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  1. I'm going to end things with this thread. I've been reading a lot of other people's posts on the site that generate a lot of conversation and have come to realize my hard-headed approach to doing things and my posts write-ups detailing it really aren't that popular a way of going about things. I post long winded overly detailed things that use a lot of words to ultimately convey so little, and usually my words are poorly chosen anyway. My posts are not fun to read. I see people use memes and GIFs and such to dress them up and those are fun and creative! I am definitely not built for posting my
  2. Thanks //Min! Hopefully we can all channel our inner butt-kicker and show the world what we are capable of! Weekly recap... It was a good week fitness wise. The diet remains on track, of course when a greasy burger can make me sick as a dog it isn't tough to stay away from them and other no-nos. Though I do fondly remember bacon-cheese burgers... give me a minute to weep silently in requiem... Ok, let's quash that trip down memory lane and get back to the task at hand. My foot is feeling great. Well, it is feeling normal (which is great) when I walk on paved
  3. I apologize, "drill sergeant" in my original post was too extreme a description of someone who would help you stay accountable.
  4. Below is my take on sticking to a schedule based on recent experience. I'll be up front, I don't have a wife or kids, and I have nothing but respect for the people that are taking care of their kids during this crisis. Their time is the kids' time, and there pretty much is no such thing as a personal schedule, just short stolen moments to themselves if they are lucky. The following is written from my single-guy perspective. I think a thread for parents taking care of kids at home would be an awesome thing to have on this site; if people could share ideas, stories, and overall support, everyon
  5. That's a good way of looking at exercise. The workouts are just a tool in the overall toolbox. It can suck when the initial excitement of a new schedule wears off and the exercise routine becomes mechanical and there is no passion to it. I'm glad I found this site because it helps force me to be accountable and to keep going with my schedule. No one watches me exercise (thank God for that!), but they do see the results when I do things I love like play a game of volleyball or when I am just running around playing with kids. Kids love me because I'm the fun adult that will get out i
  6. Weekly recap... I'm doing my weekly recaps Saturday mornings after the scheduled items are marked off. For me, Sunday is the start of a brand new "this is going to be better" week (spoiler: it never is). As most of us know, Monday through Friday are the days of non-stop activity. Saturday for me is usually a day of errands and outside chores and catching up from the week and the official wind-down. In other words, the perfect day to recap. I officially started this personal challenge on Wednesday morning, 4/8. I found some motivators to get me back to attacking exercise
  7. Points to anyome that can come up with a working mask to mimic DC's The Question. It would make for great overall protection!
  8. I like the idea of personalizing your mask! I'm a steampunk fan myself, maybe my Friday evening covid activity will be designing an appropriate mask. Thanks for the inspiration!
  9. Yeah, in regards to the marathon goal, I do have it in the back of my head that my goal may be unrealistic. The injury is only a few weeks old and has improved many-fold, so I am still operating on guy-logic that I can beat it. I've had so many other injuries before that I've gotten past by hard work and sheer force of will (and a dash of stupidity) that I like to think it will work for this as well. But I am older, so that factors in as well... I'll be taking it slow, and evaluating as I go to keep from doing any permanent damage. Thanks for your concern and having the guts to giv
  10. Hand reflexology, actually. I started going grey in my early thirties. Stress, stress, stress (or that's what I like to think). Supposedly the reflexology practice of repeatedly buffing your fingernails together will stimulate your hair follicles. The writeups say that it helps for balding or grey hair. Personally, I don't know if it is true, but I know when I repeatedly do the move for five minutes, when I stop I can feel the tingle going up my arms. To test it, I did the same arm movements and hand positions for five minutes, without buffing the nails together, and did not get th
  11. The pain in my foot got me to thinking. Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday being set for walking is all well and good, but some additional rehab would be beneficial. I can go the walking distance easily enough in the morning before work, and then I have the rest of the day open. I'm going to throw in some Tai Chi. It's great for stretching in general, but it also works the feet as you go from one movement to another. Walking and then stopping somewhat abruptly may not be beneficial if I don't roll and stretch the foot afterwards. An additional bonus, it is great for balance. I recently ca
  12. After a depressing walk this morning that was a reminder of how great a job I did at messing up my foot, I started poking around this site looking for inspiration and found your posts detailing your progress doing handstands. I am impressed! I had forgotten that hands could be used for something other than constant disinfecting (damn you coronavirus!) I'm sending two hugs your way: one for inspiring me to try something new, and one to let you know we are all here for you! And to all of us out there that are doing our part to keep the hospitals from being flooded by keeping the infe
  13. Right there with you. Going about the day mechanically, accomplishing the normal schedules of working out and chores but not feeling it. In my case, I know it isn't the coronavirus induced isolation because growing up painfully shy I've been practicing social distancing with a side of staying at home most of my life. For an explanation of my listlessness I'm going to steal your answer of ennui. But then a dream(? irritating nightmare!) of someone jarred me awake yesterday and I'm back to cranking music and attacking workouts. "Women" by Def Leppard on repeat is a kick-butt workout
  14. For the last two weeks I've been mechanically doing workouts and walking. As you could tell from my final posts in my first thread, Project 1: 30 Days - Foundation Work, I was running out of witty ways to say "business as usual" when doing updates. Sure, it was fun at first when I was trying to find my stride with the schedule; the stumbling around gave me something to talk about on a daily basis. Then things became natural, and in the end it was all mechanical. While I was still doing the schedule, it was done without any thought... no passion. I needed motivation to post again and to tear in
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