sugary drinks. I'm surprised at how much willpower it can take to drive past a McDonalds on my way home from my Iai
  9. Day Seven: Daily report. Fitness: X 10-15 minute walk. (Didn't quite get to it today. While I was up and about doing some chores, I didn't quite leave the house or tend to the treadmill.) Diet: ✓ Avoid Sugary Drinks (Water for the large part of today. Tea with my evening meal.) X Eat one fruit or Vegetable with Every Meal. (Meal 1: Banana. Meal 2 was more of a series of snacks. Will have to be more careful about what I decide to munch on.) Leveling: ✓ 5-10 minute meditation. (I managed to set time aside with a friend of mine who also meditates. We
  10. One of my goals is to have mostly successes over this week and to the end of this challenge. Thank you for asking! I do Iaido. One can think of it as meditation with a sword. Spiritual successor to kendo, when katana were useful in combat, and sometimes needed to be immediately drawn in self defense when a warrior was outside of his armor. One's partner/opponent is themselves.
  11. Thank you for your support! @Elastigirl & @Harriet ! I appreciate you both very much. It helps keep me on track to know that someone sees these. :]
  12. Day Six: Daily report. Fitness: ✓ 10-15 minute walk. (A half hour out and about the town. Chilly, but overall sunny day here. So nice to feel the sun.) Diet: ✓ Avoid Sugary Drinks (Enjoyed lunch with my brother. Water and tea!) ✓ Eat one fruit or Vegetable with Every Meal. (Meal 1, Salad. Meal 2 Bananas! One large brunch and a smaller dinner.) Leveling: ✓ 5-10 minute meditation. (A few moments in the evening, before a few minutes with my book and bedtime. A guided visual meditation this time, from youtube.)
  13. Day Five: Daily report. Fitness: ✓ 10-15 minute walk. (About ten minutes on a treadmill.) I didn't leave the house, but also didn't have the desire to. Diet: ✓ Avoid Sugary Drinks (Sunday at home. MUCH easier to avoid sweet drinks today.) ✓ Eat one fruit or Vegetable with Every Meal. (Beef Patty, Poached Egg, water, banana, home-made fries; home-made veggie stir-fry.) Leveling: ✓ 5-10 minute meditation. (A few moments in the evening, before reading, and then before bed. After the Superbowl.)
  14. Day Four: Daily report. Fitness: ✓ 10-15 minute walk. (About ten minutes on a treadmill.) Also went to my martial arts class today. It's so nice to be able to have that time in motion. Diet: X Avoid Sugary Drinks (Caved to a Dr.Pepper with a meal at lunch and after my martial arts class. I should avoid driving by fast food after class.) ✓ Eat one fruit or Vegetable with Every Meal. (Egg Salad Sandwich & Banana; Wendy's 4x4 deal {including the veggie toppings}; Fruit, Veggie, and TurkeyMeat Pasta.) Leveling: ✓ 5-10 minute meditation. (I was a
  15. Day Three: Daily report. Fitness: ✓ 10-15 minute walk. (About ten minutes on a treadmill.) Diet: ✓ Avoid Sugary Drinks (All but one. Caved to 8 oz of sparkling white grape cider.) X Eat one fruit or Vegetable with Every Meal. (Refried bean + cheese burrito, banana; beef patty and cheese with pepper, another banana. Will need more vegetables in my day.) Leveling: ✓ 5-10 minute meditation. (A few moments in the morning. It was nice to clear my head of... unhelpful thoughts.) And so much wind was outside.
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