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  1. Fell behind a little! However, to catch up - Workout 5th July Kettlebell halos (8kgs 3 sets of 8 )/Goblet squats (12kgs 3 sets of 10)/Kettlebell swings (8kgs 1 set of 15/2 sets of 10)/Kettlebell overhead press (8kgs 3 sets of 5)/Kettlebell bent over row 8kgs 3 sets of 8)/Incline ring row (4 sets of 8)/Straight arm holds (4 sets of 10secs) Hanging scapula retractions (4 sets of 5) Running: 4.24km at 33:59 6th July No official work out, but I did carry slabs of granite into car and out of car 7th July S
  2. 04/07/2020 Calories consumed: 1,634kcal To even eat under 2,000kcal on a Saturday is something that I struggle with, I didn't think I could do that, let alone eat under my calorie goal! Miles walked/ran: 6.5 The weather was very... atmospheric last night when I went for my run; the wind had picked up late afternoon and continued on late into the night, it almost felt like a storm was on it's way. This, combined with the fireworks being let off, made my session feel very dramatic, I quite liked it. Work out Kettlebell Halos (8kgs 3 se
  3. 03/04/2020 Overview! I may have went a little OTT with the kettlebells I received yesterday, but I have no regrets - it feels like a door has opened up and I have access to a lot more workouts that I didn't have before (I'm looking at you Jefferson curls!). Calories consumed: 1,706kcal That's 26kcals over my limit, which is pretty good, I had the opportunity to eat another 3 or 400kcals, but I managed to exercise some self control Miles walked (and ran!): 6.5miles I downloaded Zombies, Run and I laced up my trainers and did some interval joggin
  4. Successes to be celebrated: Calories consumed: 1,680kcal Work was exhausting, that kind of exhausting that makes you want to consume your weight in take out once you've walked out the door. I ended giving in and getting cheeseburger, nuggets and breaded mushrooms and thankfully enough I came in on my caloric limit. The combination of having protein for breakfast and being really busy all day meant that I wasn't sat around snacking on chocolate cornflake cakes Miles walked: 7.4 So I had to get a lift home as my kettlebells turned up, and there was no way I would be
  5. Today was a good day to start off getting back on the road! Successes to be celebrated: Miles walked: 10.2 A lot of this is down to job, which means I am so much more physically active than I was before. More physical activity, better mood, less temptation to eat the feelings. Speaking of which... Calories consumed: 1,729kcal Today was the second day I forgot to pack food, so I ended up getting a sandwich to go along with some cookies to snack on (the fact that Subway have now opened back up means that their Oatmeal & Raisin cookies have never been
  6. I just checked and I believe it's been about six weeks since I last checked in (there abouts) - a fact that I am having a hard time getting over because wow it's amazing how much the body can change in six weeks (and not in the good way). Quick Backstory A Thing happened and my mental health took really took a nosedive, the anxiety and depression reared their ugly head and it was really hard to see what the point of even trying was; I lost sight of why I should care about my physical health, and how important regular exercise was to keeping myself treading water. However, I g
  7. Yesterday was pretty much a doss day, nothing much done aside from reading and counting my calories (clocked in at a respectable 2,086kcal). I managed to keep myself occupied enough with other things that I didn't feel the need to graze all day, bonus points: I did manage to resist the pull of a delicious clotted cream Victoria sponge *and* I decided to test if I had the range of motion to get into a camel position and I do! 😄
  8. Awesome set of goals here! I dig your meditation goal and your leisure reading goal - it's reminded me of what I used to do as a kid, instead of having page number goals, I think I might use that in the next set of challenges. Definitely following along! 😊
  9. Yesterday I was awoken at 4:30am (1), like bolt up hair in a bun-wide awake and I realised I had a couple of hours before work starts, so I jumped on the pull up bar and completed my bodyweight routine. Turns out I was standing too far back from the pull up bar, so my swinging has stopped! However, I have also noted that I am going into a tuck and that isn't good form. Next time - *no tucking*. Also! I've been inspired by @PaulG and his grading of his reps -I have set up a colour chart on my spreadsheet so I can accurately progress my routine (I'll post a pic when I am not on my mo
  10. Thank you! They are good and I really recommend them 😊 I am! Both the middle split and the front split
  11. Nice one! Congratulations on two days of OMAD and finishing your workout 😊 - good luck on day three!
  12. I'm glad that it's not just me who finds push ups a nightmare! 😆 It's an "easier" way to get into a pancake (I use quotation marks, because I really struggle trying to get into a pancake all ways, but this way led to me actually getting my forearms to the ground) Start in a seated straddle with pointed toes, hands on waist and imagine everything from the waist up is the handle of a spoon - start moving in small circles which gradually get bigger and bigger as you get lower and lower to the ground (at no point can you touch the ground with your hands - all cont
  13. Thank you! The Discworld books have gotten me through some tough times in my life - to the point where I used to bring a copy of Night Watch or Thief of Time or Unseen Academicals with me all the time. Let us know how you get on! 😊
  14. Thank you! Pole, hoop and sling are my main three (I really want to do silks and static trapeze, but there are/were no classes in my aera). That's amazing, big up for your shoulder/core/bicep strength! Can't wait to see your progress! 😊
  15. Cloaks are a highly underrated piece of clothing! 😆 Also I'm willing to bet there was more than one person who looked at your costume and kicked themselves for not dressing up!
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