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  1. Thank you for your reply again. I hope you are well. That's the goal at the moment, I am trying to get a football coaching job too, so if that happens I would barely have time to hit the gym, possibly twice at most a week. I haven't been strict on my macros or counting calories at all, hanging my head in shame at the moment. I have had days where I binge snack. However, 80+% of the time my meals are super clean. But I think I reach my lowest protein recommendation, will try to work it out today. Just a quick update for you, I started oon 86.1KG and this mor
  2. You can never read too much I am going to be taking circumference measurements monthly as the scales do not always tell the whole story. I want to maximise my beginner gains and then work my way up getting leaner, stronger and bigger simulatenously but I do not want to rush the process of the second stage. Let's see how this all work out, I will probably share my transformation here in a few months.
  3. I believe that with her reply to my post, I was very impressed with the effort she put into it. I agree with the body fat target too, as I would be happy anywhere between 8 - 13%, however its just something I set myself to be realistic. It takes very long I also agree with that to lose fat correctly and sustainably. I have seen myself in worse states before in August 2018 I was probably 94 KG of fat and in just 3 months I managed to cut out 6 KG of weight whilst building muscle and burning fat looking at around 13-15% body fat. I believe my goal is doable within 3 mont
  4. First of all, thank you for taking your time to write and reply. I am very grateful for this. 1) Unfortunately I just get carried away with being a young adult and forget my responsibilities sometimes so I tend to swap health for fun. But I will bare in mind now to set different goals besides physique or aesthetics. 2) I suppose that is true. What age do you stop growing and everything becomes consistent then? 3) I dont purposely bulk and cut, I just happen to let myself go and it looks like I am bulking but I am no longer strength training so I am losing muscle and substitut
  5. I will definitely be looking at some posts and forums by defining. Currently, I am just winging it thouhg I have my own programme that I haven't actually started following yet. I am going for 6 - 10 reps so I suppose that is around 70-80% of my one rep max. I will also definitely check out Greg Nuckols today at some point. Thank you Harriet
  6. Apologies Harriet, it's my first time posting here. I have editted the post and reworded a certain things. Thank you.
  7. Hi All, First time posting here. So I have found myself in a bit of a dilemma. I am almost 23 years old, currently weigh 86.1KG or 190LB for some of you and I am around 178CM or 5'10'' probably at 18 - 20% Body fat now. My relationship with the gym has been very complicated I have been on and off with it since I was 17, I would stop going to gym when I was happy with how I looked in the mirror and this has been going on for the last 5 - 6 years. So, I kind of know my ins and outs with it. I have had a good physique before around 10-12% bodyfat, but I recently let mysel
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