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  1. So busy, as usual!!! So, let me see... today is Tuesday, right? Yesterday I walked a mile and did my weight workout. I have decided to try giving up meat for a while to see if I feel better, so I am struggling getting all my protein in. Am still counting calories, practiced lettering today and cleaned house yesterday! Tomorrow starts 5 days of working on my feet for HOURS each day, then next Monday I am going out of town for 2 days to see family. Oh, and I am almost to level 12 on Pokemon Go! #LoseBodyFat: - I will update this at the end of the week and we shall see what happens lol #FitGirl: - one workout so far, but am still going to workout tonight! #CountCalories: - yep #ArtsyFartsy: - we are on one day this week! #DropInReady: - I will keep this at 4 hearts unless my house becomes a pit that I would be embarrassed to have people over to! lol
  2. Yes!!!!! I love this challenge!!!! I'm loving Pokemon Go! I'm at level 9 and we actually saw a Pikachu last night but never could get close enough!! You're gonna do great!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm doing ChaLEAN Extreme. I love Chalene Johnson and the first workout was amazing!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I know this challenge doesn't officially start until next week, but just wanted to say I started working out again today! I am doing a weight training program and I already am loving it! I LOATHE cardio... so weights it is! I will add in walking as well, but I will not be doing cardio workouts because they make me want to die! lol
  5. Thanks guys! I am VERY frustrated with my endo. I only saw her for like 10 minutes and I felt she was very dismissive... I don't think I will be going back. The truth of the situation is I need to do SOMETHING to lose the weight, but 1200 calories along with working out 60 minutes a day seems like setting myself up for starvation and failure. As for my BF% goal, it's ok, it's not going to discourage me... I like seeing the numbers change on the scale, I like seeing what changes depending on what I put into my body. I have always had a weight loss goal via pounds lost, but decided that BF% might be a better way to go.
  6. Challenge 18: I'll Save Myself MAIN QUEST: Lose Weight Feel Great! To hit my goal range of 125-135 and do it in a healthy way! Goals (diet and fitness related) that will help me achieve Main Quest: I feel like I just haven't made much progress at all the last 17 challenges. I keep losing and gaining the same 10 pounds lately... Not really sure how to fix this, but I just keep trying! Back story: All through high school I struggled to GAIN weight. I weighed 110 pounds all through high school. I am 5'2", so that's a "healthy" weight, but I really was way too thin and didn't have any muscle. Then I started having babies and started gaining weight. My heaviest was 219. I am at 207 now. I have managed over the years to diet myself down to 165 at the lowest, but it was a very unhealthy diet (around 500 calories a day) and I started losing my hair, so I decided I would rather be fat and have hair than be thin with no hair lol My tracking will be different this challenge. I am trying something new... I am using Zelda hearts this challenge. I thought it might be fun to change it up a little bit. I will be figuring it out as I go along... I will do weekly hearts and then average them out at the end, I guess. I will start at full hearts and change them at the end of each week! I will also have health pots that I can earn by doing more than 4 workouts in a week and can use to get myself out of a sticky situation if I need to. Seriously guys... I almost didn't do a challenge this time. I cannot get my shit together to save my life!!! But here's the thing... I NEED TO SAVE MY LIFE! I need to lose some of this weight. I need to feel better. I did have an appointment with an endocrinologist who basically did nothing, didn't even do labs, she changed my meds and said that one of my meds is the reason I have heart problems now... great, since I told my original doctor that I knew he was putting me on too much of that med and he basically shushed me. My endo then said because of my height, the only way I will lose weight is if I eat 1200 or less calories per day and workout for at least 60 minutes every day. I am not sure how one survives on 1200 calories per day especially when working out. When I told her I was too exhausted to workout 60 minutes a day she said do it anyway and I will stop being tired. WTF? Anyway, I am here. I will try to keep up. 1. #LoseBodyFat - I am changing things up a bit. I want to lose 4% body fat this challenge. I have researched and I THINK it's possible?? lol Current body fat percentage according to my new fancy-schmancy scale = 54.4% A: 50.4% - - 1 CON, 2 STR B: 51.4% - - 1 CON, 1.5 STR C: 52.4% - - 1 CON, 1 STR D: 53.4% - - 0.5 CON, 0.5 STR F: >54.4% - - 0 CON, 0 STR Ability to earn 1 CON, 2 STR = perfect week! On task = lose 1% per week. = lose 0.75% for the week = lose 0.5% for the week = lose 0.25% for the week = lose zero % for the week 2. #FitGirl - Workout 4 days a week. This will include weights, walking, and whatever else I decide... If I get over 10,000 steps in a day, I am counting that as a workout. A: 14-16 workouts - - 2 STA, 2 STR, 1 DEX B: 11-13 workouts - - 1.5 STA, 1.5 STR, 1 DEX C: 8-10 workouts - - 1 STA, 1 STR, 0.5 DEX D: 5-7 workouts - - 0.5 STA, 0.5 STR, 0 DEX F: <5 workouts - - 0 STA, 0 STR, 0 DEX Ability to earn 