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  1. Hello everybody!😁 Today is a good day!😊 I went for a half hour walk in the woods behind my house🏡❤️ And happily my legs feel fine! I hope everyone’s challenges are going well😄
  2. This comment is more of a diary entry to allow myself to recognize and remember these feeling in the future. Throughout the day, the pain has shifted back and forth between a stabbing pointed pain in my knees and hips, to stinging burning pain that blankets my lower half. This pain has left me feeling...vulnerable. Throughout the day this vulnerability has led me to bouts of panic, and insecurity over not being able to do my normal everyday tasks due to my lack maneuverability, and flashes of pain that would cause me to loose my footing. However, thanks to my wonderful partner
  3. I am retraining how I stand so I don't put as much stress from my weight on my knees. Along with this I may have pushed my legs a little to hard the other day.
  4. Hey everybody! Today has been a painful day. The lower half of my body, especially my knees, have been in EXTREME pain. Thus workouts shall commence on another day I hope everyones challenges are going well
  5. Hello everyone! Today was another successful challenge day! Woohoo! I spent most of my time doing stretches, and testing how my knees reacted to different movements. After which I did some sets of push ups and crunches ( since those are the only thing I know how to do without having any weights ). See you all next time. I hope all of your challenges are going well
  6. YOU ARE MADE OF SOLID GOLD!! You can do it I believe in you!!
  7. Thanks for the reminder. I used to use the elliptical and bike machine, and remember feeling pretty good after couple of weeks using them.
  8. Hello again everybody! Today my body is HEAVILY advocating for me to rest. I, the goof that I am, pushed my body a liiittle to hard these last three days, and my body is really letting me know how it feels on the matter. So today I rest talk to you all soon.
  9. It is dangerous to go alone take this!
  10. I wish you good luck with your quests! I have very similar goals and will doing this right along with you and cheering you on!
  11. Hello again! Today was another WONDERFUL day. I took a half hour today to stretch and get to know my entire body. YAY!
  12. Thank you very much Harriet, This was very helpful.
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