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  1. Thanks for the reactions. I needed some time of social media and the internet. But reading your words really puts a smile on my face. The end of my challenge was not that good, but I will start tommorow with a new challenge. I will write it in the morning. I plan to keep going with where I was plus some other stuff! Goodnight!
  2. I believe we are the same, except that I am overweight But the best of luck to you! Looking forward to see progress.
  3. Depressing times here. I can't do my job right now. We can't go outside, only for walks or physical activity. But I am to scared to do so. My mum has bad lungs so I dread the idea of taking the covid-19 virus home. I still shop for my family and an older lady together with our groceries, so that's the only thing which earns me a bit of money (I'm used to do this for her twice a week for three years now. and gives me a bit of physical activity. Today I actually went by some homes to pick up some selfmade masks whoch I brang to the nearby hospital. Being depressed made me forget to workout this wednesday. Also I think I forgot to drink whatever two days. Not sure... But I try to stick again to it tommorow... I wish everybody luck these days! Even if your government didn't put out a quarantine or lockdown I advice you to stay home as much as possible and keep your distance from other people. Also wash your hands!
  4. It was like something was pushing something in my hip flexors yes. And if I squated it began to hurt.
  5. I did 20 squats and 8 push-ups in my workout today. Felt a slight pain in my hip/upper leg. Feels like something is blocked. I have this often, my physiotherapist always says that stretching works best if I have this. Sadly I won't be able to ask her for help following weeks since she is taken ill by the corona virus. So that's a bummer...
  6. Thanks, I think my best bet would be to just have a controlled off-day in those situations.
  7. Hey Hey! I have been abscent, sorry for that. Previous days have been a bit busy. Sunday was the family party. It was a sugar overload for me, which my stomach is still screaming about. Monday's workout I changed my knee push-ups to regular push-ups. I could do 7. Next time I try 8. Today was a bit of a weird day. I had to help move my mother's atelier. I had to bike her stuff to the new atelier with my cargobike. In the end I did bike 30 km from which 12 km my cargo bike was fully loaden. In summary: I don't have legs anymore. This is why I did not workout today and did eat some breakfast. Depending on how I feel tommorow I try to do my workout... Maybe I just skip one.
  8. Thursday and Friday: I'm feeling already a difference in how hungry I am around 14:00 compaired to how hungry I was in the beginning of the week. Back then I used to be ravenous, now I'm most of the time already surprised by the time. Not sure if I will be able to keep my goals for sunday, I have a familiy party and don't know how late, and if there will be any food... It's often such a social thing... And people expect you to eat, for some reason, if you are a certain size...? They would be worried if I wouldn't on a party... My workout today was also pretty good, I'm happy I can take a break for two days. Will be needed, for next wekk I will try to do normal push-ups instead of the knee push-ups. My hydration is still on point.
  9. You're welcome, I keep you up to date if I find/buy new whiskeys
  10. Haha, I say it often, don't have a job though, so can't irritate coworkers At the moment I have a bottle of Highland Park 12 and Ardbeg. Ardbeg is probably nothing for you, quite a lot of smoke and peat. Highland Park 12 is very mild but I like it as a normal whiskey. Monkey Shoulder is something you might look into if you like it a bit more sweet/caramel like.
  11. I was thinking about a reward system. To keep me going. I am a big fan of whiskey. So for now, every day I do perfectly and I don't cheat I will treat myself a glass of whiskey. A few notes, previous day went well. A was sore as hell today, but I did the workout. Asked my brother for a proper weight for the rowing exercice. Apparently I am a lot stronger then anticipated since a 10kg dumbell was challenging enough. He promised me to keep looking into the workouts with me. I cheated yesterday on some candy though, feels bad. The day before I ate chili around 14:00. But my stomach couldn't handle the spiciness. Around dinner I wasn't hungry at all, so just skipt that.
  12. Well, I did it only once and only 1 round and it is already heavy for me. Only the rows are pretty easy for me. Probably my weights are not heavy enough.
  13. Couldn't find my old chess.com account, but if you want to play: zenov361 Well, my condition atm is so bad that my heart rate goes up if I do anything physical. I spoke about the cardio with her and she adviced a rowing machine, will look into it. Sounds reasonable. that's why I am skipping only breakfast by now. Allthough I tend to overeat the moment I start to eat. So for me it's best to just keep my eating window as small as possible.
  14. Both, on mondays I meet with some people to play live. But I often played online as well, this is some time ago though.
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