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  1. When I do my squats, come up stairs, or anything else really other than walking, my knees sound like crunchy gravel. I don't mean that one quick pop you get when you squat down, it's an extended kind of crunching. What do? Is there something I can be doing to make that go away? Are my knees just too bad to be doing squats?
  2. Hi there! I'm new to the NF community and trying to wade through what seems like an ocean of information. I used to be pretty fit as a kid/teenager but time and a desk job have made me soft and lazy. I used to do the exercise DVDs a la Jillian Michaels, but they never seem to do much for me. Today after work I'll be starting on the beginner bodyweight workout with warm up and cool down. I've been counting calories for a little while now, and I think I have a handle on that, but struggle sometimes with getting a better diet - less carbs and sugars. My big goal is a little g
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