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  1. This is going to sound like an awful excuse but I don't want to let the team down. I've been playing football for 25 years straight now, but retired last summer. Within a month however, all other goalkeepers barring one had left the club, so they asked me to help out for the rest of the season, and I somewhat foolishly said yes. Basically, if any other position has an injury, it's easy to get another player to cover, but in goal, it's so specialised that it's impossible to do. The way I see it, I have seven games left to play, and then I'm retiring for good this time. For me and my
  2. Thank you kind stranger! Genuinely means a lot After I decompressed after work (and after my binge eat) I came to the realisation that I'm not letting a rubbish few hours at work evolve into a rubbish 24 hours. That was ultimately what made me go to the gym, I'm not letting my progress be hindered or defined by people around hindering me I came out of the doctors yesterday with really clear guidelines on how to get better, so we'll see how that goes The pain and lack of strength were both all the time, now the pain has subsided and it's just the
  3. Day 5 of 32 - 22/02/2020 Back Pain A big day on this front. I had my doctors appointment t 0930, and normally they're running behind on their appointments, so get rid of you within about 10 minutes. The doctor had a lot ore time and we spent a good half hour going through it. This felt like a really specific problem to me, but the doctor was telling me it's really not as uncommon as it sounds. I was going to skip through this, but have decided I'll go into a little detail in the event that it might help some stranger in the future. Essentially: Active person becomes in
  4. Day 4 of 32 - 21/02/2020 Food Porridge for breakfast, nuts and fruit for lunch, pizza for dinner. I always go to my brothers on a Friday for a few drinks and pizza, and whilst I've not stopped the habit, I'm eating and drinking less whilst there. Even the vices I don't want to give up, I can reduce, which is what I did here Back Pain No real news on this. I have my doctors appointment the next day, but I wasn't in much pain. That being said, I still lacked strength Gym Day of from the gym. I felt like I could have gone, but with football the n
  5. Day 3 of 32 - 20/02/2020 Ok, a bit of a stumbling block today, with some light at the end of the tunnel! The travelling I've done in the past two days made me super tired, so I overslept and wasn't able to go to the gym in the morning. I then had a garbage day at work, so was really not in the mood to be behaving myself on watching what I eat. After having a mini pig out though, I realised that a bad day at work is not going to stop me doing what I want to do! Food Some porridge this morning, following by nuts and some fruit for lunch. Again, not much, but its bett
  6. Day 2 of 32 - 19/02/2020 Woke up in the morning expecting some pretty severe back pain...which there wasn't!!! Don't get me wrong, it was still stiff and had no strength, but the usual, eye watering, morning after work out agony, was nowhere to be seen! The theory as that low impact exercise would have this result, but to see it having it's desired effect is encouraging. I don't think it's a fix by any means, but I can now exercise without worsening the problem. Result! Gym For the first time in years, I did two days in a row at the gym! O
  7. Thanks so much @Lady Morbuks! Genuinely means a lot! I've never used the stair climber before, but I think it's fantastic! A low(ish) resistance and it builds up a huge sweat without me having a cardiac arrest!
  8. Day 1 of 32 - 18/02/2020 Woke up and had a horrifically stiff back. I was expecting this though as I played football the previous night. I play in goal, so the diving around and having a ball fired at me is pretty high impact. I've dialed it back as much as possible without letting people down on previous commitments. It's not ideal, but it's a lot better than it was Weighed myself, 14'10, officially the heaviest I've ever been, about 2 and a half stone more than I should be! Didn't even pig out the night before, so this is a genuine weight as a starting point
  9. Hi All 10 years ago, I had the fitness and strength to do pretty much any sport to my hearts content. Football/Soccer being the main choice, with plenty of energy left in the tank after 90 minutes. If not that, then running, squash, badminton, tennis, cycling. Anything available, I could pick up and get competent at relatively quickly because I was just so damn fit. Even day to day life wasn't an issue for me physically, cycling 45 minutes either way to work, before coming home and being able to renovate the family house etc. I was never particularly strong, but my vast reserves of
  10. Wow, a lot more advice than I ever thought I'd get, thanks so much everyone! Can't say I've ever done yoga Sloth, but my understanding is that you usually need to go to classes etc for this, is this right? My work sends me all over the country, so I'd really struggle if so. That being said, I understand it's super low impact, so would be ideal for me, but I don't really see how it benefits? It can't help from a cardio or strength perspective, so is it all about core? Really surprised at this, as kettlebell swings do my back more harm than good! That
  11. Hey Defining, thanks for the reply. Certainly took a while to go through, but would rather have too much information instead of too little! Lots of really good tips here, but I feel this is more geared towards weights, which is something I'd rather avoid until my back is sorted! Still will absolutely use these tips when I do get round to weights! Completely forgot about this but you're absolutely right! I tend to get 7 hours sleep a night, but when I was dieting, I was getting 8/9. Its just an amazing way to refresh your willpower! Will start this
  12. Hi All I've been researching different workout plans online, but ultimately there are so many different ways and guides that I'm finding it difficult to find whats right for me. I'm new to this forum, but thought I'd ask for some help from people who know a lot more about this than I do! First though, let me give you some background I'm 30 years old, UK male, 5"10, 14 and a half stone. Its not muscle either, I have a 44" gut which, whilst there are worse, it's not great!!! I was extremely fit up to my early 20's, but a couple of back to back freak injuries (torn right q
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