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  1. Alright, so last month I was awesome at doing my activities , not so awesome about posting about it. Sorry all. And as work ramps back up I anticipate that won't change. But I'll continue setting goals! Goal 1: Run 1 mile, 2 times per week, add in 1 sprint section (life goal: heart health) Goal 2: alignment workouts 3 times per week (life goal: spine health and less discomfort between chiropractor visits) Goal 3: finally hit it, lift 15 times in 5 weeks (life goal: capable muscles for doing everything) Goal 4: TV-less Wednesday (life goal: mental
  2. Spanish right now. I've also started German, Mandarin, and Russian (kinda sorta). But i felt if I actually want to make progress I needed to pick just one and my (three times canceled) trip to Peru seemed like a good reason to stick with Spanish!
  3. Thanks for the call out @juliebarkley. I was so excited about posting and the community at the beginning, but I've let it fall off. I have t let my goals fall off though! I hit my goals for 4 weeks straight! Goal 1: Run (or try to) 1 mile, 2 times per week (life goal: heart health) - I hit the mile all 6 times! I didn't set any ground speed records, but I hit it Goal 2: Alignment workouts 3 times per week (life goal: spine health and less discomfort between chiropractor visits) - did all of these as well! I even bought some resistance bands and am addin
  4. Not really. I think I'm just not tucking my head enough/correctly. I don't hit it everytime
  5. Just did my 3 sets of forward parkour rolls today. Can't wait until I can do them without hitting my head. No damage done, just an unpleasant feeling
  6. I used the last challenge to reset myself as my life was changing. It was wonderful. It gave me an opportunity to steady myself out without overwhelming myself or completely losing progress. And it set me up great for this challenge as I'm sure this challenge will set you up great for your next one!
  7. All the good vibes being sent your way. You killed it and are just waiting on the results go prove it!
  8. You know what? Alright @juliebarkley let's do it. Although let's make today tomorrow. I already watched some videos on the parkour forward roll. I'll try some in the morning!
  9. Yup. We've all been there. Sometimes being able to slow the slide is great progress!
  10. That's crazy! I've never heard of pulling out important muscles like that for cosmetic surgery
  11. Long story short, I'm a rebel because I want an all around healthy life, forever. I don't want to ever be limited by my body's capabilities. I've seen 80 year olds running 5Ks. It's possible (and they are my heroes). So now that my travel schedule has calmed back down (to zero), we're going to pick up where we left off 2 challenges ago with (almost) the same goals: Goal 1: Run (or try to) 1 mile, 2 times per week (life goal: heart health) I don't do well with heat. Like at all. Like I went for a walk in 84F, feels like 88F, at night (so no sun impact) and I was
  12. Nice work chibi-nerd! Goals after my own heart. And there are plenty of nerds out there not taking the week "off" in between. (I sadly am not one of them)
  13. Week 5 update Goal 1: DONE! Apparently I lifted once, ran once, and walked once. That's 16 over 5 weeks! Goal 2: meh I filled my pitcher most days. Remembering to drink when I'm home is not my strong suit Goal 3: DONE! No additional dance classes, but I've done 3 in the past 5 weeks. Win! Yup this is it. I got about what I expected out of this month. Next month will be better goals and progress will be made!
  14. Week 3 and 4 update Yup, funky new schedule threw me for a loop. I haven't even thought about about this for the past 2 weeks. Let's see how I did... Goal 1: Looks like I did 1 workout, 2 runs, 4 walks and 1 dance class. That's 8 more bringing me to 13. Only 2 to go! I can definitely do that this week. Goal 2: I definitely haven't filled my water pitcher since I got home 4 days ago. Working on that. 6 out of 7 days I recorded (at least some) of my water while traveling! Goal 3: I believe last week was my 3rd dance class. Maybe I'll eve
  15. Week 2 update: The exercise slowed down a bit last week. I did 1 dance class and 1 lifting. I had a lot of trouble convincing myself to run in 90F weather. But I'm getting ready to go run now so I'll have a good start to the 4 I need to do this week to make up for a lost one last week. Water drinking has been on and off. I didn't fill my pitcher while at home and only realized around 4 pm that I hadn't had any water all day. Pitcher filling now so I'm working on that. Man I am not good at keeping healthy when my schedule changes
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