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  1. @Harriet like I said this is all new to me, I'm just looking at making some sort of progress, I mentioned earlier I'll run this for a week or so. I've already began increasing weights but lessened reps per set. I'll ask one of the trainers at the gym about showing correct dead lift and squat techniques before I build a workout around them.
  2. Thanks everyone. I feel like this is some sort of intro to the gym hence the cable machine based exercises, but I'm looking at moving forwards. Although free weights scare the crap out of me just because I don't want to do more harm than good. I might stick with this routine for a week or so just to find my feet a little, I'm not lacking in strength, I swing spanners for a living. And move onto something more like the things suggested here. With the help of YouTube and some reading here I think I've found some valuable information.
  3. So I've recently just started at the local gym, as part of joining I was given a "consult" with a PT. Below is the routine she designed for me for 3 days a week. I'm really just after a 2nd opinion, as money is tight I can't justify constant PT sessions. My main goal is to give this dad bod some definition. I'd also like a solid cardio program for the other 2 days of the week I go. Leg Press 70KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Shoulder Press 35KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Lat Pulldown 50KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Leg Extension 50KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Chest Press 40KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Seated Row 45KG 12 REPS x 3 SETS Leg Raises BW 10 REPS x 3 SETS
  4. Hey all, I'm new here and to the fitness world. I am a 27 year old new dad standing at 182cm and weighing in at 108 kgs. My goals are simple; give the dad-bod a bit of definition and to be able to keep up with my young bloke as he gets older. I really don't want to be the dad that doesn't have the energy to go for bike rides or play at the park so I'm changing that. Started at the local 24/7 gym a fortnight ago. Biggest issue I have is attendance, my job has unusual and irregular start/finish times making building a routine difficult. But I'm working on going at least 3-4 times a week where my ideal goal would be 5 days. On the other side as I'm in field service my lunch breaks are generally spent behind the wheel so eating healthy is a bit of a pain. Hoping to learn some valuable lessons to help me achieve my goals.
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