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  1. Found a good article about the physical statistics of a sasquatch http://www.bigfootencounters.com/biology/bfphysics.htm
  2. Haven't found anything, I have read that a tetanic contraction could lead to several diseases correlating to muscle loss. I guess we will have to research what kind of strength a sasquatch has
  3. Thanks for the article, I will look into it and see how we can achieve a tetanic contraction using Isometrics
  4. But I have researched a bit on tetanic contraction, it's when you stimulate muscle fibers in short intervals to avoid resting completely. I'm gonna use this principle in a isometric training, while training like bigfoot in the woods
  5. I do, but the gym is closed and the protests in Lebanon is worsening so I won't be able to go to a gym
  6. Whoah, I never said I would take steroids, I'm against it, I know what can happen to the health of a person taking. I'm just trying to see how we can emulate a bigfoot strength. If I only lived near woods, I would have no problem lifting odd objects
  7. I think if we can achieve a tetanic contraction, we might reach the level of superhuman strength, but the question is, how can we do it?
  8. I have been fascinated by the sheer size and strength of bigfoot, i want to emulate that to the limit of what's humanely possible. Does anyone know how we could train to be big and strong like bigfoot, as close to humanely possible?
  9. Although I can't answer for cardiac arrhythmia, I did suffer from heart palpitations and a bad anxiety attack. Things were going on in my life, due to my aggressive past because of bullying. I saw the gym as an energy release because I saw the anxiety as an excessive power source, and I emptied it by lifting very heavy. If you are going through stuff in life, give it a word, there is a reason why you get anxiety, it's because your body wants to communicate with you about your IRL stuff, give it a word. I hope you manage to pull through brother, we got your back
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