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  1. My apologies about the font XD I always have a dark mode extension turned on, so I didn't noticed it pasted in so horribly. It should be fixed now. Both of your advice (advices???) are helpful and it gives me something to think about. Thank you both!
  2. Hey everyone, long-time NF fan, newbie poster. Something I want to ask you all about is your hobbies which may be viewed as non personal development. I do have some fun hobbies that I totally tie into my goals, like playing video games or watching movies in a language I am learning for example. So those sort of things I see as part of my goals, not a distraction from them. But on the other hand, I consider myself to be a maladaptive daydreamer, and I can find myself spending a lot of hours on things like attempting creative writing, using "maker" type programs (The
  3. Hey everyone! Bit of a necropost here, sorry... I am new to the Rebellion. In Bridgewater (about an hour's drive from Halifax). I attend both Halcon and Animaritime
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