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  1. Thanks for the reply and all of the useful info. After the first day my triceps feel incredibly sore and stiff, hoping that goes away until next tuesday when i plan on going again after school. Thanks again for the informational reply, ill try my best.
  2. So i have always wanted to get bigger since i'm naturally, i wouldn't say skinny but on the smaller side being 16, 130 pounds and 5'9, but now i actually have a chance since my school now has a gym, so naturally a place where i can finally start benching. I remember about 2 years ago i could bench about 66 pounds (30kg) during my first time benching ever. Just wanted to ask what could i do to start improving my bench? (and just in general getting bigger) Probably should just get straight to lifting right? Are there any specific routines i should follow?
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