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  1. Keep up the awesome work! Also aerial looks so fun? I would love to do that
  2. I wish the best for your recovery! Good luck and welcome!
  3. Welcome and good luck! The pandemic is putting everything everywhere on the back burner. But we must go on. You have specific, reasonable goals, you got this!
  4. Good luck! I’m a musician too, I’m excited to see your updates
  5. Currently reading: On the road - Jack Kerouac Logic Pro x for dummies - Graham English I found the first one looking for a real good adventure story. Eight chapters in my craving is satisfied. I love the characters and the setting. Ive had the second one in my library for quite some time now. I’ve been meaning to *critically* read it for a while. I try to read and take notes on a chapter a day )) Happy readying everybody!
  6. Druid sounds like my type of thing! Still kinda new here so I’ll be checking out the challenges so I can register ASAP
  7. Hi I’m badforbadhabits! I’m trying to lose about 10-15 pounds for a big event coming up in June. I’ll be eating I’m a deficit aiming to lose a max of 1lb a week. ill be building my fitness by doing body weight exercises, and yoga (for now) my weight loss start date is tomorrow, March 21st. I’ve lost weight on my own before, this time I just feel the need for a bit more support. So here I am! I’m excited to chat and interact with everybody, and make progress along the way Thanks for reading :)
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