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  1. Monday I do beginner body weight circuit from nerd fitness itself, then throughout the day I do upper body workout and later on. Lower body. Tuesday hiit Wednesday same as monday thursday plyometrics friday same as monday Saturday hiit 53kg midsection is filled with fat along thighs but I have muscle underneath midsection and thighs. Year 8 149 cm. Apart from midsection and thighs I have perfectly normal fat levels. sorry for disgusting formatting, rushing on my phone
  2. So I looked at Nerd Fitness’s own website about healthy eating, and I use the plate diagram as my guide to eating for lunch and dinner. Protein is almost always chicken, either a leg or two thighs. Carbs is almost always white rice, I eat cucumbers and carrots and lettuce, and fruits are apples and bananas. I eat almonds throughout the day for healthy fats. Two cups of milk, one flavored. I drink water 8 cups. is this a good diet for losing 1kg every week? i also pair this with strength training Monday, hiit next, then this pattern continues.
  3. Thanks, your input influenced my decisions and I researched a bit more and found out you are right! you probably saved me months of workouts and changing diets in vain.
  4. So I have a workout plan In our country Friday and Saturday are weekends i alternate between working out my legs arms and torso Friday: before breakfast, cycling, walking, swimming or rollerblading, workout my legs and a light walk at night Saturday: before breakfast swimming, cycling or skating at evening, while my legs are recovering I workout my arms then a light walk at night (every night of the week a light walk) Sunday: school. Evening cycling or skating, workout my torso (chest and abs and back) again like every single night a light walk Monday: school. ev
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