2 STA, 2 STR, 1 DEX points. = perfect week! 4 workouts! = 3 workouts for the week = 2 workouts for the week = 1 workout for the week = no workouts for the week 3. #CountingCalories - I have started counting calories again. It's working so I am sticking with it. I plan to eventually count macros too. A: 25-27 days - - 3 CON B: 22-24 days - - 2.5 CON C: 19-21 days - - 2 CON D: 16-18 days - - 1 CON F: <16 days - - 0 CON Ability to earn 3 CON points = 6-7 days = 5-6 days = 4-5 days = 3-4 = <3 days PICK YOUR SIDE QUESTS Side Quest 1: #ArtsyFartsy - lettering and art stuff... will do this at least 4 days a week Grading: A: 14-16 days - - 2 WIS, 1 CHA B: 11-13 days - - 1.5 WIS, 0.5 CHA C: 8-10 days - - 1 WIS, 0.5 CHA D: 5-7 days - - 0.5 WIS, 0.5 CHA F: <5 days - - 0 WIS, 0 CHA Ability to earn 2 WIS and 1 CHA point. = perfect week! 4 days = 3 days = 2 days = 1 day = 0 or less days Side Quest 2: #DropInReady - Make sure my house is ready for company at all times. This means doing the dishes EVERY DAY! Cleaning bathrooms and main rooms at least once a week. Keeping up with laundry! Grading: A: 25-27 days - - 1 CHA B: 22-24 days - - 0.5 CHA C: 19-21 days - - 0.5 CHA D: 16-18 days - - 0.5 CHA F: <16 days - - 0 CHA Ability to earn 1 CHA point. = 6-7 days = 5-6 days = 4-5 days = 3-4 = <3 days Tracking: #LoseBodyFat: #FitGirl: #CountCalories: #ArtsyFartsy: #DropInReady: - Health Pot Rewards(these might change... especially if I just end up buying the stuff before I lose the weight. I'm awful lol): Start: 219 Goal 1: -30 lbs: 190 or waist size 35" - ?? Goal 2: -40 lbs: 180 or Waist size 34" - 10 shirts from $6 t-shirts dot com Goal 3: waist size 33" - Target gift card Goal 4: -50 lbs: 170 or Waist size 32" - ?? Goal 5: Waist size 31" - ?? Goal 6: -60 lbs: 160 or Waist size 30" - Blackwing Subscription Goal 7: -70 lbs: 150 or Waist size 29" - Anchor tattoo and wrist quotes Goal 8: -80 lbs: 140 or Waist size 28" - Lionheart tattoo Goal 9: -90 lbs: 130 or Waist size 27" - New wardrobe - shopping spree!! STATS: Female/42 Start Weight: 219 (BMI 40.1) Current Weight: 207.8 Goal Weight: 125-135 Height: 5'2" Jeans size: 14-16 Diet: Counting Calories I reserve the right to change my challenge week to week if I get bored!! 03/06/2016: Waist: 38" Hips: 42" Chest: 39." Thigh: 26" Calf:16.25" Bicep: 13.25" Stats according to my Yunmai scale as of 07/12/2016 Weight: 207.8 BMI: 38.2 Body Fat: 54.4% Muscle: 30.6% Water: 33.1% Protein: 16% Visceral Fat: 25% Bone: 2.5% BMR: 1553 Fitness Age: 52 - YIKES! lol
  7. Everything stayed the same today... I did not work out, I am so exhausted. It's ok, I needed a rest day, even though I was on my feet all day at work!! I didn't eat great... nothing too bad, just too much bread.
  8. This week so far: #LoseBodyFat: - started at 53.7%, am now at 53.4% #FitGirl: + - Monday I got 10,000 steps, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday worked out. #CountCalories: - every day! #LearnLettering: - not yet #ArtsyFartsy: - one day Worked yesterday, working today and tomorrow. I have an endo appt on Monday. I start in the cheese kitchen learning to make ice cream on Tuesday... not sure if I am working Wednesday... I am tired.
  9. Other things I did today and yesterday: I put together 2 chairs, 2 carts and a shelf!! I have an unhealthy addiction to IKEA!! Lol Hubs is going to build me some sort of drafting table for our office!! I can't wait! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Haha it takes a bit to get back to it!! I haven't had time to do much more than post updates on my thread lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. So I did work on some Copic coloring this evening. I started out with this digital stamp, penciled in the background and started coloring it. It needs so much work!! I need so much practice, but at least I'm practicing!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. This week so far: #LoseBodyFat: - started at 53.7%, am now at 53.0% #FitGirl: - Monday I got 10,000 steps, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today I actually worked out! I am doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme to try to jump start things! #CountCalories: - every day! #LearnLettering: - not yet #ArtsyFartsy: - one day I have decided how to use health potions in my challenge!!! Woot! If i get more days working out than 4 per week, I can earn a pot for each workout over 4. I can then use these for any screw ups lol
  13. Week 1: #LoseBodyFat: - started at 53.7%, am now at 52.9% #FitGirl: - 3 days over 10,000 steps #CountCalories: - every day! #LearnLettering: - not yet #ArtsyFartsy: - not yet This week so far: #LoseBodyFat: - started at 53.7%, am now at 52.9% #FitGirl: - Monday I got 10,000 steps, Tuesday and today I actually worked out! I am doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme to try to jump start things! #CountCalories: - every day! #LearnLettering: - not yet #ArtsyFartsy: - not yet I need to get serious about my side quest too!!
  14. I decided to change my side quests to only 4 days a week, because I feel like 7 days will get overwhelming. We had our friends over last night and it was fun but I ate way too much!! BLAH!!! #LoseBodyFat: - started at 53.7%, am now at 53.5% #FitGirl: - 1 workout for the week so far #CountCalories: - yep yep! #LearnLettering: - not yet #ArtsyFartsy: - not yet I don't know if I want to do the hearts this way, or leave them as full as is possible if i do well the rest of the week. lol
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