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  1. My stamina just isnt there yet and i don't want to push myself too hard since i have to go to work after the gym. Its a regular treadmill and i would love to start doing runs outside here but it has been raining pretty much nonstop this winter in Atlanta.
  2. I'm back on track with the challenge, second gym day this week and beat my PB for a mile with a time of 16:10!
  3. I'm back on track guys!! I was able to do 4.5mph on the straight aways and 3.0 on the turns. I'm really proud of myself for how quick i was able to get back to where i was and just wanted to share. Editted to delete the PB comment, looking at my old times my PB is 15:43 but i am still very proud of this time.
  4. I got my car back and the gym kicked my butt today! I did manage to do my half mile and weight lifting though so I'll take the little victories 🙂 Edited to update, i felt really good after the mile and a half so i did 2miles
  5. Generally i go to the gym 2x a week, working on consistently doing 3x. Unfortunately i missed over a week of workouts because my car was in the shop and trying to do my usual today wore me out so, i am doing a fast walk (3mph) on the straight aways and a stroll (2mph) on the turns. Hopefully i can get back to where i was pretty quick and start using all of ya'lls great tips!
  6. Thanks everyone! I've had quite a rough week but I'm still managing to keep my laundry room clean but my fam is down to one car so I haven't been able to go to the gym and get my lifts in but I will definitely make it up this next week when i get my car back
  7. Well, the first work out of my second challenge didnt go so great, i got a really bad foot cramp doing my warm up so i only did a mile today. How do y'all handle ot when it happens to you? Just power through? Make up the deficit the next time? TIA On a brighter note i had some friends come stay at my house over the weekend so my house is looking pretty clean and I'm staying on track with my goal to maintain having a clean laundry room. I may expand it to having a clean living room as well since its nice and clean as well!
  8. Thank you so much! you guys and gals are so awesome and a definite source of inspo! We've all come a long way in a decade and its nice to be among companions
  9. Thank you so much!!! I didnt expect my post to get so much attention and I just want to say thank you Rangers!!
  10. Thats essentially what I'm doing on the treadmill, using the lap distance tracker, I try to do 4.5mph for the first curve and about half way down the straight away and finish the lap at 3.5mph and repeat, I'm working on increasing the distance I'm able to maintain 4.5mph. Once I'm able to do a whole mile at that pace im going to work on increasing my speed and I'll probably be asking for more tips
  11. Thanks so much! I'm really excited to engage with the community more
  12. Hi all! I'm new to the forums so I'm trying to participate where I can, this is more of an accountability thread than anything else (please let me know if its supposed to be somewhere else), I'm relatively new to consistently running but one of my major goals for 2020 if to be able to run a mile in 12 minutes by Halloween, I know that's not super fast but I thought it would be a good jumping off point so to speak. I started out 2020 doing about 18 minutes for a mile and I am now down to 15:43, my first loot check point is at 14 1/2 minutes, I'm thinking a new pair of running shoes or possibly
  13. I am in the Atlanta, GA area. This is my first post on the forums, I love the NFR women Facebook group, everyone is so supportive and wonderful so I figured I should dive in here as well
  14. It seems like a big part of this challenge is looking back on the past decade so I figured I'd add on my story. A lot of my past decade has been about healing and escaping things/situations I've put myself in. I've come along way from being a moody 17 in an abusive relationship to being a woman with a loving family a good job and 2 degrees. I'm pretty proud of how far I've come in healing my trauma and I'm very happy and lucky that I have a husband who has helped me work through everything I went through. My mental health has had a really bumpy ride though the past decade and about 3 years ago
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