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  1. When it comes to back pack and adding weight, I did just that starting last week with an added 15 lbs, should I increase it weekly or just keeping it the same for a period of time and after how much time before I increase it and by how much? Sorry to hijack the thread. thx
  2. Do these sweat belts actually work? What have you done for workouts while wearing them? I appreciate a response. TYVM.
  3. Well, after thinking about it, I am going to stick with resistance band training for now. In the future, I will look into getting a bench and squat bar if I feel the need. I think my right arm/ bicep is a little weaker than my left arm do to a \n injury that occurred when I was younger so I doubt I will need any kind of chin/pull up bar ATM but thx for the great suggestions.
  4. I am talking about the second pic and I have a full basement I can use so room isnt an issue.
  5. no, second one as cables break easy from what i understand.
  6. Well this is my issue, I have 30 days to return what I currently have coz I bought it from amazon. My goal is something i can use now and in the future. I am limited on money so I want to spend it wisely. So what do you all think now plz?
  7. If I wanted a free weight machine, what do you guys think of this? It has very good reviews. Your opinions plz?
  8. Hi Guys, I am wondering if something like this is worth getting for home use? Will it last a while using this 3 day's a week? Hopefully, For a few years? It goes for about $250. Will I have issues with the cables or pulleys? Falling over? What is your opinions plz? Thx