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  1. I got my car back and the gym kicked my butt today! I did manage to do my half mile and weight lifting though so I'll take the little victories 🙂 Edited to update, i felt really good after the mile and a half so i did 2miles
  2. Generally i go to the gym 2x a week, working on consistently doing 3x. Unfortunately i missed over a week of workouts because my car was in the shop and trying to do my usual today wore me out so, i am doing a fast walk (3mph) on the straight aways and a stroll (2mph) on the turns. Hopefully i can get back to where i was pretty quick and start using all of ya'lls great tips!
  3. Thanks everyone! I've had quite a rough week but I'm still managing to keep my laundry room clean but my fam is down to one car so I haven't been able to go to the gym and get my lifts in but I will definitely make it up this next week when i get my car back
  4. Hi all! I'm new to the forums so I'm trying to participate where I can, this is more of an accountability thread than anything else (please let me know if its supposed to be somewhere else), I'm relatively new to consistently running but one of my major goals for 2020 if to be able to run a mile in 12 minutes by Halloween, I know that's not super fast but I thought it would be a good jumping off point so to speak. I started out 2020 doing about 18 minutes for a mile and I am now down to 15:43, my first loot check point is at 14 1/2 minutes, I'm thinking a new pair of running shoes or possibly compression socks. Currently I am doing a mile warm up before lifting and I'm trying to at least jog a whole lap (non-consecutively). Any advice is welcome and I will do my best to keep my thread up to date.
  5. When I read through the guild descriptions I knew I was meant to be a Ranger (plus Aragorn from LOTR was goals as a kid). I have done a challenge before and did fairly well so I decided that this one I would post in the forums. My goals for the anniversary challenge are mostly maintenance goals but I may add on one or two more if I'm feeling especially motivated (feel free to suggest ones you think might be good for a relative noob). My first goal is to maintain going to the gym at least twice a week, generally my workout consists of slow jog/fast walk mile and then strength training so I'm usually there about an hour. Second goal is to increase my distance on the treadmill like I said above I usually do a 1 mile warm up before doing weights so I was to increase that to a mile and a half (even if the half is just a walk). Final goal as of now is to keep my laundry room clean! Like most adults, I'm bad at adulting and just never feel like folding and putting away my clothes so, I have already started folding and putting up my clothes so that when the challenge starts I only have to maintain. I'm thinking that will help me to not feel overwhelmed. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments, I'll try to keep my thread up to date with any developments.