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  1. Congratulations! I am curious about why that much slower on "turns" . Are you using a treadmill that simulates tight turns? Since I almost always run outside I am pretty ignorant about the lastest indoor equipment. Last week the weather was perfect for running and I did my first 12 minute mile this winter. Today was chilly and windy and I was a lot slower.
  2. Nice to meet you too, thanks.
  3. I live in a rural area so I get to run on roads with farms and cow pastures and wood on each side I have worked my way up to a 3 mile run, on the retur I alternate between walking and 100 meter wind sprints. I had gotten up to where I could run my first mile in 10 minutes but recent injuries and illnesses have had me off the roads and at presnet I am tryiong to work back up to a 11:00 minutes I am 67 and it seems at that age 2 weeks of idleness will cost you 6 months of gains!
  4. I am 67, retired 9 years. I have been running most of my adult life and started going to gyms in 1978. Mostly half- heartedly until I retired. Now my new job is working out I run about 20 miles per week and spend about 10 hours per week at the gym with mostly weight machines and some free weights. Except during cold weather I also bicyle about 20 miles once a week. Since retiring I lost about 20 lbs of excess weight and am now in pretty good shape. However at my age it is a full time job just to maintain my muscle strength. I am also a motorcyclist which is my passion. I ride abou
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