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  1. Completed my first challenge! What an interesting and positive experience. I completely dominated my workout goal!! Except for a day when I couldn't work out due to illness, which doesn't count. Score! 100% success! I did pretty respectably but not perfectly with my nutrition goal, but I'm glad I still made progress. I'd say 85% success. Not bad, and it helped me increase my general nutritional awareness, and that's very good indeed. 85% success. Meditation goal: yikes, major fail here. So I have to wonder why, and I guess it just doesn't seem important? Maybe I should have picked a more compelling goal? I think the lack of success on that goal is due to 2 factors: meditation is not that important to me after all, and B.) I find it really hard to make time for just sitting and "doing nothing". That's probably most of it. Good food for thought, but I'm not going to beat myself up over missing the goal, just learn from it. 15% success. It has been fun to interact with people here, though, and I think I'll stick around. See you guys around!! Stats for NF BW workout: Increased dumbbell row from 30lb to 45 lb. Can do 50 for 5 really shitty reps, though! 50% increase, baby!! Record plank for 78 seconds! Went from total plank time per workout of around 120 sec (=3 planks) to 182 sec (=3 planks) 50% increase, baby!! 0 assisted chin-ups to 5 assisted chin-ups with 150lb resistance band. No weight change, but I don't think I give a damn. And I've been drinking beer the whole time, so.
  2. Aw, Zeno, that's rough. I'm sorry. Here in the epicenter--Seattle: cooler than everyone else--we're social distancing like crazy. I've seen a lot of people out walking around the neighborhood when the sun comes out, though. It's kind of heartening. You know, people totally cross the street to avoid each other anyway I don't know if it helps, but I like to view working out as a form of self-care. If you're stressed out--very understandably--it's easy to toss exercise routines out the window. I play this mind trick on myself whenever I just don't think I can work out: "ok, self" (insert your name here), "I know it sucks, but you know you always feel better after. And, nobody's watching, so if you want to just do a half-assed job, it's still a hell of a lot better than nothing". And then I end up doing a good job, and I feel better. Take care, this is a scary and rotten time for everybody, you're not alone.
  3. 5 assisted chin ups today! In the disgusting cold rain, no less. A triumph of willpower. Bodyweight workout is still kicking my bum, irritatingly. I can do push-ups easily with bad form (elbows flared out) but barely at all with good form a la Nerd Fitness. Sigh, still progressing. Some day I will break the plane!
  4. Welcome! It's hard to start new things, so you've done step one already
  5. Don’t feel too bad about the finishing time for the hike. Call me cynical, but if I was in charge of marketing a hike and getting max number of hikers to go there, I would probably underestimate the time 😉
  6. 4 very assisted chin ups today! Got a long way to go...but no deadline, after all. Still going strong on the 3 body weight workouts per week goal, it has been very rewarding to really stick with it instead of inserting a few too many “rest days”. Surprisingly, the hardest part of this challenge has been building in time for dedicated meditation. I think it’s a symptom of lack of self care...perhaps? I’ll build in a break tomorrow mid-afternoon to de-stress. Nutrition has been pretty good, not perfect, but still sticking with my challenge goal there—thank goodness it was simple!
  7. It’s hard to be a beginner in yoga, like many things. Hang in there! The stronger you get, the more the rest poses are actually relaxing like they claim they are 😆 I’m 100% nerd, so I often find myself surprised that I find fitness so interesting. I like all the different ways people figure out how to improve and entertain ourselves. Welcome!
  8. @chirithy Thanks for the support! I did 3 assisted chin-ups yesterday, after doing all 3 rounds of the body weight workout. Yeah! Nutrition: still working on it, but sticking with the challenge bounds so far this week. Stopped halfway through lunch yesterday and saved the other half for today's lunch = progress. Cocktail last night "because it just sounds good"....less great, but not terrible. Meditation: cough, cough, not happening yet....but working on being more mindful & present in general. I'm a born worrier (and Warrior!), so I can easily dwell negatively on the past or future and abstract myself from the present moment. So I'm working on that. Talk about an infinite quest 🙄
  9. Ooh, I tried some Monkey Shoulder last week and I really liked it. I was also mid-glass on some barrel-aged stout, though, so not exactly a clean palate. Thanks for the recs!
  10. Nice! Same thing happened to me the first couple times I did the NF BW workout after doing a different program. Embrace the satisfaction of bragging to everyone you meet about how you are SO SORE because you exercised. Use in moderation with coworkers or they'll eventually hate you, but embrace it otherwise. "Aw man, I'm so sore from this new workout I'm doing" to the gas station attendant, grocery store checker, everyone on the internet... As a friend once told me, never underestimate the power of feeling smug as motivation to work out again. What kind of whiskey? I'm interested in brand recommendations. I don't care for peat-y scotch, but everything else is very nice.
  11. The snooze button is addictive. I have yet to reform that habit. Good for you! Quality sleep is so important, we really owe it to ourselves.
  12. Not only did you make a major positive change, you also donned a magic eagle crest!! j/k, but welcome. More experienced Warriors will provide guidance, I’m just here to say welcome & carry on!
  13. I’m still waiting for my “before” pictures to show a considerable difference, but I can see it and feel it every day even if it’s not “OMG TRANSFORMATION”-worthy. Just lifted a 40 lb bag of dog food after a workout = no sweat. That’s some practical strength. You’ll get there too!
  14. Hey man, you still hanging in there with us nerds?
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